Sexy Beast VIII

Sexy Beast VIII



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ISBN-13: 9780758228710
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 04/01/2010
Pages: 256
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Devyn Quinn resides in the scenic Southwest, though she has called several other states home. She lives with her cats (too many to be counted!), five ferrets (yes, five!), and single Shih Tzu, Tess.

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Sexy Beast VIII



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ISBN: 978-0-7582-2871-0

Chapter One

A single, low-wattage lamp cast more shadows than light across their sweat-slick bodies. Ulrich Mason's mate lay beneath him, her supple body molded to the contours of his. Tangled and disheveled, Millie's shoulder-length blond hair spread like a rumpled halo across the pillow, though a few strands stuck to the perspiration on her forehead. Her eyes were closed, the look on her face one of blissful completion and utter satiation.

Ulrich held his weight off her as best he could, but he was still buried in her wet heat, and her warm body felt absolutely wonderful pressed close to his. His cock throbbed in perfect harmony with the rhythmic contractions of Millie's powerful vaginal muscles, and while he'd climaxed in a violent paroxysm of absolutely mind-numbing lust, he was still hard.

Though not quite as hard-or as large-as the cock stuffed entirely up his ass. He almost laughed out loud, but that wouldn't be appropriate now, would it? Still, Matt had more than surprised him tonight, especially when the young man so confidently took the dominant role and topped Ric.

When Millie had suggested they invite her young lover to join them after they'd all shifted and run as wolves, Ulrich had assumed he'd be the one incharge. Matt was, after all, a truly nice young man, but not at all the aggressive type. In his midtwenties, he was still a pup-at least in Ulrich's eyes. Though deeply in love with his packmates, Daciana Lupei and Deacon March, Matt hadn't yet bonded with the other two-thirds of his comfortable ménage à trois.

His love for the two hadn't kept him away from Millie, either. Ric's mate and Matt had a special bond with one another, a definite friendship with benefits, but it had nothing to do with the deep, loving relationship Matt had with Daci and Deacon.

Ric knew Matt loved them and they loved him. It was a fact of nature-Matt's nature-that their love was such a powerful force holding them together. The fact they'd not taken the next step and completed their mating bond was curious, but knowing how strong-willed Daciana Lupei was, Ric figured there were probably undercurrents he hadn't yet figured out. No matter.

Matt Rodgers was a complicated, fascinating young man. Ric accepted that Matt was almost as much in love with Millie as he was with Daci and Deacon, but there was no risk there, no need for jealousy.

Matt and Millie had a special relationship, one Ulrich encouraged. Hell, he'd been the one to throw them together in the first place. Matt had needed to build his self-confidence just as Millie needed to accept the sexual freedom that was as much a part of her Chanku birthright as the amazing ability to shift from human to wolf.

She'd found it with Matt, and after a night of exploration and discovery, it was more than obvious they'd both come away stronger, more confident in themselves. When Millie had suggested Matt share their bed tonight, Ulrich had been beyond thrilled. His plan was working-she was finally accepting her true nature.

This was a first for Millie-a night of sex with more than one man. Of course, Ric had pictured himself on top, not sandwiched between his mate and her young lover. Not that he was complaining, but for a guy not used to taking the more submissive position, it had required a bit of an adjustment.

Matt might be young, but he was hung like a damned bull moose, with a young man's energy, a young man's strength. Ulrich wondered if he'd be able to sit down come morning.

Matt nuzzled his shoulder and rolled his hips in a slow, lazy thrust that drove his huge cock deeper inside Ulrich. Ric bit back a low groan of pain coupled with a moan of pleasure.

Damn. He'd forgotten how much he loved this. He didn't want Matt to stop, but he didn't want to disturb his mate, either. Millie had gone so quiet, he figured she'd fallen asleep.

"I'm awake," she said. Her eyes stayed closed, but she smiled at him. "Awake and really, really enjoying myself." She tightened her vaginal muscles around his cock. A surge of strength raced from Ric's balls down the length of his shaft.

If he'd been hard a moment ago, he was harder now.

Matt rolled his hips forward once again. Are you okay? Is this too much?

