Shaking the Gates of Hell: Faith-Led Resistance to Corporate Globalization, Second Edition Second Edition

Shaking the Gates of Hell: Faith-Led Resistance to Corporate Globalization, Second Edition Second Edition

by Sharon Delgado

Paperback(2nd ed.)

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Shaking the Gates of Hell: Faith-Led Resistance to Corporate Globalization breaks new ground by describing the global economy and its effects from the perspective of an integrated theology of "the earth as primary revelation" and the institutional powers of this world. It reaches the conclusion that hope lies in nonviolent resistance and ecological and social responsibility based on God's action in Jesus and in the triumph of God over the powers. This book describes today's interrelated social, economic, and ecological crises and makes the case that we face a living hell on earth if we do not address them. It provides an overview of the global economic system and offers a comprehensive theological analysis of the network of primary institutions that make up what Walter Wink calls the "Domination System." It points readers in the direction of hope based on following the way of Jesus, who lived in nonviolent resistance to the powers of his day. This new, revised edition continues the powerful story of the original, extending the analysis of the global economy from the 2008 collapse and recession to its alleged recovery. It addresses the Obama administration's policies on economics, trade, and the environment, and provides further reflections on American foreign and military policy in this so-called New American Century.

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ISBN-13: 9781506432847
Publisher: 1517 Media
Publication date: 01/07/2020
Edition description: 2nd ed.
Pages: 413
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.00(d)

About the Author

Sharon Delgado is an ordained United Methodist minister, author, speaker, and activist. She travels widely, speaking before spiritual communities and secular audiences on climate change, economic and environmental justice, peacemaking, and corporate globalization. She resides in Nevada City, California. You can find her blog at

Table of Contents

Preface xiii

Introduction: A Moment of Profound Choice 1

Part I The Gates of Hell: Undoing Creation

1 The Earth as Primary Revelation 23

2 Deforestation Is Hell: Loss of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Destruction 37

3 The Heat Is On: Our Changing Atmosphere 48

4 A Toxic Future? The Environment and Human Health 61

5 Engineering the Future: Techno-Utopia or Techno-Hell? 73

6 Race to the Bottom: Facing the Abyss 91

7 The Infernal Whirlwind: Violence, Terror, and War 118

Part II Corporate Globalization: The System Is Designed for the Results It Is Getting

8 The Powers of This World 133

9 A Modern Parable: The Beast of Corporate Globalization 156

10 Economic Insanity: An Overview of the Global Economy 164

11 Of, By, and For the Corporations: A System of Corporate Rule 197

12 The Unholy Trinity: The IMF, World Bank, and WTO 220

13 No More Mr. Nice Guy: The Corporate Security State 252

14 The Iron Fist: Enforcing Corporate Globalization 271

Part III Faith-Led Resistance

15 The Triumph of God over the Powers 299

16 A Better World Is Possible: The Movement for Global Justice 330

17 Faith-Led Resistance as a Way of Life 353

Conclusion: By the Power at Work within Us 385

Suggested Reading 393

Index 404

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