SEX SLAVE - BDSM Male Dominance Female Submission XXX Erotica

SEX SLAVE - BDSM Male Dominance Female Submission XXX Erotica

by Lexi Voss

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SEX SLAVE - BDSM Male Dominance Female Submission XXX Erotica by Lexi Voss

BDSM is an Acronym that is widely popular in the Erotic World...B/D -Bondage & Discipline, D/S -Dominance and Submission)and S/M -Sadism and Masochism.


Scott got to her car and looked around hoping to find some clue as if he was right about his thoughts of Marie. He dumped her purse out on the seat there was really nothing there so he scooped it all back in. Just as he was getting out of the car he noticed a magazine it had been the same one as before and a few things had been highlighted and others circled. He left it in the car and locked the doors to her car. He walked back to his truck she was standing there with tears in her eyes. "Face the truck and place your other hand on it as well. I am going to search you."

Marie had no clue what this was all about she had never been treated this way before. She about stumbled when he kick her legs farther apart. She felt him press tight against her back. He started at her wrists left a trail of goose bumps as his gloved leather hands skimmed down her body. She felt him wrap his hands around each breast and she didn't know if she had imagined it but it felt as if he had given her breast as squeeze. A few seconds later she let out a yelp as he pinched her nipples and then he continued on as nothing was out of the line. She tried to move away but he pressed her tight up against his truck there was no way that she could move. His hand skimmed down to her waist and then he leaned off of her and then pressed her tight with his hand against the truck. She tried to plead with him but that was a lost cause. He had told her if she said one more word he would gag her. She knew cops weren't allowed to do that but just the sound of his stern voice had her thinking he would. His hand was at work now feeling up the inside of one of her legs and then the other. She thought it was over then but it wasn't, he pressed his hand hard against her jean clad pussy and a moan escaped her.

Scott knew that she had to be very wet as he removed his glove with his teeth and again pressed his finger to her pussy he could feel the warm moist heat through her jeans. He move his fingers some more and got her to moan again along with her to move hip a tad. It had looked as if she was trying to not show him that she was aroused. Stopped and retrieved the blindfold he had in his back pocket and placed it over her eyes. She started to struggle and rip it off with her free hand. Scott caught her hand and brought it back behind her back and then released the other one and hooked them together and led her to the passenger side and helped her in. Her pleads fell on deaf ears as he shut the door and got in on his side.

He watched as she tested the handcuffs and struggled. He started the truck and she really flip out. He should have gagged her he thought as she started to scream. He waited tell she had quieted before speaking. "Now if you don't behave I will have to restrain you better, however you decide to be good and act like a grownup then I will leave you as you are. Now what is all the fit throwing about? You may answer me."

"Why are you doing this? What's going to happen to my car? Who are you? Why do you have me like this? Care to answer all of those?" She screamed.

"Your car will be fine, as for the others you will find out in time but please I think you will be better off thinking of this as an adventure. Now that is all I am going to say for now is that clear?" He seen her nod her head. He pulled out and drove to and old field of his where he drove in circles switching directions to confuse her and then went back out on the hi-way till he reached his turn off a few yard up the road from where her car was parked. He guided his truck in front of his large shop. He got out and then helped her out. The shop had no window so it was completely dark. Scott led her in an over to a table which he lifted her up on.

"Now I need you to lean back and lay down," as he help guide her with a hand.

Marie heard the soft click of things being snapped into place. Then felt him guide her arm out and buckle it in place and then her other arm. Soon he was asking her to spread her legs apart. When she didn't comply he moved them for her and also locked them in place. She knew she was now spread eagle on the table. Before she knew it he was up by her head removing the blindfold but she was confused because everything was still dark.

He walked towards the door; he shakes his head as he hears her struggling against her bonds. He turns on the light as he leaves chuckling as he hears her gasp. Once outside goes to the adjoining door that leads to his media room. Scott turns on the TV and is looking a Marie laying there. Her eyes are wide open and he can tell that she is shocked by what is all in the room. Her dark brown shoulder length hair is fanned around her face. She looks straight up at the camera he could see beads of

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