Shadows of Jane, The Shadows Trilogy, Book 1

Shadows of Jane, The Shadows Trilogy, Book 1

by Amy Hale

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Colt Henderson is a man who lives for the moment. His past has taught him that life is unpredictable and often disappointing. A confirmed bachelor, he believes that love only exists in fairy tales.

She’s lost, scared, and can’t remember a thing about her past or her identity. She senses all is not as it should be, but without her memory, how does she know what to fear and what to trust? Because of her status as a Jane Doe, she names herself Jane and works to put her life back together. In the process she learns that she possesses unique abilities that certain people will kill for.

Fate throws Colt and Jane together, but they both have a lot to learn about forgiveness and acceptance. Colt’s determination and Jane’s remarkable gifts will send them on a journey they never expected. To survive they will need each other, but sometimes facts are scarier than fiction, and the truth is better left unknown.

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BN ID: 2940151928977
Publisher: Amy Hale
Publication date: 06/12/2015
Series: Shadows Trilogy , #1
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 136,848
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Since childhood, Amy Hale has been creating exceptional stories that summon a whirlwind of emotions and inspiration unto the reader. She loves creating characters and worlds from nothing but her imagination and a few glasses of wine. Her love of the written word has not only resulted in her writing some of her reader’s favorite adventures, but has also manifested itself in the form of book hording. She’s convinced it’s not a sickness. She debuted her first fiction novel in 2015 after retiring from 13 years of non-fiction writing for various online entities. For the last couple of decades, she’s also carried the titles of Laundry Goddess, Chef, Butt Wiper, Soother of Temper Tantrums, and in more recent years, Moderator of Sarcastic Eyerolls and Sass. She resides in Illinois with her husband, as well as two grown children who claim they are never moving out. Regardless, they are the center of her universe, although her cat believes otherwise. If she had any spare time, she’d love music, photography, watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 with her family, and long rides on the back of her husband’s motorcycle. Learn more at

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Shadows of Jane, The Shadows Trilogy, Book 1 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
I t had almost been ten years since Jane saw her parents. She had been taken from the two people who loved her for who she really was. Colt had lost his dad recently and wasn’t doing to well with it. Then his boss Mike gave him a week off with pay more to save Jerry’s butt who was his coworker then for Colt. Then a knock came to Colt’s cabin door and he found a hurt muddied small young lady who would have collapsed to the ground if Colt had not caught her. Colt toke her to the hospital and asked to be let to know when the woman came to and keep him updated. When she finally came too she didn’t remember anything. So she decided to keep the name Jane the nurses had been calling her. Colt got a call that his mysterious friend was doing good. Colt cleaned up and went to the hospital. Colt stood by Jane and she’s happy someone cares about her. Things happen when Jane feels very strong emotions Jane knows she has to learn to control as well as hide these abilities. I didn’t love this story but i didn’t hate it either. This was not a bad story just in my opinion it could use some improvement like having some more back story for Jane as well as Colt’s characters. Making Colt more mature as at times he acted pretty immature. Also there was no kind of law involved and there should have been. There also seemed to be instalove and there wasn’t even instalust here. There should have shown some growth in the relationship between Colt and June. I think a younger crowd would have liked this story more. I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.
offermom More than 1 year ago
Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. This was my first book by author Amy Hale so I wasn't really sure what to expect. But I'm happy to report that I enjoyed this book very much! I won't rehash the plot as you can read about it already. However I will tell you that Amy's writing style totally made this book! Paranormal is not my fave genre, but the characters and plots and events in this book kept me glued to the story. I will say that I'm looking forward to book two to see how the story continues!
Heavenly_Good_Books More than 1 year ago
I have received an ARC copy of this book from the Author in exchange of an honest review. It was my first book by Amy. I didn’t expect anything, but I was positively surprised after reading this book. Amy has created a very interesting world. At the beginning you think its a contemporary novel, but it’s so different! Jane, the main character, is running away from people that want to capture her. She doesn’t remember anything or who she is. The only thing she knows, that she has to run. When she is trying to find out who she is, what secrets her past has, she discovers her powers. Powers that people would kill for, and will do just that to ensure Jane is captured. To help her with finding out who she is and what future holds for her, fate puts in her life Colt. Handsome, determined and cold towards all feelings resembling love. But when Jane is in danger, he sprints into action to save the only woman he ever came to love. The book was amazing. I loved the conversations between Jane and Colt. Made me smile, giggle and snort sometimes :) The best one? At the end of the book where Jane comments on Colt’s chosen book to read ;) I really enjoyed this book, well deserved 4.5 stars :) And I can’t wait for more!