Sex Recipes (Hebrew)

Sex Recipes (Hebrew)

by Miss Jessica James


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There are certain foods which have a very potent effect on your romantic and sex life. People may underestimate the importance of these foods and recipes, but the individuals who have a good understanding and knowledge of these food nutrients, take special care of ingesting these nutritional compounds on regular bases.
The fact is that nutrition plays the most significant role in the development and strength of our sexual organ and regulating our sex hormones. For example people who regularly use Olive oil and Ginkgo Biloba as food components, they never complain of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or impotence.The author has incorporated the most sexually potent nutritional elements, foods, compounds and recipes in this book with complete instructions of how to use them.
1. Eating a nutritious diet can help boost your libido and lower your risk of developing chronic health conditions that can hamper your sex life.
2. Stay away from saturated fats, added sugars, sodium, and alcohol.
3. Make time to enjoy meals with your partner and resolve food-related conflicts.
A good diet can help boost your libido and ensure your body is working well. A poor diet can lead to a lot of health issues, which may negatively effect your sexual life. For example, erectile dysfunction is often linked to obesity and diabetes, which can be caused by a poor diet.

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