Never, Ric said, meaning it now. When he'd gotten his first glimpse of Matt's erection, he'd had second thoughts, especially when he realized the kid fully intended to take the dominant role. Now, though, after hours of some of the best sex he'd had in ages, there was no way Ric wanted to quit. Not yet.

Matt thrust harder, filled him more, forced him deeper inside Millie with the strength of powerful hips and thighs.

Millie sighed.

So did Ric. He'd never been screwed with such respect. He'd known love, he'd known sex for the pleasure of getting off and nothing more, he'd experienced sex as a tool of aggression and dominance, but he realized now why Millie was so fond of Matt.

In spite of his unhappy childhood and youth, the young man loved with all his heart and soul. His was an open, giving spirit. He loved without hesitation-his heart was as unguarded as his beautiful smile. There was no subterfuge, no ulterior motive, no challenge. Ulrich sensed Matt's deep love for Daci, his equally powerful love for Deacon ... and he'd managed to top Ulrich with so much respect and subtle finesse he'd succeeded before Ric realized what he was doing.

He felt Matt's almost-shy worship of Millie and his powerful respect and love for Ulrich. It was a humbling experience, to feel such strong, selfless love from a man younger than his daughter.

Younger, but somehow older, too. Matt had an old soul, seasoned with a lifetime of pain and need, softened by a heart filled with love. No need to analyze, Ric decided. Better to enjoy, to live for the moment. He caught Matt's rhythm once again and thrust deep inside Millie. She raised her knees on either side of his body and took him all the way, tilting her hips to his powerful penetration.

Ulrich floated on a sensual haze of sensation. Millie's vaginal muscles clasping his thick shaft, her fingers fluttering along his ribs. Her eyes were open now. Mouth parted, she licked her upper lip. Then she closed her eyes once more and moaned with heartfelt pleasure at a particularly deep thrust.

Her thoughts floated freely into Ric's. She loved looking up and seeing his face so close to hers. Loved even more the sight of Matt's eyes watching her over Ric's shoulder. She wanted to crawl inside Matt's head and see what it felt like to take her mate this way-but first she wanted Ulrich's permission.

Why ask? Go for it!

I was afraid you might think it was an intrusion.

Ric leaned close and kissed her. He licked her lower lip, the upper, tasting her sweetness. Never, Millie, m'love. We have no secrets. None. Let Matt know you want to share his thoughts. I might just go along for the ride.

How could she possibly appear so young? When Millie grinned in reply, she looked barely sixteen. Then her eyes took on a hazy, unfocused shimmer as she narrowed her thoughts and joined Matt's.

Images and feelings spilled into Ric's mind. Suffused his body with an unfamiliar heat and multilayered levels of sensation-Millie had linked with Matt, and Ric went along for the ride.

He felt the tightness of his sphincter, the way it clung to Matt's thick shaft, gripping him firmly in spite of the condom and plenty of lube. While disease and infections were not a concern to Chanku, they generally used condoms for anal sex. Ric knew Millie appreciated the aesthetics, especially when their lovemaking often went on for many hours and involved penetration of every possible body orifice.

Tonight, though ... sex with Matt and Ric together, two men loving each other as they loved her, was something entirely new. She shared her own responses, her quivering, shivering need for more, her almost unbearable arousal and absolute joy in every move either man made. She'd never been so turned on in her life. She wanted to do this again, and again.

Making love with Millie while Matt fucked him senseless was something Ric figured he'd better get used to. He'd do anything for Millie, and she was certainly enjoying herself. She bombarded Ric's mind with the multiple images of anal sex from Matt's point of view and vaginal sex as she experienced it. Her arousal spiked, higher, and then higher again.

Ric sensed her fascination with each new impression, her utter absorption with sex through Matt's eyes and nerves, through the sensations enveloping his cock and the pressure in his balls. She was utterly enthralled by the strong clasp of Ric's muscles, the way his ass clamped down on Matt and held his thick shaft so tightly. The heat surprised her, too, as did the emotions spilling out of Matt. The love, the respect, the need for a connection that went beyond mere sex.

