Shadowhand : The History and Secrets of Ninja Taisavaki

Shadowhand : The History and Secrets of Ninja Taisavaki


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ISBN-13: 9781581600711
Publisher: Paladin Press
Publication date: 03/01/2000
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

About the Author

Dr. Haha Lung is a prolific author with a vast storehouse of knowledge about the martial arts and the mysterious cults and killer cadres of the East.

Christopher B. Prowant is a noted researcher, author and martial artist. He holds a shodan ranking in zendokan-tyu taijutsu and has a teaching degree in wan tzu hu chuan (tiger-style kung-fu).

Table of Contents

Introduction The Upperhand of Shadowhand
Part I Appreciation: Masters in the Shadows
Chapter 1 - Shadow Walkers
Chapter 2 - The Ninja Shadowhand
Origins of the Ninja
The Myth
The Fact
The Nine Training Halls of Ninjutsu
Unarmed Combat
Combat with Wooden Weapons
Combat with Blade Weapons
Combat with Flexible Weapons
Specialized Combat Training
The Art of Disguise
The Art of Espionage
The Art of Escape and Evasion
The Art of Mysticism
Chapter 3 - Taisavaki-jutsu (Art of Avoidance)
Chapter 4 - The Basics of Seeing
The Three We See
Shadow, Shape, and Silhouette
To See or Not to See
Field of Vision
Line of Sight
Peripheral Vision
Uncommon "Sense"
Physical Blind Spots
Warnings FLAGS
Object Fixedness
The Straw Man
Chapter 5 - The Quest for Invisibility
Invisibility in Western Tradition
The Shadow Knows!
Modern Accounts of Invisibility
Invisibility in Eastern Tradition
Indian Invisibility Techniques
The Anahata Chakra
The Mahashunya
Shinobi Ninja Invisibility
Explanations for Invisibility
Physical Explanations
Scientific Explanations
The Physical Explanation
Invisibility Versus Shadowhand
Part II Application: Mastering the Shadowhand
Chapter 6 - The Strategy of The Shadowhand
Disguising Intention
Masking Your Wa
Ukemi (Methods of Movement)
Forward Diagonal Step
Half-Moon Step
Over-the-Fence Pivot
Chinese Shift
Horse-Stance Shift
The Duck
Chinese Squat
Arch escape
Misdirecting Attention
Chapter 7 - The Techniques of the Shadowhand
Daikentaijutsu (Striking)
The Collapsing Principle
Striking with the Hands
Striking Inside
The Rising Sun
Shadowhand Combinations
Low Blows
Arch-Escape Striking
Striking with the Feet
Kicks and the Collapsing Principle
Hidden Kicks
Additional Unarmed Strikes
The Turtle's Head
Forearm Blows
The Short Wing
Head Butt
Jutaijutsu (Grappling)
Hidden Sweeps
Hidden Throws
Kobudo-Jutsu (Weapons Use)
Shadow Weapons
Conclusion The "Perfect" Weapon
Index Glossary of Schools, Strategies, and Techniques

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