Shalom Comrade!

Shalom Comrade!


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Shalom Comrade!

From the Russian Revolution to 1967, there were only about 150 Jewish records released in the Soviet Union. Officially, the religion was banned, but at the same time the state wanted to use some Jewish musicians. These archive recordings, rare documents indeed, cover the range of Yiddish music in Russia. There are folk songs, klezmer, plenty of art songs -- seemingly a specialty -- as well as Jewish cabaret material from artists like Mordkhe Gebirtig. Everything's put wonderfully into context by the exhaustive CD booklet. It's all quite specialized, but that's exactly the point. Some of these performers were gigantic figures of Soviet Jewry, globally important. This is an important album, making available some 26 of those very rare 78s, all lovingly remastered, and all as rare as hen's teeth.

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Release Date: 02/14/2006
Label: Wergo Germany
UPC: 4010228162721
catalogNumber: 1627

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Misha Alexandrovich   Vocals
E.A. Belenkaia   Piano
R.E. Branovskaia   Piano
S. Lu. Druker   Vocals
Mikhail Epelbaum   Vocals
Sara Fibikh   Vocals
M.I. Fikhtengolts   Violin
B.N. Florov   Piano
Emil Gorovets   Vocals
Anna Guzik   Vocals
M.I. Iakubovich   Piano
Irma Iaunzem   Vocals
S. Kaletskii   Piano
S. Khromchenko   Vocals
D.M. Lerner   Piano
Nechama Lifshitsaite   Vocals
Saul Liubimov   Vocals
A.D. Makarov   Piano
Solomon Mikhoels   Vocals
S. Muradov   Piano
D. La. Pantofel Nechetskaia   Vocals
Zinovii Shulman   Vocals
Sidi Tal   Vocals
Klara Vaga   Vocals
N.G. Valter   Piano
Tatiana Vayntraub   Vocals
A.S. Zhak   Piano
A.L. Zybtsev   Piano
Choir of the Belarusian SSR   Choir, Chorus
State Ensemble for Jewish Folk Music   Ensemble
Artists of the Moscow State Yiddish Theater   Ensemble
Jewish Vocal Ensemble of the Belarusian SSR   Ensemble
Orchestra of the Moscow State Yiddish Theater   Performing Ensemble
Jewish Vocal Ensemble Evokans   Ensemble
Song of the Ukranian SSR   Ensemble
S. Druker   Vocals
Abram Makarov   Piano
Alexey Zybtsev   Piano
Moscow State Philharmonic Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
State Ensemble for Jewish Folk Musicians of the Ukranian   Ensemble
Marina Gordon   Vocals
D. la. Pantofel-Nechetskaia   Vocals
Solomon Khromchenko   Vocals

Technical Credits

Joel Rubin   Producer,Liner Notes
Rita Ottens   Producer,Liner Notes
Traditional   Composer
S. Fayntukh   Arranger
Solomon Fayntukh   Arranger,Director
N.P. Klaus   Director
V. Knushevitskii   Arranger
V. Kukles   Director
Levin   Arranger
L.P. Piatigorskii   Director
S. Polonskii   Arranger
L.M. Pulver   Composer,Director
M.I. Rabinovich   Director
L. Revutskii   Arranger,Engineer
N. Rozenfeld   Arranger
S. Senderei   Arranger
E.P. Sheinin   Director
L. Shkolnikov   Arranger
I.G. Vari   Director
A. Zhitomirskii   Arranger
Lev M. Pulver   Director
I. Kerler   Text
B. Bergolts   Text
A. Kapstan   Director
Leonid Pavlovich Piatigorsky   Director
Peter Klein   Cover Design

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