Sex With a Stranger in the Supermarket Parking Lot

Sex With a Stranger in the Supermarket Parking Lot

by Baldassare Cossa

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What would you do if the hottest god you ever saw was waiting for you by your car after a hectic afternoon in the supermarket? Ignore him? Or give in to your own lust and make love to him right then and there in public? Life is like a box of chocolates – full of surprises – you never know what you're going to get ;)

"That wasn't there before I arrived," she thought "funny to see a car like that here."

Marla wondered who owned it. A rich businessman? A film star? Something told her the owner would be hot. She bit her lip and smirked – she could do with a hot rich god, even just for half an hour. [...]

She looked again – yes he was hot. His aquiline nose and hawk eyes were apparent as she gazed longer, that perfect chin broad but not too butch. He gave a cheeky smile and the corners of his eyes sparkled in her direction. She couldn't withhold the broad shy smile that erupted across her face. Her nipples pricked in the pads of her bra. His right hand rested itself upon the steering wheel. She had to look again at those big long fingers and that big manly hand. [...]

Why are the most inappropriate thoughts always the best? The most uplifting and invigorating – and the ones we least act upon? [...]

She could not help but look him up and down. She simply couldn't help herself. She saw the muscular swell of his lean legs against his designer black trousers, the shimmer of his belt. She could bet he had a six pack under that white shirt. And the bulge on that crotch – she had to stare at it for a very long two seconds, twice, and could have stared for much longer – like a child in a candy shop. A plume of tingles grew from the hot gunpowder peppered from the bullet long fired. Her clitoris gave its first tug of tension as tingles bloomed like a rose. She couldn't help but run her fingers through her shoulder length blonde hair, simply cut – wishing it was styled – over and over, running those fingers, desperately trying to play hairstylist on the spot. [..]

"Marla. I'm going to strip you naked now, and fondle you all over, then I'm going to touch you inside after massaging your vulva. I want to kiss it and taste it deep inside with the tip of my tongue. Then we can make love, right here, right now, in the carpark." [...]

"Oh God please! People are coming!" Marla begged. She was getting frantic. This was overwhelming. But the god simply stood there for a moment, smiling, looking at her nakedness. Then he knelt beside her, flinging her clothes away in every direction.

"Right here, right now Marla." He cooed. [...]

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BN ID: 2940045347884
Publisher: Baldassare Cossa
Publication date: 10/15/2013
Series: Sex with a Stranger
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 58 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

I bear good tidings! I give you a message of orgasm! A message of pleasure! A message of Sodom! I am a Prophet of a new religion, a new dawn, a new age of delights where you find yourself through your Pleasures. Let your pleasure be your path to your true self - to your Will! And let love and orgasm be what binds us together! Let mutual pleasure be Our Way! To hell with the moral codes of old - they divide us and rule us and leave us blind and deaf! They harm more than help - to whom are they useful but those who love harm and suffering and superstitious ignorance? I write good things - even though I have to say some horrendous things to bring out the truly good. I have already been banned - a fine book of mine has been banned because its carefully selected short stories each bearing a philosophic message that stands on its own and combines with the rest, displeased the censors at Amazon Kindle. They want you to remain blind and deaf! I give you good news! Another way - a new way yet a way that is truly ancient. I bring back the truth. Emancipation! Pleasure! Orgasm! I do not mislead - for I do not even lead. That is not my way. I want you to READ - for yourself, what I write, and take what you Will and use it for your pleasure, and the pleasures of those whom you love (and may you have many lovers!). And if you must - do please curse me and hate me, for still even then I have done good for you. For by cursing me you have chosen some direction - I pray that direction is toward pleasure, knowing thyself, and finding and spreading love and pleasure. The time has come and I will do much! I will WRITE! I will make music, and plays, and films, and many books of philosophy and many stories. I will paint and even do academia. I will love you and offer you love and pleasure - I only want you to find God in Sacred Holy Orgasm. Come, follow me. Walk with me a while. Let us all come together...

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