Shades of Life: A Book of Poems

Shades of Life: A Book of Poems

by Sirajuddin Chougle


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Shades of Life is a bouquet of poems which the poet wants you to experience and get sensitized. This book contains fifty-two poems for fifty-two weeks, each poem celebrating a different shade of life.
Happiness, joy, anguish, sorrow, success, failure, love, rejection, romance, friendship, betrayal, and expectations are some of the emotions beautifully expressed in the poems.
The fascination of the poet with nature will sway you to fall in love with the trees, the flowers, the butterflies, the birds, the sea, and the whole world around you.
The language used by the poet is simple and heartrending, which appeals to the reader's senses. It is bound to compel the reader to read over and over again to appease the heart and the soul.
In many of the poems, the readers will experience self-expressions as if they themselves are the poet. Chances are high that many of the poems will get memorized without any special effort to do so and the reader will be able to recall from memory on occasions warranted for.
Sit back and enjoy, revitalize your senses, and hum some of them to yourself. Rediscover love once again.

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ISBN-13: 9781482800494
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 06/11/2013
Pages: 100
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