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People say I'm shameless. They're right.

I like my sex dirty. It takes a hell of a lot to tilt my moral compass, and I always follow when it's pointing at something I want. That goes double when it points straight at the one girl in all of Chicago who's not dying for a piece of me.

She's all I can think about, and that's a problem, because she wants nothing to do with me. But I've seen her deepest secrets, her darkest fantasies, and they match mine to a fucking T.

I want her. Bad.

Now I need to show her how good it can be shameless.

Each book in the Playboys in Love series is STANDALONE:
* Shameless
* Ruthless

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781633756717
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 05/30/2016
Series: Playboys in Love , #1
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 197
Sales rank: 10,591
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author, Gina L. Maxwell, is a shameless romance addict with no intentions of ever kicking the habit.

Growing up, she dreamed of helping people escape reality with her sublime acting abilities. It wasn’t until college when she realized she had none to speak of, thereby derailing her lifelong plans. Another ten years would pass before she discovered a different means of accomplishing the same dream: writing stories of love and passion for romance addicts just like her.

Thanks to the support of her amazing family, Gina is now the Boss of the world’s first organized romance mafia, the Maxwell Mob, and living her dream of bringing a little romantic fantasy to the world—one steamy novel at a time.

Visit and chat with Gina on all her social media homes:

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author, Gina L. Maxwell, is a shameless romance addict with no intentions of ever kicking the habit.

Growing up, she dreamed of helping people escape reality with her sublime acting abilities. It wasn’t until college when she realized she had none to speak of, thereby derailing her lifelong plans. Another ten years would pass before she discovered a different means of accomplishing the same dream: writing stories of love and passion for romance addicts just like her.

Thanks to the support of her amazing family, Gina is now the Boss of the world’s first organized romance mafia, the Maxwell Mob, and living her dream of bringing a little romantic fantasy to the world—one steamy novel at a time.

Visit and chat with Gina on all her social media homes:

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Playboys in Love Series

By Gina L. Maxwell, Liz Pelletier

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2016 Gina L. Maxwell
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-671-7



If such a thing as a Landlords of Chicago Convention existed, and said convention had an award for Worst Landlord of a Multi-Unit Building, mine would win by a landslide. A freaking landlord landslide.

Cursing his name for the umpteenth time in the last half hour, I wrap a Band-Aid around the cut in my thumb I'd acquired trying to unclog the pipes under my bathroom sink. God forbid Walter would actually do his job and call a plumber for me.

Since I'd moved into my small apartment in the South Shore area, my hot water heater, oven, and window A/C unit had all taken a crap at one point or another — just a few of the perks of living in a building so old that it predates the invention of the elevator — and each time it had taken Walter weeks to get them fixed.

But I'm nothing if not independent and self-reliant — traits born of being the child of workaholic parents. I'd managed to repair my garbage disposal and replace the tank assembly in my toilet by browsing the almighty Google and ignoring all my girly squeamishness at the ick factor of both. Neither instance had been pretty, but it wasn't anything a hot shower and the satisfaction of a job well done couldn't wash away.

Unfortunately, my stupid bathroom sink pipes aren't going to be added to that list of accomplishments anytime soon. I don't know if the slip nuts (thank you, Google Images) had been screwed on by the Incredible Hulk or fused in place by the lesser-known supervillain Rust Man. Either way, those suckers aren't budging for a mortal female with minimal experience handling a pipe wrench. (Feel free to insert dirty joke here.)

I glare at the standing water in the sink, hands on my hips, willing it to magically go down. I'm so focused on trying to Jedi-mind-trick the bastard into submission that I jump when my phone rings. Jogging into the living room, I snatch up the cell and answer as I plop onto the couch.

"Hey, you," I say, greeting my best friend Addison Paige. "Aren't you supposed to be burning the midnight oil?"

"It's only seven p.m., but I'm sure I'll still be here when midnight rolls around," Addison says wryly. "You writing your paper?"

