Sexual Astrology: A Sign-by-Sign Guide to Your Sexual Stars

Sexual Astrology: A Sign-by-Sign Guide to Your Sexual Stars

by Joanna Woolfolk

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ISBN-13: 9780440180203
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 08/28/1979
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 261,887
Product dimensions: 4.18(w) x 6.85(h) x 0.64(d)

About the Author

Joanna Martine Woolfolk (1940–2013) had a long career as an author, columnist, lecturer, and counselor. She wrote the monthly horoscope for numerous magazines in the United States, Europe, and Latin America—among them Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Redbook, Self, YM, and House Beautiful. In addition to the bestselling The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need, Joanna was the author of Sexual Astrology, which has sold over a million copies worldwide. She was a popular television personality who has been interviewed by Barbara Walters and Sally Jessy Raphael, and had regular astrology segments on NBC’s The Morning Show, Live with Regis & Kelly on ABC, and on QVC.

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This book deals directly and frankly with a problem of chief concern to every man and woman—sex.

When you were born the sun, the moon, and the stars were in a pattern that will not be witnessed again in your lifetime. That pattern is your horoscope. Astrologers work out in a horoscope the exact position of the stars at the moment of your birth. However, until very recently, it was impossible for them to deal frankly with sexual matters. So they limited themselves to predicting your future, analyzing your character, informing you about your prospects in finance, health, and—romance.

There is nothing wrong with romance, mind you, but anyone who has graduated out of the moonlight and roses relationship to the opposite sex can tell you that it is definitely not the same as sex. Romance and sex have distinct and separate identities, and it is simply wrong to confuse one with the other.

My concern is to tell you about sex and astrology. And I mean the physical action, the kind of sex that makes the world go around. (If it were a movie, Sexual Astrology would probably be X rated.)

Can astrology really provide guidance in sex? Yes. Absolutely yes. This most ancient of sciences will tell you the whole sexual truth and nothing but the truth. You haven't been told until now simply because of moral and legal prohibitions. But "morality" and "the law" vary from one generation to the next. Among the ancient Egyptians, pharaohs had to marry their sisters in order to sustain the truly royal line. An astrologer who condemned incestuous practices in the pharaohs' day would probably have been put to death for violating "the law." All he did was chart the sexual inclinations of the pharaoh and his intended by finding out how Mars and Venus were at work and whether the Sun and Moon were harnessing the proper emotional tides. He would know when Mars (male) was positive and Venus (female) was receptive, and when the masculine Sun and feminine Moon were pulling together to create the ideal physical relationship.

These basic influences cannot be denied. That is why astrology, intelligently applied, can be most useful in helping you to develop your sexual skills, to recognize your most congenial partners, and to practice those sex techniques most likely to give you supreme satisfaction. In this book all is explicitly set down.

While you have a tendency toward some specific sexual action, there are, of course, no two members of any sign who are exactly alike in their responses. No two people even of the same sign will react the same way in the same situation. This is not only a question of free wil1—which exists—but of such problems as your Moon sign, your Ascendant, and whether you were born within the cusp sad therefore must consider the power of a new approaching sign or how much the old sign's declining influence still has.

In writing my regular monthly column for Viva magazine, I deal explicitly with sex techniques and practices in relation to astrology. Many, many readers have written me to say that, while I am accurate in general descriptions of their sexual behavior, I go overboard when discussing the kinky variations to which their sign is subject. That is a misunderstanding. Obviously no astrologer can tell any individual whether he will use French ticklers or Japanese boxes, prefer cunnilingus or fellatio, or any other specific sexual action. What can be told is whether a particular Sun sign has a tendency to influence those born under it toward certain forms of extreme behavior. Sex is a form of creative energy and therefore directly reacts to the control of cosmic forces. Whether the individual ever realizes that he has certain latent inclinations, however, has more to do with his environment and education, the kind of morality to which he is subject.

I have not felt it necessary to emphasize this point time and again throughout the pages of the book. The reader will have enough intelligence to realize that for himself.

I think the time is ready for this book. It could have been written any time in the past six thousand years by almost any well-trained astrologer. It is long overdue.

Here it is.

March 21-April 19

The Female

Be on guard. The Aries female is sometimes hard to figure out. She seems remote, cool, slightly antipathetic, and you may get the impression she doesn't like men. But that doesn't mean she isn't interested in you.

What's the answer? It's all in the performance. She beguiles you into thinking about her in one way while she knows all the time that she is quite different.

She is a consummate actress, changeable, charming, contradictory, and temperamental and has the ability to shift emotional gears so quickly that she'll leave a slow-reacting male behind in a swirl of dust. A man has to put up with her desires, which are subject to drastic change. She is impulsive in speech and often doesn't seem to care what she says. Her dynamic restlessness will keep any male on the move.

