Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Fourth Edition

Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Fourth Edition

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ISBN-13: 9780071593113
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Publication date: 11/22/2007
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 1440
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About the Author

King Holmes is Director if the STD Program at the University of Washington, and is Chair of the new Department of Global Medicine. He is known worldwide for his work on the control of STDs.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents: Part I Socioeconomic Impact of STD’s and HIV 1. The Government’s Role in Infectious Diseases Part II History of STD’s 2. Historical Perspectives on STD’s Part III Epidemiology 3. Transmission Dynamics of STD’s 4. Social and Behavioral Determinants 5. Global Epidemiology of HIV and AIDS Part IV Social and Psychological Determinants of Sexuality 6. The Social Context of Sexuality 7. Psychological Perspectives Part V Profiles of Groups and Behaviors with High Priority for Intervention 8. Gender Perspectives and STD 9. Adolescents and STD’s 10. Sex Workers and Clients: Epidemiology and Control of STD’s 11. Homosexual and Bisexual Behavior 12. Ethnicity and Migrant Populations 13. Illicit Drug Use and STD’s Part VI Sexually Transmitted Pathogens Section 1: Host Immunity and Molecular Mechanisms 14. Genitourinary Host Defenses 15. Normal Genital Flora 16. Pathogenesis of Sexually Transmitted Viral and Bacterial Infections Section 2: HIV and Other Primate Retroviruses 17. The Biology of HIV, SIV, and Other Lentiviruses 18. Immunology of HIV Infection 19. Epidemiology, Natural History, and Pathogenesis of HIV Infection 20. Human T-Cell Lymphotropic Virus and HTLV Infection Section 3: Herpesvirus, Human Papillomavirus, Hepatitis B, Molluscum Contagiosum 21. Biology of Herpes Virus 22. Genital Herpes 23. Cytomegalovirus 24. Epstein Barr 25. Biology of HPV 26. Genital HPV 27. Viral Hepatitis 28. Molluscum Contagiosum Section 4: Bacteria 29. Biology of Chlamydia trachomatis 30. Chlamydia trachomatis Infections of the Adult 31. Lymphogranuloma Venereum 32. Biology of Neisseria gonorrhoeae 33. Gonococcal Infections in the Adult 34. Biology of Treponema pallidum 35. Natural History of Sypilis 36. Early Syphilus 37. Late Syphilus 38. Endemic Trepoematoses 39. Chancroid 40. Donovanosis 41. Genital Mycoplasmas 42. Enteric Bacterial Pathogens 43. Bacterial Vaginosis Section 5: Protozoa and Fungi 44. Trichonomas vaginalis 45. Intestinal Protozoa 46. Vulvovaginal Candidiasis Section 6: Ectoparasites 47. Pubic Lice 48. Scabies Part VII STD Care Management Section 1: Overview 49. STD Care Management 50. Individual Level Risk Assessment 51. Anatomy and Physical Examination of the Female Genital Tract 52. Clinical Anatomy, Histology, and Physical Examination of the Male Genital Tract 53. Principles of Treatment of STD’s 54. Laboratory Diagnosis of STD’s 55. Behavioral Interventions for STD’s at the Individual Level 56. Partner Notification for STD’s and HIV Infection 57. Support Groups for People with HIV, HPV, HSV Infections Section 2: Management of STD’s in Women 58. Lower Genital Tract Infection 59. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease 60. Cervical Neoplasia and Related Genital Tract Neoplasias Section 3: Management of STD Syndromes in Men 61. Urethritis 62. Acute Epidimytis 63. Prostatitis Syndromes Section 4: Management of Dermatologic and Extragenital Manifestations of HIV and STD’s 64. Generalized Cutaneous Manifestations 65. Gential Ulcer Adenopathy Syndrome 66. Genital Dermatoses 67. Ocular Infections Associated with STD’s and AIDS 68. Treatment of Chronic Viral Hepatitis 69. Arthritis Associated with STD’s 70. Intestinal Syndromes Section 5: Clinical Management of HIV 71. Counseling and Testing 72. Clinical Laboratory Diagnosis 73. Psychosocial Management 74. Clinical Management in Primary Care 75. Antiviral Therapy 76. Opportunistic Infections 77. AIDS-related Malignancies 78. Management of Neurologic Disease Part VIII STD/HIV in Reproductive Health and Pediatrics 79. Contraception and Contraceptive Technology 80. STD’s and Infertility 81. STD’s and HIV in Pregnancy 82. Pediatric HIV Infection 83. Gonococcal Disease 84. Chlamydial Infections 85. Congential Syphilis 86. Herpesvirus Infections in Neonates and Children 87. Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis 88. Child Sexual Abuse and STD’s Part IX Prevention and Control of STD/HIV Section 1: Public Health Program Perspectives 89. Individual, Group, and Population Approaches to STD’s 90. Conceptual Framework for Prevention and Control 91. Assessment of Prevention Programs in the United States 92. STD’s and Reproductive Health Services 93. Laboratory Services for STD’s 94. STD’s and Health Services Delivery 95. Barrier Methods for Prevention 96. Community Outreach and Education 97. Communication and Advocacy for Prevention and Control Programs 98. Public Health Surveillance 99. Evaluation of Preventive Programs 100. Economic Burden of STD’s in the United States Section 2: Special Aspects of STD and HIV Control in Developing Countries 101. Prevention and Control in Developing Countries 102. Approach to Management of HIV/AIDS in Developing Countries 103. Approach to Management of STD’s in Developing Countries 104. Laboratory Diagnosis in Resource-Limited Settings 105. Sexual Behavior and Behavioral Interventions in the Developing World Part X Special Medical/Legal/Social Issues 106. Sexual Assault and AIDS 107. Legal and Political Aspects of STD Prevention 108. Ethical Issues Appendixes: A. 2002 Treatment Guidelines for STD’s B. Guidelines for Use of Antiretroviral Agents in HIV Infected Adults and Adolescents C. Drug Interactions D. The Internet Resource

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