Shadow People: Quickening of the Wicked

Shadow People: Quickening of the Wicked

by Cindy Jackson, Stacy Stephens


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The hate-seekers want Earth all for themselves and humans are willing to kill each other to make sure they get it.

With terror and splendor comes the first novel in the haunting Shadow People Trilogy. Fans of hardcore horror, paranormal romance, arcane mysticism, or zombie blasting survivalism will not be disappointed with this timeless tale of light vs. darkness.

A dark and potent apparition born of human fear spawns more of its kind from the souls of those it massacres. Its newborn shadow specters impulsively possess humans, mutating them into savage, murdering zombies.

The story alternates between three individuals in cities far removed and in lives most dissimilar. As each of them faces the world's ever-increasing zombie population they seek physically and spiritually to find each other, for they share one destiny.

Grace, 19, her captivating and exquisite beauty is held in sharp contrast to her disfigurement. She clings to the hope of the reality of a mystical man who once came to her during her time of fire and dreams and promised to return for her. However, her time in this world may not be long endured.

Lily, a sightless, precognitive 5 year old, finds herself alone, lost, and hunted by unspeakable terror in a cold and forbidding forest. Her only hope of surviving even a few more hours is Grace who is two hundred miles away and has yet to realize the little girl is real.

Aeden, 397, with an air of majesty and the countenance of a rock star is eternally youthful, and moves at the speed of thought. He alone carries the ability to destroy the shadows at will and his method is so simplistic it is startling. With power beyond imagining, Aeden, in our real world, is possible.

WARNING: This book contains strong horror violence and gore, some strong language, and some intense situations involving children and dogs.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781442147362
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/06/2009
Pages: 326
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.68(d)

About the Author

Cindy Jackson and Stacy Stephens, respectively, are a mother/daughter team and are long time, avid readers of both horror fiction and spiritual non-fiction. Stacy brings with her the enthusiasm, freshness, and originality of youth. Since learning to put pen to paper as a young child, she has crafted numerous tales of suspense and horror. Cindy brings years of life experience and extensive metaphysical study. For more than twenty years, she has translated and paraphrased some of the most esoteric and complicated metaphysical precepts into simpler words for children and young adults.

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