If you can't keep up, she'll show her impatience. Her temper should have red stickers all over it warning the unwary: Beware! Her judgments are swift, sometimes cruel, and she doesn't always think twice before leaping in to deal verbal injury.

Once she is aroused, look out. Tbis woman can scream and claw until she draws blood. She is a raging tigress that cannot be tamed until she is satisfied. If you can't cope, stay away. This is no place for amateurs or the faint of heart.

She has a tendency to be domineering, to impose her opinions on those around her. She'll try to push you around, and her aggressiveness may ward off your advances. But if you are strong enough to butt head-on into her Ram charge and hurl it back—congratulationsl You'll find she's well worth the effort.

Aries women are usually playful. They appear to be fearless, even devil-may-care, and they enjoy physical activity. Skiing, tennis, sailing, making love—it's all done with great joy and delight in using their bodies.

She is in love with love, a romanticist, one who accepts sex as one of the pleasures of living. But she wants it direct, and don't try that paternal business. Ms. Aries is looking for a lover, not a father. As a mate she's ardent, loyal, sentimental, and earthy.

Just because she seems to be spontaneous, enterprising, enthusiastic, is no reason to believe that the Aries woman is flibberty-gibbet. She is often an idealist and a thinker, but don't expect her to be "reasonable" or to think things over. When she says go, she means it. For this reason, the women under the sign of Aries attract men. They seem always to be where the action is and are constantly stimulating others to go, go, go.

There is much to admire in her, and she does like to be admired. Flattery will get you everywhere with her. She loves to be told what a beautiful body she possesses, and she finds it difficult to pass a mirror without stopping bo reassess her personal appearance. She won't go heavy on makeup, but she does think she's beautiful. Your gift to an Aries woman does not have to be practical as long as it's exciting. You can give her provocative lingerie or a filmy nightgown, though she prefers to sleep in the nude. She loves the sensuous feel of her own body.

The Aries woman enjoys the crowds she attracts. For her the scene is always wild, and it will take a bright male to corral a woman like this. He will need energy to keep up with her. The man who marries her, or joins her pack, will have to accept a position as second-in-command or else dig in for a hundred years' war.

Aries women do have trouble in marnage. Usually the trouble centers around their air of independence and their spending habits. They believe money is made to be spent. Charge accounts are liable to get out of hand and checking accounts out of whack. She thinks that if the money isn't there today, it will be tomorrow—and she's willing to let the future take care of itself. It will take more than a financially agile husband to squirm out of the difficulties she can incur. And this can be a strain on his good nature.

Women born under this sign do not lose their sparkle with age. They may slow down a bit, but they are always way ahead of their sisters born under other signs. They are incurably romantic and, while age reins them a bit, they are always ready to go. They look forward to tomorrow and are quite optimistic that the next day will be a better one.

The male who attaches himself to her may be in for arguments, spending sprees, violent sexual encounters, jealousy, extra-marital affairs, intolerance, egotism, and bad temper.

However, depending on the influence of other planets, the Aries woman can also be the ultimate dream of femininity. You should know the full chart of the Aries woman before you become serious about her or, more important, before she becomes serious about you!

Make no mistake: She's a lot of woman.

The Male

If your boy friend, lover, or husband was born under the sign of the Ram, you may already be aware that your man is aggressive, energetic, and restless. He doesn't move. He swashbuckles. He may be impractical and impulsive, but he's imaginative and dynamic. He makes things happen. If you go out with an Aries, you never know exactly where you'll wind up. But wherever you do, it will be exciting. You also know that he may be generous one moment and stingy the next. He can drive you crazy, but you love it.

You love it because the man born under the sign of Aries exudes sex. He has a dominating personality impatient with rules and conventions. Here is a man who is not interested in the man-above-woman position when he climbs into bed. (If he climbs into bed. The man born under the sign of the Ram may want to have intercourse on the top of a car, in a moving power boat, or in a crowded bus!)

You'll get all the excitement and pleasure you want and perhaps a little more than you can take. There'll be fun a-plenty, but it's a little like playing croquet with live bombs. Any minute something may explode in your face.

He is jealous. He wants all of you, even if you can't have all of him. The Aries man may be a bed bouncer, but he expects loyalty and fidelity from his woman. If she wanders from the straight and narrow, that will wreck the romance. He is jealous of everyone from his closest friend to the TV repairman.