I laugh. Calling my masters thesis on social work a paper was like calling the Taj Mahal a chapel. I've been working on it for two years, and I'm almost — almost — done. Turning it in is the last step in getting my dual degree. Then I can finally get a job in my field and start making some real money instead of the piddly-ass wages I make as an intern and part-time waitress. (And then move.)

"Surprisingly, no," I say. "I'm still trying to fix the clog in my bathroom sink, but all I've managed to do is pinch my thumb. Luckily, I managed to staunch the flow before I bled out all over the floor."

"Damn good thing, because if you die before I get my fun friend back, I'll kill you myself."

"You know what I love about you?" I ask, laying the sarcasm on thick. "It's that you make complete sense when you threaten me. I think it's what makes you the best lawyer ever."

"And I love that you love that about me. And also that you repeatedly tell me I'm the best lawyer ever instead of acknowledging my pathetic peon status. This boys club of a law firm isn't going to give me my own cases anytime soon."

"Nonsense. It's only a matter of time before they see your brilliance and make you a partner," I say with confidence. "Wait — since when am I not your 'fun' friend? I'm fun."

"Seriously? When was the last time you went out? For fun. Not for school or work or any other life-sucking activity. Like, to a dance club or a bar or a fucking baseball game? I don't know ... anything."

I open my mouth to respond with a list of all the things I've done recently that qualified — because surely there is a list — but come up with nothing. I honestly can't remember the last time I went out to be social. I've hung out with Addison, but that was more lunch dates and Netflix than clubbing and cavorting.

"Um ..."

"Exactly," Addison crows.

Okay, so she's not wrong. It's been a while since I've had a social life and an even longer while since I've had a sex life, which makes me grateful she didn't bring that particular nugget up. My recent hermit status may have slipped my notice, but I'm painfully aware of how long it's been (for-freaking-ever) since I've been satisfied by someone other than myself.

Completing my masters coursework in two years instead of three, and then replacing school hours with work hours, doesn't leave me with any time to invest in a relationship. I'm all for casual flings or even one-night stands, but the handful of forays hadn't been worth shaving, much less the Brazilians I'd splurged on. After my last underwhelming sexual rendezvous, I decided that I wouldn't drop trou for anyone else unless I'm positive it'll be worth the pain of getting my pubic hair ripped out by the roots by a sadistic woman armed with strips of hot wax. If you've ever subjected yourself to that particular brand of cosmetic torture, you know that's setting the bar for sexual excellence pretty high.

So while I wait for Mr. Mind-Blowing-In-The-Sack, I bought a Hitachi Magic Wand — God bless the misguided man who thought he designed a great neck massager — and became a frequent purveyor of internet porn.

That's right. I'm a closet porn addict.

Don't judge me. It gets the job done. With the right video, I can be turned on in minutes. Then, depending on my mood, I'll either watch several to build the anticipation, or simply dive right in and get myself off in what I call an "express O." Bing, bam, boom, done.

But like I said, it's not something I'm ready to share with the class. Not even with Addison. Not because I think she'll judge me — that girl is all for owning your freak flag and letting it fly — but because I'd inevitably have to answer questions about how often do I watch it (several times a week), and what kind do I like (the rougher, the better), and do I have a favorite porn star (hands down, Harley Hummer). I'd just rather not get into the gory details of how I take the edge off my sexual frustrations, thank you very much.

"What's it called when the lawyer is being an obnoxious asshat?" I ask my best friend. "Is it contempt? I find you in contempt of court, and I object. Your argument is erroneous. I don't need a good time right now, I just need someone to fix my pipes."

"Yeah, your lady pipes," she jokes. "Things are probably just as rusted shut down there as they are under your sink."

Actually, since I don't use a dildo of any kind, it's highly likely. "Okay, that's it," I say, laughing in spite of myself, "I'm hanging up. You need to get back to work, and I need to do anything other than talk to you at the moment."

Sighing dramatically, Addison acquiesces. "Fine, killjoy. Does this mean you don't want the number of a handyman who came highly recommended to me?"

