Sexual Textualities: Essays on Queerling Latin American Writing

Sexual Textualities: Essays on Queerling Latin American Writing

by David William Foster

Hardcover(1 ED)

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Since the 1991 publication of his groundbreaking book Gay and Lesbian Themes in Latin American Writing, David William Foster has proposed a series of theoretical and critical principles for the analysis of Latin American culture from the perspectives of the queer. This book continues that project with a queer reading of literary and cultural aspects of Latin American texts.

Moving beyond its predecessor, which provided an initial inventory of Latin American gay and lesbian writing, Sexual Textualities analyzes questions of gender representation in Latin American cultural productions to establish the interrelationships, tensions, and irresolvable conflicts between heterosexism and homoeroticism. The topics that Foster addresses include Eva Perón as a cultural/sexual icon, feminine pornography, Luis Humberto Hermosillo's classic gay film Doña Herlinda y su hijo, homoerotic writing and Chicano authors, Matías Montes Huidobro's Exilio and the representation of gay identity, representation of the body in Alejandra Pizarnik's poetry, and the crisis of masculinity in Argentine fiction from 1940 to 1960.

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ISBN-13: 9780292725010
Publisher: University of Texas Press
Publication date: 01/01/1997
Series: Texas Pan American Series
Edition description: 1 ED
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.31(d)

About the Author

David William Foster is Regents’ Professor of Portuguese and Spanish at Arizona State University, where he directs the Graduate Program in Interdisciplinary Humanities.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments vii(2)
Preface ix
ONE Agenda and Canon: Some Necessary Priorities
TWO Evita Peron, Juan Jose Sebreli, and Gender
THREE The Case for Feminine Pornography in Latin America
FOUR Queering the Patriarchy in Hermosillo's Dona Herlinda y su hijo
FIVE Homoerotic Writing and Chicano Authors
SIX Montes Huidobro's Exilio and the Representation of Gay Identity
SEVEN The Representation of the Body in the Poetry of Alejandra Pizarnik
EIGHT The Crisis of Masculinity in Argentine Fiction, 1940-1960
Notes 147(14)
References 161(14)
Index 175

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