Shades of Retribution

Shades of Retribution

by Chandra. Adams


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ISBN-13: 9780974890296
Publisher: Adrolite Press
Publication date: 05/30/2004
Product dimensions: 57.50(w) x 87.50(h) x 7.50(d)

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Shades of Retribution 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed reading Shades of Retribution by Chandra Adams. She's right on point when it comes to how women act in searching for mr. right. Even though I wouldn't have gone to the extremes the women went through to find their special men, what the ladies in the book did to get retribution made pretty good sense.I enjoyed the stories of the three women in the book and I really liked the plot and how everything wrapped up in the end. I would suggest this book to anyone who reads suspense fiction because this is good. Chandra really did a good job on this one.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Shades of Retribution is one of those standout novels you¿ll realize years from now how good a read it was. Chandra Adams creates an exciting tale with a timely message dealing with the subject of interracial dating and the dire methods a group of college women use to increase their chances of eligible black men. Although her novel is divided into three parts, each section is beautifully mastered to describe each character¿s past histories and explains why there are consequences to every choice you make. I found Shades of Retribution an interesting literary work. Without giving much detail, let¿s just say the methods the women¿s group used to increase their pool of black men are unique at best. However, when you read the entire book and view each of the women and their back stories, I believe you¿ll agree that Adams has a skill for characterization and uses it quite well to move her story along. For me, it was Meena and the changes she went through to finally achieve what she always wanted although it¿s not what you or I could ever expect. The author does a good job in fleshing out the arrogance in which Meena displays to her fellow sistahs, her man and Basilah - which in the end becomes her downfall and a humbling experience. When Basilah reenters her life in the present day to `settle the score¿, nearly costing Meena¿s life and those she cares for the most, do we finally get to see the transformation complete. Meena finally learns her lesson and the true meaning of retribution. Most books written by African-American novelists get criticized because of raunchy content, poor plotting and weak characterization. I do not find that in Shades. What I found is a story that kept me turning the pages wondering what would occur next. Adams does a great job in maintaining the suspense aspect of the novel as you didn¿t know how Basilah and Meena would resolve their feud in the past and present day. Needless to say, Adams provides enough thrills to keep the reader guessing to the last pages to find out the outcome of the battle. I would recommend Shades of Retribution to anyone in need of a well-written book with an imaginative and innovative plot without resorting to extremes to sell itself. I definitely look forward to more from Ms. Adams in her literary journey and judging from her first work, proves herself to be a worthy novelist. Charles L. Chatmon Executive Director Los Angeles Black Book Expo
Guest More than 1 year ago
They say everything done in the dark will eventually be brought to the light. Such is the case in ¿Shades of Retribution¿ a first novel from newcomer Chandra Adams. The book centers around three women, the central characters. Meena is a successful African American entrepreneur who runs a successful winery with her Caucasian husband Justin. They also spend their time raising their young daughter Simone. Kenya is a beautiful black woman who has suffered a few of life¿s failures, including battles with the bottle and relationships. And Basilah is a tough, African-American, ex-convict whose life has taken a turn for the worse.............. When Kenya threatens to expose the illegal activities of the trio¿s past, Meena takes matters into her own hands. But instead of walking away from it all, Kenya becomes more determined to get revenge and even recruits the hardened Basilah to help her set it off. Meanwhile, Meena must deal with her relationship woes with Justin, a man she admits to marrying without fully loving him. And Kenya must deal with the inquisitive police officer, Marvin, who wants more from her than the chance to protect her from harm¿s way..................... ¿Shades of Retribution¿ is a novel of epic proportions. The plot is stimulating and original; and the writing is above par. Adams abandons chapter numbers, opting to use creative chapter titles instead. California native Chandra Adams succeeds at crafting a story with authentic characters and a suspenseful storyline. Though the main characters are women, don¿t be fooled. This ain¿t no chick lit. Although an element of the novel involves an examination of relationships and romance, there¿s still enough action and violence to appeal to the fellas as if it was an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. Take a chance on ¿Shades of Retribution,¿ and look forward to more from this new novelist.