I sit up a little straighter, perking up at the words "highly recommended." Growing up in the digital age as I have, you'd think that I would trust online reviews of products and services. But things on the internet can be bought or faked. I'd much rather take the word of someone I know, and I'm ready to cry "uncle" and be done with this whole situation. "Who recommended him?"

"Rebecca, one of our paralegals. She said he's worth every cent and more. I believe her exact words were 'the best ever.'"

That sounds promising, so I grab the pen and pad of paper from the side table. "Okay, what's the number? I'll give him a call tomorrow."

"One sec, I've got another call coming in. Hang on." And with a click the line went silent.

I lean back on the couch, staring at the spidery ceiling paint, following the bigger cracks and admiring how they fan out with reckless abandon. Of course, they probably knew what I knew: no way was I standing on a ladder and painting upside down to fix them. When Addison clicks back over, I tell her, "All right. I'm ready for the number of my miracle plumber."

"No need," she replies. "I just called and paid in advance. Consider it an early birthday present. He'll be there in about an hour."

"What? It's too late for anyone to be making house calls on a Friday night."

"Riiiiight. Because everyone's shit only breaks between the hours of eight and five on weekdays." Addison is just as fond of sarcasm as I am. It's one of the reasons we make such great friends.

"Point taken, but you still shouldn't have called." I hate it when she tries to pay for things. Peon or not, she makes a good living as a lawyer and likes to make up dumb reasons why I should let her pick up the tab on stuff. "My birthday's not even for another six months."

"So then it's a half birthday present. Hasn't anyone ever told you not to look a gift-friend in the mouth? Have some wine, read a book, tweeze your eyebrows. I don't care, as long as you let the man do what he's hired for when he gets there, okay?"

"Yes, Mother," I say with the tone of an audible eye roll. But then I add a sincere, "Thanks, Addie."

"You're welcome, babe. Oh, and make sure you call me tomorrow and tell me all the juicy details. Ciao!"

Before I can comment on the ridiculousness of anything involving a middle-aged man with plumber's crack being "juicy," she hangs up. Belatedly, I realize I never even got the name of the guy or his business. I almost call her back to ask, but figure it's not a big deal. The odds of someone showing up coincidentally under false pretenses as a handyman in disguise are pretty much nil.

It's been a long week, and that glass of wine Addison mentioned is suddenly calling my name.

Blowing out a deep breath, I stand and head to the kitchen where I have an open bottle of red. For once, I'm going to take my friend's advice: enjoy a glass of wine and a book while I wait for the "best ever handyman" to arrive and do his thing. Now that I know help is on the way, I'm really looking forward to getting my pipes fixed.



I'm so not in the fucking mood to dance tonight, much less do a one-on-one sesh with some horny, middle-aged woman who'll probably angle for sex afterward. Normally, I'd be all over that shit. Hooking up with clients is one of the bennies of being a stripper-for-hire. I dance and make their panties wet, then they do the same to my dick. It's a win-win.

People might think less of me for having that attitude, but the way I see it, it's no different than hooking up with someone in a club. Did I say "in" a club? I meant from a club. But I've done it in a club, too. I'm not too particular on the when and where, and I'm sure as hell not shy.

Don't make the mistake of thinking I'm some kind of gigolo, though. The money I get as a private stripper is strictly for my stripping services, not for any extracurricular activities that might happen afterward. That's something different entirely. The guys who work for me at Playboys 4 Hire refer to them as "bonus dances." Bonus for the women, and definitely a bonus for us.

But tonight, I'm just not feeling it. For probably the first time since I started P4H with my best friends Roman Reeves and Austin Massey during our days as college students up at UW Madison, I'd rather be nursing a beer or six while playing Call of Duty than get groped as someone shoves money into my Tommy Hilfigers.