Don't tell an Aries man that you want time to think things over—he wants to hear only one word from a girl: yes! And don't worry about what happens then. His pride is not going to let you off with just a wham, bam, thank you ma'am. Once he's whisked you into the bedroom, he may not allow you to take your clothes off. He may rip them off. He's anxious to get going. But he won't leave you disappointed, and he certainly won't bore you. You'll probably have a night that you won't forget very soon.

You can keep him around afterward by saying nice things about his technique—he's a sucker for flattery if it's not too obvious. But remember: The Aries man is not stupid. He's simply so impressed with himself he's likely to believe flattery is no more than understatement.

If you prefer a more domestic, quiet life, Aries is not a satisfactory mate. He's a trailblazer. Yet beneath all the dash and glamor you may glimpse a curious vulnerability—the appeal of a small boy who needs a mother to watch over him. Anyone who sees through his surface glitter knows how to win his heart. He will be loyal, sincere, and affectionate to the person he loves.

He has a fine sense of humor and likes women to be intelligent as well as attractive. He is clever and quick at repartee, which he uses to deflate pretense or affectation in others.

He is a capable executive, forthright but insistent on having his own way. He will probably make a great deal of money but won't be as successful at holding on to it. He enjoys extravagance too much and believes that spending money is a way of demonstrating power.

Your problem will be keeping up with him. But you'll want to.


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Sexual Astrology: A Sign-by-Sign Guide to Your Sexual Stars 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
justablondemoment on LibraryThing 22 days ago
This book is amazing in it's accuracy. I'm not a fanatic on astrology but do find it interesting.Good book for the casual reader of astrology and those that really get into it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I first read this book 6 years ago at my friends house and was speechless. This book is so on point. Her own sister stole it from her like 3 times! I still refer to it til this day. I've told all my friends about it & they call me all the time for insight as soon as they meet a new guy. I'm like 'dude, get your own'! Lol. The BEST part about the book is the side by side comparisons of all signs. My love matches are Aries, Gemini, & Libra. Not to mention she also tells you what signs you need to run from as soon as you meet them. Another thing she does, which I LOVE is that she analizes the Male & the Female signs. If your an Astrology freak like me you'll know that the male & female signs are very different. Men & women would both enjoy this book. Overall seriously everyone on this planet should have a copy of this book. It's truly amazing.
Guest More than 1 year ago
A fun little book for western astrology fans. I found the information mostly on the mark, but some of it I couldn't relate to.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is truly phenominal! It's accuracy with every sign by sex makes your hair stand on end! I would recommend this book to any person in search of what another person may really be about, and/or what may really turn them on (or off!)
Guest More than 1 year ago
Hi :}~ I bought this book for the first time, over 15 years ago. I have purchased this book twice since then! Im on-line buying it again now. This is the most accurate astrology book out there. But it's amazing to hear that for some 'odd' reason I always buy this book to lose to other people. hmmm
Guest More than 1 year ago
I borrowed this book from a friend, and was greatly impressed. I learned more about past relationships than I imagined. Now I find myself referencing back to this book whenever there is a moment. The accuracy is incredible!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have to say, I never really believed in astrology, I just took it as coincidence. This book was so accurate. Except maybe where it got a little too specific. What is a japanese box???? Anyway, I bought this book 3 times, and lost it all 3 times! I thought it was funny to read the reviews of others and see it wasn't just me that had a problem holding onto this book. The discriptions of each sign by gender, that was amazing. I haven't been able to look at my spouse the same since I read it. Buy it, you won't regret it, and just don't loan it to anyone! Tell them to buy their own!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I've owned the book now for over five years and I love it a friend recommended the book to me, each time I meet someone that I like I turn to the book for advice on their potental likes and dislikes. If you are into reading horoscopes I recommend the book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I purchased this book and upon receiving it I could not get my hands on it as my friends would not let it go. Everyone was astonished at the accuracy. It is very informative, although somewhat graphic. It is a 'must buy' for everyone interested in sex and astrology. Better buy two, for once you share it you may not get to keep it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book will knock you off your feet. It is one of the best books I have ever read and also put to use.It will give you ideas and point you in the direction you need to go.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The book was right on with each sign. All of my friends were astonished when reading about themselves! And to top it off, the book was VERY accurate. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has an open mind and wants to explore their sexual fantasies.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was actually very amazed at how much this book knows. Don't judge it by it's cover. I very interesting and very acurate.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Check out this book!! Deny yourself no longer!! I was pegged, find out what you're capable of if you don't already know!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have had this book for about 5 years, and every time I let a friend read it I end up having to buy another copy. Whether your already in a relationship or looking to find the perfect person for you this is the book to read! I have had many many hours of reading pleasure. I never get tired of it!