Sexual Harassment : Theory, Research, and Treatment / Edition 1

Sexual Harassment : Theory, Research, and Treatment / Edition 1

by William O'Donohue
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Allyn & Bacon, Inc.

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Sexual Harassment : Theory, Research, and Treatment / Edition 1

Sexual harassment has become a topic of much interest during the last decade. Part of the heightened interest may be due to a few highly publicized accusations. Yet, another factor contributing to the increased attention is recent information on the startlingly high frequency of sexual harassment and on its serious consequences. Fortunately, in the last decade, scholars in a number of disciplines have turned their attention to sexual harassment. This edited volume draws together the best information on the topic.Leading researchers in the field cover salient topics ranging from legal issues, to the effects of sexual harassment, to prevention. Each chapter examines a major question regarding sexual harassment and helps all readers gain insight into the nature of this phenomenon.

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ISBN-13: 9780205164127
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
Publication date: 10/25/1996
Pages: 315
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Table of Contents


1. Introduction, William O'Donohue.

2. But Was it Really Sexual Harassment?: Legal, Behavioral, and Psychological Definitions of the Workplace Victimization of Women, Louise F. Fitzgerald, Suzanne Swan, and Vicki Magley.

3. Normative Issues in Defining Sexual Harassment, Jaimie Leeser and William O'Donohue.

4. Legal Theories of Sexual Harassment, Alba Conte, J.D.

5. An Epidemiology of Sexual Harassment: Evidence from North America and Europe, James E. Gruber.

6. Feminist Issues in Sexual Harassment, Kathy Hotelling and Barbara Zuber.

7. Theories of Sexual Harassment, Sandra Schwartz Tangri and Stephanie M. Hayes.

8. A Typology of Sexual Harassment: Characteristics of Harassers and the Social Circumstances under which Sexual Harassment Occurs, John B. Pryor and Nora J. Whalen.

9. Effects of Sexual Harassment, Bonnie S. Dansky and Dean G. Kilpatrick.

10. The Prevention of Sexual Harassment, Elizabeth Grundmann, William O'Donohue, and Scott Peterson.

11. Sexual Harassment Policy Initiatives, BarbaraA. Gutek.

12. Investigating Sexual Harassment Allegations: The Employer's Challenge, Iris McQueen.

13. Sexual Harassment and Black Women—An Historical Perspective, Jann H. Adams.

14. Sexual Harassment in Schools, Michele A. Paludi.

15. Sexual Harassment in the Military, Robert E. Niebuhr.

16. Cross-Cultural Perspectives on SexualHarassment, Azy Barak.


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