My head's not in the game. It's wrapped up in some issues I have with my other company — the construction company I've grown over the last several years using the knowledge I gained with my expensive-as-hell business degree. I have a huge contract currently stalled by the city, bound up with more fucking red tape than I could cut through with a Sawzall. Now we're way behind on schedule, and it's got me on edge. Not a great mood to be in when you have to seduce a woman, whether it's real or fantasy.

I pause in front of the apartment number I was given and do a quick mental dump. I need to get in the right head space if I'm going to pull off the job without the client realizing I have shit on my mind other than dry humping her into next week.

Showtime. Rolling my shoulders back in my navy blue handyman coveralls, I raise my fist, knock on the door, and wait for my client to let me in.

"Yes?" a feminine voice calls through the door.

I notice the absence of a peephole and frown. The place is old, but there's no excuse for not updating the apartments with some basic safety features. Still, she is expecting me, and clients enjoy the fantasy right from the start.

"Ms. Wendall, I'm the handyman," I say. "I'm here to give you a hand with whatever you need."

I expect the door to whip open. Instead, there's a long pause. "That's awfully vague." Her tone sounds suspicious. "What were you called for specifically?"

Smart girl, making me prove I'm her expected guest without making me break character. When she called earlier, she'd said she "needed a handyman to fix her pipes." Sometimes clients prefer to give us storylines to follow. None of us mind — after all, it's our job to sell them the fantasy, whatever that may be.

"To fix your pipes," I answer. "But I won't do you any good with this door" — I hear the lock roll through its tumbler a second before the door swings open — "between us," I finish absently as I try to process what I'm seeing.

What I'd expected — or rather who I'd expected — was a woman wearing lust like a heavy fur coat that practically swallows her whole. A woman with very little clothing, who would eye-fuck the shit out of me before moving aside to finally let me in so we can get on with my reason for being here.

What I got is a woman wearing yoga pants, fuzzy slipper socks, and a zipped up Loyola University hoodie. Long brown hair is tied up in some messy knot thing on her head. To complete her at-home-don't-care look, she's wearing rectangular dark-rimmed glasses and no makeup. Or at least, none that I can tell from the brief look I get at her face. She hasn't even glanced up from the thick hardcover book in her hands before she turns away and walks farther into the apartment, leaving me standing in the hallway like an idiot with my dick in my hands.

Shaking off the initial surprise, I step inside, closing and locking the door behind me. As she passes it, she points down a hallway that branches off of the tiny dining area next to the kitchen. "The bathroom is that way. Just let me know if you need me for anything."

Suddenly, it clicks. Jane Wendall (that's the name she'd given on the phone, even though the one on the credit card was Addison Paige) wants to be seduced. She wants to be that unsuspecting, naive girl seduced by the handyman who has other things on his mind than the "problem" she'd called him about. Damn, I'd almost blown it by asking her what she wanted me to do.

"Sure thing," I say as I cross to the dining table, keeping a discreet eye on her. She's doing an excellent job of ignoring me. If I didn't know any better, I'd think she really wasn't interested in what I'm doing.

I set down my old red toolbox and open it up. It doesn't hold the kind of tools one would typically find, but rather the tools of this trade. A few bottles of water (for drinking and/or pouring over my body), a fresh can of whipped cream I picked up on the way, a change of clothes, a portable speaker that's synced with the playlists on my phone, and for the occasional "bonus dances," some flavored lube and a box of condoms.

Intuition says I probably only need the speaker and a bottle of water to drink afterward for this one. Though, if I'm being honest, something about Jane/Addison is seriously doing it for me. I hope she's just feigning disinterest, and maybe, if things click between us like I think they might, we can explore things on a more real level after I dance for her.

Tonight actually has the potential to not suck.

"Mind if I listen to some music?"

She glances up from her book, her glasses now dangling from the earpiece held between her teeth, and furrows her brow like she's forgotten why I'm there. My cock must be on the fritz because her blatant disregard for my presence makes it twitch with interest.