He saw Millie and Ric as his family. Just as he loved Daci and Deacon and saw them as his future mates, he accepted Millie and Ric as lovers on an entirely different level. They were the anchors that held him, the roots that grounded him. In such a short time, they had become the family he'd never really had. Accepting, loving, and understanding.

Ric lost himself in the thoughts swirling around in his head, in the amazing tactile experience of making love, of taking love. The clench and ripple deep inside Millie, the dark pleasure verging on pain as Matt's thick cock forged a path inside Ric. Thrust and fill, fill and be filled. Stretching tissues, clenching muscles, the ripple and quiver of hot, wet flesh.

The sounds blended one into the other. The slap of Matt's balls against Ric's ass, the wet, slurping pull as Ulrich's cock slipped almost free of Millie's heat, then filled her once more.

His sensitive nostrils flared with the pungency of sex, the ripe scent of clean sweat and sexual release, of Millie's sweet breath and the vanilla fragrance of her shampoo. Millie's arousal bathed him, Matt's love warmed him, and he was drifting.

Drifting in a world of sensation, his body on fire, his heart full. He floated in a perfect place of physical and emotional passion, of arousal tempered by love, lust fed by desire ... floating on a wave of sensation until ...

A tiny tendril of discord touched him. Blinking, body tensing, mind tilting into alertness, Ulrich focused on the thread of thought, worried it until it formed something he could actually follow.

A tiny glimmering strand of anxiety, it took him directly to Matt's subconscious. Moving cautiously, using what stealth and subtlety he possessed, Ric searched for the source of Matt's distress. He sensed one small concern-the pressure Matt felt from Daci and Deacon to complete the mating bond with them.

The even stronger sense that he could not bond yet-not while something held him back.

But what? Curious now, searching even as his body kept up the perfect rhythm of sex with Millie and Matt, Ric continued his quest for answers.

There, lost amid Matt's scattered impressions and thoughts, was something foreign. An alien pressure, separate from Matt's consciousness. Definitely not of Matt. Not his thoughts, not his feelings-instead, those of someone else. Someone unfamiliar and unknown. Powerful yet surprisingly filled with love, separate and yet not, voicing a single word. A directive as much as a suggestion, one that Ric absorbed and retained.


Why Florida?

Was Matt aware of the presence? Of another consciousness lodged deeply within his own? Did he hear the whisper, or was it a subliminal command gnawing away at his conscious ability to make decisions? Ric hadn't sensed evil intent-just the opposite-but he had definitely felt strength and power behind the voice.

Anton would know. Anton Cheval knew everything-all Ric had to do was ask him. Later. When this amazing night had ended, when his body no longer clung to the man who filled him, no longer embraced the woman he filled.

Yin and yang ... dark and light, male and female, two sides to the whole.

With Ulrich in the middle. Millie beneath him ... and Matt, beautiful, loving Matt, for whatever reason, worried about Florida.

Millie heard the phone ring as she turned off the shower, but Ulrich was already out and heading across the room. He wrapped a towel around his trim waist and picked up the phone.

Sunlight filtered through the narrow window blinds and turned his hair silver. Millie felt the familiar little twist of arousal in her womb and had to bite her lips to keep from saying something that would have both of them naked and sweating in no time. She had work to do, a wolf sanctuary to run.

Ulrich held the phone to his ear. "How the hell do you do that?" Laughing, he turned toward Millie. "It's Anton. He must have known I was planning to call."

She watched him as she dried her hair and slipped into a comfortable pair of old sweats. Matt was gone. She'd heard him slip out of bed just before dawn and knew he'd headed back to the cabin he shared with Daci and Deacon.

His troubled thoughts seemed to have remained. She'd sensed them, too. He'd not mentioned why he was thinking of going to Florida, but both she and Ric had picked up his anxiety, his fear that he couldn't complete the mating bond with the two he loved until he'd made the trip.

A journey even Matt didn't understand.

What the hell was going on? Since they'd both been eavesdropping, neither Ric nor Millie felt comfortable bringing it up to Matt. When in doubt, call Anton Cheval-but as usual, he'd beaten them to it.

Ric spoke softly to Anton, nodded his head, gestured with his free hand. He paced across the bedroom, smiled at Millie as he continued his serious conversation with their pack leader.

