Shadow Walker (Neteru Academy Series #1)

Shadow Walker (Neteru Academy Series #1)

by L. A. Banks
4.5 182


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Shadow Walker (Neteru Academy Series #1) by L. A. Banks

Shadow Walker is book 1 in a new paranormal YA trilogy written by L.A. Banks, for more details.

Book Description:
Sarah Rivera has a lot going on in her life right now. It's bad enough that she's being shipped off to Temt Tchaas Academy also known as Neteru Academy, a high school for future Guardians of the Light who have special powers, but she has to go there with her cocky twin brother and the rest of her compound brothers and sisters. To make matters worse, everyone has ridiculous expectations of her all because her parents are like supernatural rock stars for saving the planet sixteen years ago. But what nobody, not even her best girlfriend Tami seems to be getting is the fact that, Sarah doesn't think she's special, doesn't want to be a demon-hunting hero, and is even afraid of the dark!

So what that her mother was a Warrior Angel and her Dad used to be a Hell Council-level Vampire? Opposites attract. Go figure. As far as Sarah is concerned, all she got from the combination was a pair of fangs that lengthen at inappropriate times to embarrass her in front of her secret crush; whereas her brother, Alejandro, got the good looks and cool wings. However, what her parents' status has created is drama in her life by ensuring that the mean girls at school will make her life a living nightmare. Sarah knows her family's renowned slayer reputation will also ensure that everyone at school will assume she had it easy and should be able to do everything her famous rebel parents can do, when the heartbreaking truth is, she cant. Not by a long shot.

Once at the hidden boarding school in the Appalachian Mountains, things go from bad to worse as Sarah tries to fit in. Her nightmares increase and it isn't just anxiety; her second sight is suddenly developing at a record pace. Layers of secrets are held in the building, held by her parents, and nothing is as it seems. There is something really bad going on at the school, worse than bad - deadly. Only, faculty and administrators don't know where to begin to look for the cause as students start to disappear. Sarah must then make a choice to stand on the sidelines or to help use her gifts to save someone dear. But to do that means facing all of her greatest fears, along with a demon or two.

About the Author...

Author Bio: L. A. Banks has written over 42 novels and contributed to 23 novellas. She writes in the genres of romance, women's fiction, crime/suspense thrillers, and paranormal lore. In addition to a busy writing schedule, she is a proud member of The Liars Club, is a Board of Trustee member for the Philadelphia Free Library and serves on the Mayor's Commission on Literacy. Ms. Banks is a graduate of The University of Pennsylvania Wharton undergraduate program with a Master's in Fine Arts from Temple University. She is a full-time writer living and working in Philadelphia.

Look for book 2, Shadow Seekers, sometime in 2011... and Shadow Slayers in 2012

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780615421506
Publisher: Leslie Esdaile Banks, LLC
Publication date: 12/10/2010
Series: Neteru Academy Series , #1
Pages: 500
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.01(d)

About the Author

Author Bio: L. A. Banks has written more than 42 novels and contributed to 23 novellas. She writes in the genres of YA, paranormal/fantasy, romance, women's fiction, and crime/suspense thrillers. In addition to a busy writing schedule, she is a proud member of The Liars Club, is a board of trustee member for the Philadelphia Free Library and serves on the Mayor's Commission on Literacy. Ms. Banks is a graduate of The University of Pennsylvania Wharton undergraduate program with a master's in fine arts from Temple University. She is a full-time writer living and working in Philadelphia.