Excerpted from Shameless by Gina L. Maxwell, Liz Pelletier. Copyright © 2016 Gina L. Maxwell. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Shameless 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 38 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
163 pages for 3.99 of just sex and no plot!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Bad. Really bad. Complete drivel. This hero was a jerk of massive proportions. He was an arrogant manwhore who had not one ounce of respect for the heroine. He bragged about his amazing conquests because of course he's a scorching hot stripper. He loves how his clients are so easy and he can have however much sex he wants. Brags about his pretty package and naturally how large he is. The heroine was belittled and degraded and still begged for the hero. She was a nothing but his "fu*k hole". There's no way in hell I would go anywhere near this guy's man parts. Imagine how used he is. Gross. He treats her like dirt and she takes it. Over and over. I detest manwhores, I detest weak women, and I detest instant forgiveness. This book has all three. No thanks.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I could not put this book down. The story is awesome and the sex scenes are off the charts hot! Love Chance and Jane. I can't wait for the next book!
JenniferSchultheisJS More than 1 year ago
Holy Batman! Shameless is raw, dirty, and is exactly what fantasies are made of. The only thing this author left out was the number to call, for um…their services. The sex scenes are seriously hot and the connection between the characters is surprisingly strong, right off the bat. All Jane wanted was her pipes fixed…and trust me, the handyman delivers…repeatedly. The sex is off the charts but the emotions flowing between the characters is what made me happy. Did I mention, that the sex is hot???? It so is!!! Can’t wait to read the next book from Gina Maxwell!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
OMG...Shameless is raw, dirty, and is exactly what fantasies are made of. The sex scenes are seriously hot and the connection between the characters is surprisingly strong, right off the bat. All Jane wanted was her pipes fixed…and trust me, the handyman delivers…LOL The sex is off the charts but the emotions flowing between the characters is what made me happy. Did I mention, that the sex is hot? AWESOME READ!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow this is a scorcher. I loved it hot and steamy I couldn't put it down. Keep them coming I love this series. A must have set.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The sex is kinky and the passion is hotter
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Amazing read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
4 stars
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A lot
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you want lots of nookie and an hea this is a book for you! cjbevil
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
AliCrean More than 1 year ago
If you like it dirty let me hear ya holla! Yeah baby! This first Playboys in Love book is for nasty babes who don’t know how to fix a sink or clear a browser history. Don’t pretend you haven’t been there; all we nasty babes have. Too bad we can’t all have a ‘Handyman’ clear our pipes for us. Jane is a sexually repressed student just trying to get through her thesis and hoping that there is life on the other side. Sometimes it’s impossible to get those last few pages written when you aren’t properly motivated. How can someone write about the issues of objectification in society when they only have one sample group as research? Insert male strippers here. (Or perhaps you have a better place to insert them.) At times like these a ‘Handyman’ comes in handy. --Ummm, yeah that could have sounded better if Chase’s stripper name had been ‘Pipesnake’ or ‘Mr. Hammer’. Note to author: Mr. Hammer should have been a contender. I admit Pipesnake sounds demented. Jane’s well meaning bestie Addison has sent Jane a little something (someone) to take her mind off her perpetually unfinished paper. All-work-and-no-play Jane mistakes her good time for an actual plumber. I confess; I have embarrassingly mistaken a toy for something practical a few times in my past, I’m willing to give her a pass. Chase, not just a hot dude but a good guy, decides to be the man she wants instead of the one she needs. This Handyman fixes her bathroom sink pipe, coincidentally hitting her laptop keyboard finding her kinky interests open in her browser window. What happens when a girl who likes to roleplay nasty games meets a guy who has a nasty game in mind? If I have to answer that for you, you might need a Handyman! This is a fun romp. Might be a trigger for someone who has issue with humiliation or degradation erotica. If you like this you might want to check out Exrated by Stevie J. Cole or Sweet as Sin by J.T. Geissinger