Goddess how she loved him! Never more than now, when she knew Ric was troubled about Matt. Worried about her lover.

Why did that thought make her want to giggle?

Middle-aged, unmarried Millie West. Now a Chanku shape-shifter, mated to a very sexy man close to her own age, with a lover younger than her son-and both men more than willing to make love to her whenever she wanted either or both, together or separately.

It didn't get any better than this. It couldn't. Absolutely not. Millie was still grinning when she realized the room had gone silent. She raised her head and caught Ric staring at her with a bemused smile on his face, both hands planted firmly on his hips.

Millie cocked one eyebrow. "Well? What's up?"

"Anton's been dreaming about Matt. He's never even seen the boy and yet he described him perfectly to me, right down to the golden color in his wolf form with the darker band around his neck and shoulders. He even mentioned Matt's smile and his quiet human personality ... and Florida. Anton's dreaming about Florida for some odd reason." Ric laughed. "He's got some property he wants to check on near the Tampa Bay area and figured he'd see if Matt wanted to go with him."

Millie just shook her head. "How does he do that? Weird. It's just way too weird."

Laughing, Ulrich leaned close and kissed her. "No, it's just Anton. Nothing weird at all."

"I don't get it." Daci stared at him with those luminous eyes of hers, and Matt felt like he wanted to throw up.

"I don't, either, Daci." He grabbed both her hands and held on. Too tight. He was crushing her fingers! He loosened his grip and looked up at Deacon, but the Deac was no help. All he did was shrug and stare back. "It's not you guys. I love you both. So much, but there's something pushing me. A feeling I can't explain, but it's like I have to go to Florida."

He shook his head. None of this made sense. Less than a week ago he'd been the one pushing Deacon and Daci to bond. Now they were ready and he was wimping out, and none of it made any sense. Now it was like he had this frickin' voice in his head, coming to him in his dreams, interrupting his thoughts during the day. Hell, he'd even felt it last night in the middle of some of the best sex he'd ever had. Just thinking about doing it with Ric and Millie-what they'd done-made him hard.

Except ... he couldn't get it out of his head.

Florida. Shit, he'd never been to Florida in his life. Never thought about it, and now all of a sudden he felt like he had to go there? Maybe he was just losing his mind. That was it. Nothing more than a simple, uncomplicated mental breakdown.


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Chanku Spirit Kate Douglas....................1
Running Wild Kathleen Dante....................107
Heart of the Wildcat Devyn Quinn....................199

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Again this book is not for anyone who does not like sexual explicit situations. There are M/M and F/F along with group sex. If you do not like this kind of reading this book is not for you. I really like Kate Douglas Wolf Tale Series and this is part of this series.
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I have read this series since the beginning and I love them. They are not for the faint of heart or traditionalists! These are very hot, sexy books that go past the boundaries of traditional romantic relationships. There are multiple partners involved so if that is not your thing don't buy the books. BUT, if you like adventurous sex and a cast of characters you can get to know, this series is for you. I find the continuing story compelling and each individual book can be read on it's own. There is humor, danger, some violence in some of the books and a great premise to all of them. Definitely not for everyone, but for those who like something a little wild, a little different, and very sexy, this is your book!
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I love this entire series...Kate Douglas is an awesome story teller. Loads of heat!! Highly recommend.
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"Chanku Spirit" by Kate Douglas. Anton, Stefan and Matt leave their sanctuary traveling to Florida in search of their heritage. There the goddess chooses Matt to be her consort for eternity. "Running Wild" by Kathleen Dante. Graeme teaches his beloved Deanna all there is about shapeshifting, but is irate when his cousin sniffs at his mate. "Heart of the Wildcat by Devyn Quinn. As his tribe nears extinction, Joseph prays he finds a mate so when he rescues ecologist Kathryn's life, he wonders if she could be the one for him. These three heated shapeshifting romances are fun entertaining tales that sub-genre fans will enjoy. The Kate Douglas entry is a key link in her Chanku saga as it has direct cause and effect implications to the next Wolf Tales (July publication). Harriet Klausner
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