Shaker Ghost Stories from Pleasant Hill

Shaker Ghost Stories from Pleasant Hill

by Thomas Freese
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Shaker Ghost Stories from Pleasant Hill by Thomas Freese

Shaker Ghost Stories is a collection of true experiences from the visitors to and employees at Shakertown, Pleasant Hill, Kentucky. Pleasant Hill has been 200 years in existence, and is one of the restored Shaker villages in the Eastern United States. The Shakers, or United Society of Believers in Christ�s Second Appearing, worked diligently to create a Zion, or heaven on earth. Their founder, Mother Ann, encouraged them to put their hands to work and hearts to God. While the Pleasant Hill Shakers have passed on, their legacy of spiritual devotion and material prosperity remains. The Shaker village is a peaceful place to visit and learn about Shaker life, to enjoy singing and overnight stays. Those who come find a spiritual touchstone in walking the land, hearing Shaker music, and marveling at their craftsmanship.

Some of those who work or visit there have discovered that some Shaker spirits have perhaps returned to Pleasant Hill. The collection of odd occurrences reported in Shaker Ghost Stories include mysterious singing, phantom footsteps, appearances and disappearances of Shaker-looking people, invisible helping hands, and the sights and sounds of work and worship continuing at odd hours. The Shaker spirits seem to act much in character with their original dispositions demonstrating faith, fervor, and a guardianship of their homes and land.

Traveling East in 1990, Thomas Freese visited friends, looking to relocate from New Mexico. Thomas was intrigued by Shakertown and the lives and accomplishments of the Shakers. He moved to Lexington the following year, and in 1996 became one of the Pleasant Hill Singers. While learning and performing Shaker music, he heard his new friends often speak of their Shaker experiences, occasional and unusual happenings. Boosted by their encouragement, he spent the summer of 1998 taking notes and collecting accounts of the Shaker Ghost Stories.

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Shaker Ghost Stories from Pleasant Hill 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have visited Pleasant Hill Kentucky several times, and found it intriguing. Now I have a better idea of what drew me there...
Guest More than 1 year ago
Reading this book you can tell right off that Thomas Freese has done extensive research into the spirits of Pleasant Hill. He gives you an indepth account of sightings and experiences from those that have had this experience first hand. Along with the accounts, he gives you back ground on the Shaker past. This book is very interesting for those interested in the spirit world and those interested in Shakers but is great for us who are interested in both. I recommend this book for both those who believe in the spirit world and those who do not. Very well written and insightful. This is a must read and reread because with each addition read you will pick up more insight. This book keeps you interested in continuing the book but once it is finished you are left with wanting more. I hope there is a sequel.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Mr. Freese has not only succeeded at giving his readers a healthy serving of ghost stories -- he has given them the full flavor of Shaker culture. As a lover of ghost stories, I found these Shaker ghost stories believable and was pleased that they were told to the author by those who live in, work in and visit Shakertown. Mr. Freese's literary skill, blended with his remarkable interviewing techniques, has resulted in a fascinating and easy-to-read book that you will want to keep on your bookshelf.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Thomas Freese has written an exceptional, accurate account of the 'Shaker experience,' told to him by those who witnessed ghosts personally. He respectfully combines the history and spirituality of the Shakers with chilling tales of active spirits present in Pleasant Hill, Kentucky. This book should be at the top of any reading list. After reading the book, I and many others will want to visit Shakertown to experience ghostly encounters for ourselves.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I had the great honor and joy of reading Shaker Ghost Stories last weekend. I literally could not put the book down! 'I'll read just a few more pages,' I thought...I read the whole book in 1 sitting! I enjoyed the stories--they were simple and thought provoking. My attention was captured from the very first few pages. I wasn't terrified or horrified. I just kept thinking, 'What's going on there?' Thomas writes from his personal experience. He obviously enjoys spending time there at Shakertown. He has found a place where he is 'called' to as often as he can get there. I particularly enjoyed chapters 5&6. Chapter 5 explains the occurences at Holy Sinai's Plain. The description of Holy Sinai was awesome! Chapter 6 adds a spiritual and sacred facet to this already well-written book. The author offers some ideas as to how these occurences are spiritual in nature. I want to go to Shakertown! I have never been there. I want to go and stand on Holy Sinai's Plain and contemplate on the deep faith of these very spiritual people. I also want to hear the Shakertown singers! I also enjoyed reading about the author's background and experience. Janet B. Louisville, KY