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
Opposites attract has been done before, but Ms. Maxwell takes the familiar scenario is a direction that can burn down the house. Chance is a man that lives to be naughty. Jane is a lady that lives to be nice. When the naughty boy meets the nice lady, the situation becomes combustible. Shameless blends humor with sex appeal and comes out on top.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was a very good read. It's ~160 p. With hot sex everywhere. It will definitely be one I read over and over. It made me want to feel shameless
DebsIN More than 1 year ago
I really liked the concept of the storyline in "Shameless", but almost stopped reading after a few chapters. I wanted more story with Jane and Chance and it seemed all I got in the first few chapters was explicit sex of two people that didn't know each other. I love great sex in my stories, but it was degrading for Jane the way Chance spoke and treated her. I would have liked more substance in the story as a whole, but as the first in this storyline it may have been outlining future stories as well as explaining background on the characters. I picked it back up and finished reading it, and have to say, the story got a little better. I loved seeing Chance and Jane get their HEA and more of a real relationship. I would like to thank NetGalley and Entangled for gifting me with a copy of "Shameless" and asking for my honest opinion. This is mine. 3 Stars!
AFOX0 More than 1 year ago
Thor as Magic Mike, delicious, funny, and scorching HOT! 5+ Jane Wendall gets punked by her best friend, Addison. Jane’s got a plumbing problem, Addison sends over a plumber, but it’s not what Jane envisions at all. Standing in her doorway is one sexy, panty-melting, over six feet tall, man in sleeveless T-shirt, overalls with rippling muscles and a voice that can melt butter. The scene is to die for, I thought it funny with Jane flustered over the whole misunderstanding. Clearly, her BFF has no idea she ordered up one hot, god-like Thor doing the Magic Mike routine right in Jane’s living room. With sexual innuendos and metaphors flying all over the place, Jane has a tough time deciding which pipes need more attention, hers or the bathroom sink. Jane can’t help the dirty, kinky thoughts that cross her mind when all she wants to do is ravage one delicious stripper. Blame it all on her secret addiction to porn. Jane’s embarrassed about her sexual desire for rough and humiliating sex, and her only outlet is her addiction to the porn she finds on the internet. Chance Danvers, a.k.a. “The Handyman” , along with his two best friends from college, formed the Playboys 4 Hire, a private stripper business. It was a great way to earn money while in college along plus the added benefit of getting “bonus dances” from clients, more intimate play. And now as an owner of two successful companies, Chance works construction during the day, but continues to work as a stripper for the pure pleasure of dancing. Jane and Chance agree on a one night stand, but it doesn’t take long for both to agree on a no-strings affair. Chance understands what Jane secretly hides beneath her good girl facade, and helps her realize her fantasies without the shame. Jane learns to embrace her darkest desires, and Chance is unapologetic in getting what Jane needs in her pleasure. Both finding their sexual needs equally fulfilling. Chance finds Jane funny, innocent, nerdy, and yet, wickedly sexy. A wonderful combination of the all the things that intrigue him. But matters get complicated as their attachment grows, shifting from affair to a relationship that neither saw coming. And when Jane witnesses Chance’s private dancing at her cousin’s birthday party, the demands of his stripper job might prove too much for their relationship to survive, and Jane’s heart from breaking. I just loved this book and I’d give it more than 5 stars. Chance Danvers is one sexy, dominant alpha that can win a dirty talking contest any day. The author is a new one for me, and I just love her voice in this story which made for such an enjoyable read. Ms Maxwell shows her craft in imaginative descriptions, interesting characters, witty dialogue, and sexy hot scenes. Shameless is a well written, erotic romance at it’s best. I can’t wait for Addison’s story, the next book in the Playboys in Love series. Copy provided by Entangled Publishing through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
KimP65 More than 1 year ago
Seriously hot start to a new series. This is not your average romance, for one, the lead male character is a stripper. Not what you'd expect for a book about a couple coming together but this time it works. He's a narcissistic but not so much that he's not open to pursue a romance even though he doesn't realize that's what it is in the beginning. She's a good girl on the outside but a very naughty girl at heart. I liked these characters, not sure why but they just really came together and made this an exciting read.