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Shadow Walker 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 182 reviews.
Lisa_Lanausse More than 1 year ago
High praise to L.A. Banks for her foray into the world of Young Adult's Fiction! This series introduces us to the children of characters from the Vampire Huntress Legend series. These children are actually adolescents with issues very similar to those of teenagers we know and see every day. What's different about these children is that they're children of Guardians. These children, like their parents, have heightened extrasensory powers that assist them in battles between various forces of darkness. These powers aren't fully developed, though. When students begin disappearing from the Neteru Academy, twins Sarah and Alejandro Rivera (children of milennium Neterus Carlos and Damali Rivera) must learn the fine balance between revenge and protecting their fellow students. This first book lays the ground work for what is hoped to be a series as exciting and unforgettable as the Vampire Huntress Legend Series. This book is so worth the wait! Congratulations to Ms. Banks for a successful new beginning....
StarrReaderr More than 1 year ago
Perhaps I am biased because I was already a big L.A.Banks fan, but this first book in the Neturu Academy series is the best in the ongoing Neturu saga. Banks really gets high literary marks for her story of the Neturu guardian children. Carlos and Damali's daughter Sarah was endeared to me from the very beginning and Banks imaginative writing is shown here at its very best. The blend of powers of these children and their coming of age experiences at the Neturu Academy is truly amazing to say the least. I can hardly wait to read the next book in the series.
GhostwriterNY More than 1 year ago
Simply outstanding Neteru series fans will not be disappointed in the next phase of the vampire huntress legend. This story picks up the story of the neterus children, the next defenders of the light. Not enough space to tell you how great this book is, so just buy it and find out for yourself.
Reading-mydrugofchoice More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved this book!!! I couldn't put it down. It's more focused toward teen readers but if you like L.A. Banks' books I suggest you read this book. Also,if you have not read the Vampire Huntress Legend Series by L.A. Banks you should do so. This picks up where the VHL series left off but is about the Guardians children. I'm anxiously awaiting the next installment.
Marie2 More than 1 year ago
It started out slow and I must admit that Sarah's constant whining over her perceived "lack of abilities" really racked my nerves. Also, I was surprised and a little disappointed at the very small role Damali played in this one. I mean she barely had cameos. With all that said, the storyline picked up nicely and I can't wait till the next installment. The new abilities introduced in this installment are simply awesome.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was and still am a lover of l.a.banks writing and have tried to find authors with african american heroines in their romantic tales but have come up short! If anyone know of any series within this same genre and same quality of writing please tell me!........r.I.p. ms are still missed
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is one of my favorite books. I have been waiting for a follow up.So i recently looked up the author only to find that she passed away the year the second book was supposed to come out.It is such a shame because This was a promising start to what i know would be an incredible series.Good enough to be a major motion picture. I am so distraught.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am hooked. This book depicts a grown up damali and carlos from the huntress series which i just started reading. I wish there was more to come. My condolenses the authors family .
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I soo miss the Vampire huntress books.... They were my fav. RIP Miss Banks.... You are sorely missed :(
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Even though this is a YA title, I really enjoyed this book. If you follow the Vampire Huntress series by L. A. Banks, then you will be pleasantly surprised to see that the main characters are the children of the vampire huntress, Damali Richards. This story puts me in the mind of Harry Potter...only better. The main characters are twins, Sarah and Al. This is their first year at the Neteru Academy. They were sent here in order to strengthen their supernatural talents. The school is in jeopardy of being closed forever when students start to come up missing. Even though this book falls under the YA (young adult) category, dont let that discourage you from reading it. There is enough action, suspense, and even a little romance to hold any adult's attention. I am looking forward to reading the other books in this series!
LCs_momma More than 1 year ago
I cannot wait until my daughter gets a little older to read this book. I loved that it questions on the back to help students and adults comprehend the book. It is sad that it will not be continued. LA Banks was an extraordinary author and I'm sure a person as well. She will be missed.
Pamela Johnson More than 1 year ago
Please tell me Leslie Banks has not passed away! I read a review of this book headlined RIP. Oh my , if this is true The world has truely lost a talented and beautiful writer. Her work shines and makes you feel all good inside. I have read all of her fantasy series and can't believe there will be no more.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Neterus Carlos and Power Angel Damali Rivera kill, with the help of the Guardians, everyone in hell besides Lucifer the Anti-Christ. When the rapture occurred, the Neterus and the Guardians were left behind; not because they were rejected, but due to earth needing them. It is up to the next generation of Guardians and Neterus, Sarah and Alejandro Rivera and their team to battle the devil and Anti-Christ. To succeed they need training. Thus the Rivera twins attend Temt Tchaas Academy better known as Neteru Academy in Appalachia where they learn to be Guardians of the Light. Everyone assumed extrovert confident Al would be the stronger warrior, which is fine with Sarah who since early childhood has watched Shadows that no one else apparently sees; she not only does not want to be a warrior, she fears the dark. This in spite of her roots with her mom a Neteru Warrior Angel and her dad a Hell Council Vampire. The only shadow she likes is hiding behind that of her brother. However, fears, fangs and friends force her into the light when students vanish and only the hesitant Sarah can sees the Shadows in the dark that show where the missing might be if she can get past agents of the Dark. This is the last group of Neterus and Guardians to be trained by their parents as the battle is coming that will determine the final outcome between light and dark. At school, the sacred students and frightened faculty prepare for Lucifer's next move knowing some will not make it. Besides that angst, Sarah's unique power adds to her queasiness as she prefers not to battle the Shadows, but cannot idly stand by while friends and perhaps her family will die. Although paranormals attending school is so Potterish, targeted young adult readers and older fans who enjoy the works of Rowling and Sabin (see a School for Sorcery) will want to enroll in the Neteru Academy. Harriet Klausner
ToyNY More than 1 year ago
I love this book! I haven't finished this book as of yet but if you are a child, young adult, or adult and you have an over-active imagination, and an attraction for fantasy fables about magic and magical beings then this is your book. I am an older woman (not old at all but over 20) and I was searching for something that would keep me entertained and awake and bam I found this book. Teenagers with magical powers and strong talents, shadows, clairvoyants, seers I love it all. The main character this story is centered around Sarah is a sweet teenage girl who is very doubtful and scared all the time, but she is very loving and caring towards her compound sisters and brothers, even her birth brother although she'd never reveal it. She is coming into some serious powers, and she's not sure how to handle what she finds out about herself but she is determined to learn more, use her powers to their complete extent, and more importantly, find her compound sisters and brothers that have disappeared. I can't wait to find out what happens next! Sadly the author L.A Banks has passed away years ago so there is no part 2 to this amazing story but if you like this story you can read about her parents Carlos and Damali Rivera the Guardians in previous books that led to this one. Thank you L.A Banks for your amazing contribution to the literary world.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I wish Queen Banks was still here. A great mind lost. I had high hopes for this book, and I wasn't disappointed. Perfect writing, and amazing story line. I just wish she were still here to write book two of this series. Would love to have known what it'd turn into. It would have been as great as the VAL series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Entertaining loved the description of the characters. Too bad this isn't a movie.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
L.A. Banks you will be missed!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago