Sexy Filthy Boss

Sexy Filthy Boss

by Piper Rayne

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"Witty banter, sexual tension,and steamy hookups is exactly what I want from an office romance! Sexy Filthy Boss was my first Piper Rayne read but not my last!" - Audrey Carlan, #1 NYT Bestselling Author

He's the sexy alpha male in the corner office who goes through assistants faster than free donuts in the

I'm the assistant who was chosen to cover for his last fire.

The owner of the company is clear—hook the biggest client in our firm's history and there's a partnership for him and a promotion for me. Stipulation—we do it together.

It doesn't take a tarot card-reading psychic to figure out where our story is headed... late nights, trips out of town, and more than a few awkward moments filled with sexual tension.

No worries though. I pride myself on my willpower. I can totally ignore his sexy grin, his rock-hard body and his dreamy brown eyes. I will not become the woman other women hate.

But it turns out that Enzo Mancini has a lot of layers and if I don't stop peeling, I'm going to lose everything, including my dignity.

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BN ID: 2940161869123
Publisher: Piper Rayne, Inc.
Publication date: 06/11/2019
Series: White Collar Cousins , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 220
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Sexy Filthy Boss 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Anonymous 3 days ago
MaimeosAngelsEL 8 days ago
5 Star Review Sexy Filthy Boss (White Collar Brothers #1) by Piper Rayne Book one in an exciting new series from Piper Rayne and if Sexy Filthy Boss is anything to go by this will be another fabulous series. This series is about the Mancini brothers who are cousins of the Bianco brothers from their successful Blue Collar series. Book one is Lorenzo "Enzo" Mancini’s story and what a story it is. He constantly has issues keeping assistants, so when Annie Stewart is asked to fill in after his latest assistant leaves, she is wary. If Enzo can pull off his latest deal, he will make partner and Annie will get her promotion, the only issue is to get either, they will have to work closely together. The chemistry between Enzo and Annie is intense and impossible to ignore, late nights and business trips ensure that it is getting harder and harder to ignore the smoldering chemistry that is between them. Enzo is totally focused on his work, could Annie be the woman to make him slow down and slowly but surely chip away at the walls he has surrounded himself with? I surely hope so. I loved how fiercely Annie stood up for herself, not afraid and not backing down to Enzo, she is one feisty lady and I really liked her. The writing is strong and I have no idea where one author finished and the other took over, such is the smooth flow of this writing team. I am excited to learn more about the Mancini family and cannot wait for the next book in the series.
sferguson0822 6 days ago
This book was sexy, fun, and amazing. The banter between not just Annie and Enzo, but the entire group of characters had me cracking up. These two were so hot together, and I loved how riled up Annie got Enzo. There was one character I would have loved to see his balls chopped off, but these two seemed to hit him where it would hurt the most :). This story will suck you in from the start and keep you there until the very last page. An amazing must read I would highly recommend!
Ambur 6 days ago
First Impressions... Well this new series is off to a fabulous start!!! Enzo and Annie were amazing! I loved their banter, their chemistry, and I loved seeing them work together as a team! I loved the moments between the Mancini brothers, too. Definitely looking forward to seeing more of all of these characters in the next two White Collar Brothers books!!! SEXY FILTHY BOSS was sweet, super sexy, and was packed full of some seriously empowering moments! This Book In 5 Words: Steamy. Flirty. Intuitive. Empowering. Captivating. What Did I Like: - The characters. Annie and Enzo were amazing!!! She was smart, driven, and full of great ideas! She did have some insecurities though, and I loved seeing her character grow! Enzo was amazing, too!!! So sexy, so commanding...and then so, so, so doting and wonderful! Gah! - The romance and sexy times. Enzo and Annie were soooo amazing together! Their banter was top-notch and their chemistry was off the charts! While all of Piper Rayne's books do have steam, some are steamier than others...and this one, this one is definitely one of the steamiest and it was perfection! I loved every minute of it! - The family and friends. Piper and Rayne do fabulous side characters, and SEXY FILTHY BOSS was no exception! I loved seeing Enzo's brothers, his sister, and his parents, and I loved