starznstripes24 More than 1 year ago
DEAR LORD this read was SMOKING HOT!!! 4 1/2 spank worthy stars. I haven't read a Gina Maxwell book in a while and forgot just how much I enjoy her writing. She's got great characters, stories and can write a sex scene like nobody's business. The book starts with Jane having a clogged sink and her BFF sends her over a handyman Unbeknownst to Jane, Chance arrives at her door to fix her pipes. Chance is actually a stripper known as The Handyman. That's not the only business that Chance is involved with, but confusion and humor is quickly in place as Jane's dismissive of him and tries to send him to the bathroom. As he's finishing up in the bathroom (spoiler - he fixes the clog) he accidentally opens a tab on her laptop that practically defines what she likes sexually. He couldn't be happier to have this piece of insider information. Their chemistry and attraction are instant and believable. Chance being the male that he is screws up at several turns throughout the book. Jane is only so forgiving but sometimes sex can trump emotion. Especially their great sex which is erotic and has BDSM elements. There is also some humiliation at play, but it's done in a way that arouses the characters and (quite possibly) the reader. This was a fast paced read where you got to know the main characters and even set up secondary characters for future books in the series. It was lacking a smidgen of emotion for me to give a full 5 stars, but there was enough to see the couple throughout their single time. I can't praise it enough and would recommend it to everyone. I received a copy from NetGalley for review.
tsmb02 More than 1 year ago
OMG I loved this book! It was laugh out funny while being hot and sexy at the same time! Jane Wendall just wants to finish up her masters degree, get a real job and get out of the crappy apartment she is living in that always has a problem and a landlord who couldn't care less. Jane's best friend Addison is a lawyer and decides to help her friend out by hiring a "handyman" to come take care of her bathroom sink. The "handyman" is Chance Danvers, owner of Danvers & Son Construction who is also part owner of Playboys 4 Hire, a group of men who can be hired to dance for woman using a certain theme. Jane doesn't realize that when Chance shows up, he is really there to dance for her. This scene was hysterical. What Chance finds in Jane's bathroom is even funnier and I love how it helped them hook up. I just loved the story these two went through. They each thought they could use the other for awhile to get through their lust they felt for each other, since neither of them wanted a relationship. I just adored how this slowly changed. Overall I really enjoyed this story and cannot wait to read the rest of the books in this series!
DaneWeimMama More than 1 year ago
Dang!!! This was one SEXY read. I loved loved loved it. Chance is a hoot but also a truly awesome man who finds himself falling in love for Jane. And Jane is also pretty amazing too, smart & pretty & very much in control of her life. I love that she is her own person & not the weak-willed woman we see in so many stories. I can't wait to read more in this series!! If you are looking for a hot read to brighten your day, check this one out! Advanced Reader Copy provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
sportochick More than 1 year ago
This is one of those books that is a quick enjoyable read. Within the first four pages I felt like laughing out loud.. I love the meeting between Jane and Chance. It was well played. Throughout the story the author takes you along for the ride as Chance chases Jane. Having always loved a good resistance and chase book this one was that. It follows the saying "that a man always want what he can't have" then it continues with the "you can't tell me what do do" part. There is a part of the story where my heart dropped to my feet when Jane saw Chance doing his job with her cousin. Yikes I could feel her pain and I really was proud of the confrontation with Chase. She was very self assured and mature in her words. Chance starts out too full of himself and I enjoyed him being taken down to a regular man. A very, hot, sexy in-charge man. The reader will love his way of taking charge of Jane and will looking forward to more books featuring Chance's two best friends and business partners. Though I can't wait to read the next book in the series and hope Jane pays back her BFF I give this 3.5 STARS because I would of liked a little more substance to the storyline. a copy was gifted via Netgalley
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ok, so there's a lot of sexy times and dirty talk and not a huge story. But there's a story none the less. Just the way I shamelessly love it!