Annie's family and friends, too! I can't wait to see more of the group dynamics in the next two books...Carm's book is next! *wink, wink* - The empowering female message. I absolutely loved how this story handled Annie's career! I didn't really think about how it would all go down before starting this story, but I loved what Piper and Rayne did with it! I also loved that we got to see it from both Annie's and Enzo's perspectives! - The story and the writing! Again, these are always wonderful when it comes to a Piper and Rayne book, but I have to give them props because this book was an absolutely fantastic ride! I loved every minute of it! What Didn't I Like: - Nothing. I absolutely adored this book! There was one moment where I was a bit worried about Enzo's actions...but he turned it around for me right afterwards, so it all worked out. ;) Star Rating: ★★★★★ Read If You Like: - Rom-coms with heart, steam, and a bit of a serious undertone. I was expecting this to be more of a flirty story with a side of forbidden romance...and it definitely had that, but it also had some pretty wonderful moments about women getting equal opportunities in the work place and being properly valued for their work, which I LOVED!!! Overall, I loved SEXY FILTHY BOSS! It was packed full of fun, steam, and I was hooked from page one! I've yet to meet a Piper Rayne book that I haven't loved, but this one is way at the top of my faves list! Enzo and Annie were amazing, and their story was superb! Highly recommend, and since this is the start of a new trilogy, it's also a great intro point for Piper Rayne newbies...just saying! ;)
ScrapNSign 7 days ago
Piper Rayne is my go-to duo for RomCom's! Sexy Filthy Boss is an entertaining office romance that will have you cheering for the assistants. This is a spin-off from the Blue Collar Brothers series, but can be read as a stand-alone. As with most series, it's a little more enjoyable if you've read the previous ones, as characters are discussed or come into play occasionally. As Enzo and Annie work together on the new campaign, their chemistry starts to ignite, but is a workplace romance possible? The witty banter and passion will have you flying through the pages. It has the perfect combination of sexy times and laughter. I can't wait for more in this series!
BoundlessBookaholic 8 days ago
I enjoyed this one overall. I’m giving it 4 out of 5 stars. This review is for an ARC, and reflects my honest opinion. Enzo intrigued me from when we saw him in a previous book, so I couldn’t wait for his story. I liked this, but he was different than I expected. I thought we’d see a lot more of his charming, funny side. I was also anticipating more of his family based on how prevalent families have been in this duo’s books, especially the Blue Collar Brothers. If I was going into this without any previous context, I might have enjoyed it a little more. Annie was a good character; I related to her on a lot of things, but I wanted to know more about her interests. I think because this was a workplace romance that so much of the focus was there, and we didn’t get a lot outside of that. The glimpses we got when they weren’t at work were some of my favorites! For secondary characters, I liked Blair, and Annie’s family. But my favorites had to be the Mancini brothers. They were entertaining (the rock, paper, scissors games made me smile every time), and I can’t wait to read their happily ever afters. I love how the authors give us a small sneak peek about who the next book will be focused on in their epilogues; it always makes me more excited to keep reading. Once again, Piper Rayne gave me a contemporary romance that I loved.
MelissaB 8 days ago
Piper Rayne definitely know how to start a new series! I'm a fan and have read every book they've released and each time I wonder how they're going to top the last book, but they do each and every time! Enzo is a sexy career-driven senior ad exec hell bent on making partner, his only downfall.....Annie Stewart. Annie is the sweet, beautiful woman who gets coerced into being Enzo's assistant since he can't keep one if his life depended on it! The chemistry between these two is off the charts to the point of explosive and will have you so seduced by their story you will not want to put your book down. If you thought these two were entertaining with their witty banter just wait because the other Mancini brothers will have you laughing so hard you'll have tears!
CeeCeeHouston 8 days ago
A new trio of Mancini brother’s to drool over!!! Sexy Filthy Boss is the first book in Piper Rayne’s White Collar Brothers series, a perfect compliment to the Blue Collar Brother’s series set in Chicago with the other set of Mancini trio of brothers. But, where Mauro, Luca and Christian were first responders and worked for the city, Enzo, Carm and Dom don’t. They’re self-made men with high paying jobs. Enzo a senior ad exec who works for a big advertizing company. He’s difficult to work for and has gone through a lot of assistants. When he and Annie met, it’s because he’s just fired his latest assistant and now he needs help. Annie is the only person available. She doesn’t want to work for Enzo… ever! Sparks fly the second she’s in his office and Enzo doe little to endear himself to her, even expecting her to take care of his dry-cleaning!! The way Annie put him in his place was so darn funny and just so typical of Piper Rayne’s writing style. They’re comedic genius gets better and better with each book, believe me, I know. I’ve read every one of them. The story is told in dual POV, ‘my favorite style’, and swing back and forth between the characters. Getting insight from both participants is the best in my opinion, you’re not left wondering what the heck the other character was thinking when it’s single POV. Enzo is one hot sexy ad exec, and he knows what he wants and what he doesn’t. One thing he was not interested in, was a relationship, but from the moment these two got together, the change in him was started. He fell fast and easily, and didn’t even see it coming. That was fun watching. Annie was quite a spit-fire and stuck up for herself well. She had a little bit of heartbreak from her childhood that filtered into her everyday life and made her a little bit guarded. She wasn’t prepared for how she’d feel about Enzo. He snuck up on her! LOL. Book 1 is a brilliant start to this newest series and I can’t wait to read Carmelo’s story next. It’s sure to be just a great.
Chloe Trivelpiece 8 days ago
New series by Piper Rayne!?! Sign me up! This is the introduction to the Mancini Brothers, and let me tell you they are the definition of Alpha! This new series adds some edginess to the writing duo, and I floved it!  There is bit of angst and of course the smexiness that I love from Piper Rayne. This is Enzo and Annie's story. Enzo, the middle brother is a certified bachelor and loves his life, his job and his family.  He is charismatic, confident and everything you love about an alphahole. Annie is trying hard to fight the "boys club" world that she is in.  When she is given the opportunity to show some girl power, she goes for it! I also enjoyed reading about her back story, her relationship with her parents and the fresh spin that Piper Rayne brings to it. This story, like all of Piper Rayne's stories flows beautifully! The alternate POV's are amazing and brings more to the world that they are creating.  You also get a great introduction to the whole Mancini family and you will be guessing who is gonna end up with who!! Another fabulous start to a new series from the dynamite duo of Piper Rayne! Get your hands on this!
heater_28 8 days ago
**I voluntarily read an early copy of this title in exchange for an honest review** Sexy Filthy Boss is the first book in the White Collar Brothers series. The Mancini brothers just happen to be the cousins of the Bianco brothers from the White Collar Brothers series. Lorenzo "Enzo" Mancini is the middle of the Mancini brothers. He is a senior ad executive that is striving to become partner. He tends to have issues with keeping admins as they all tend to leave or get fired. He also isn't a relationship guy. He's so focused on becoming partner that the last thing he wants to spend time on is a relationship, much to his mother's chagrin. Annie Stewart works as an assistant at the same ad agency that Enzo works at. She isn't his admin, but when his admin is fired at the most inopportune time, Annie is tapped to fill in even though she is scheduled to be out of the office that afternoon to move into her new apartment. With the dream of becoming an ad executive herself, she finds that working with Enzo might actually give her the leg up she needs. But the question is can she deal with him any better than anyone else? I really loved both Enzo and Annie. They not only had amazing chemistry together, they were really interesting and good individuals. I give Piper Rayne a lot of credit for tackling the issues that they did in this book. I think the issues they brought light to unfortunately are still alive and well today, even though progress has been made. I was highly entertained by Enzo's brothers and I can't wait for the next book in this series. I can already tell it's going to be a doozy from the set-up at the end of this one!
Lashea677 9 days ago
Enzo caught me off guard. While he may act like a beast, he's anything but. He stole my heart in the blink of an eye. His personality is electric, his charisma overpowering and his heart is his greatest feature. Annie never knew what hit her, once this playboy had her in his sights. Sexy, Filthy Boss steamed up my ereader and melted my heart.