Shameless (The Shameless Trilogy, #1)

Shameless (The Shameless Trilogy, #1)

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Shameless (The Shameless Trilogy, #1) by M. Malone, Nana Malone

I am the thing that goes bump in the night. I am a liar, a protector...a killer...I am Noah Blake.

There is only one light in my darkness, one bright ray in the storm of my life. Lucia DeMarco. And I’ll do anything for her. Anything except show her who I really assassin.  Well, former assassin. I don’t really do that anymore...usually.

It would be easier if she didn’t call me names. A**hole, control freak … shameless. It would also be easier if she didn’t look at me with those trusting gray eyes. If I didn’t dream about the perfect curve of her — never mind all that. The point is she’s digging into my world, my secrets, and it’s going to get her killed.

But first, we have another more immediate concern. Lucia is going on a date—With someone else...

And I’m not allowed to kill this one.

Noah’s Cliffhanger Warning:

Ladies, I know you want to see the full package. But I have to tease you first. So I’m just going to open a few buttons so you can take a peek. And while you’re at it, hold onto your panties because I like it dirty. (The Shameless series unfolds over the course of three books)

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BN ID: 2940154327654
Publisher: Malone Squared
Publication date: 05/22/2017
Series: Shameless Trilogy , #1
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 40,989
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Shameless (The Shameless Trilogy, #1) 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 26 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
OMG!!! What a way to end this story. Hurry up book 2 I need to know what happens next. Noah has always felt protective over Lucia especially after her brother was shot and killed. Things become real when Lucia tries to find out what happen to her brother. But, Noah knows that the more she digs will get her killed too. Watching these two realize that they're in love with each other was too much. This is a hot, sexy, suspenseful, mystery read that brought a smile to my face and all out laughter. I laugh so hard until I was crying I just couldn't stop. This is a awesome collaboration. Must read!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
But OMG this book is the shot oops I wasn't supposed to curse. Sorry now to read book #2. You ladies rock! Keep them coming!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
M. Malone along with Nana Malone take you on adventure of secrets, lies and memories lost. The characters are strong with enough background making the story hard to put down. Looking forward to part two. Well done.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Secrets will always surface - and someone will always be hurt by the truth.....but thus is just the tip of the iceburg. Who knows what lies beneath.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
## FIRST AND FOREMOST: Be aware that this is book 1 of 3. Cliffhanger, same story, same couple. The good thing is, all 3 books are now available. The downside is that combined the books will cost you TWELVE dollars, which is quite high considering the books are each only slightly over 100 pages (130, 120, 109). That being said, I did enjoy this first book. The hero was an intense alpha male and the heroine was beautiful and sassy. They had fantastic chemistry together. I do wish I had known going in that these two have a long standing history. I usually don't buy stories like that because it seems like you get thrown into the middle of a story. I prefer to experience them meeting and getting to know each other (hence the one star deduction). All the characters were really great. The guys, Nonna, and the best friend. Although the hero was a little stalkerish in this book. I'm pretty sure if I had found all the cameras and bugs in my apartment/phone, knowing the hero has watched me for years, I would've obtained a restraining order against him. But such is fiction. All in all, I enjoyed reading this first book and it intrigued me enough to buy the next one.
JewelsBookPages More than 1 year ago
I loved Noah's broodiness and Lucia's sassy innocence. Their chemistry was well balanced, with some push/pull happening, but the build up was worth it..plenty of sizzle and spark! I really got a kick out of the supporting characters; the humor and jokes, sometimes at Noah's expense, were just that funny! I found Noah's crew to be quite a colorful group, but Matthias was my favorite! He rocks his nerdy computer role, but his pat down at the FBI office revealed a surprise-it's always the quiet ones you have to watch out for! Lucia's best friend JJ is a riot-her shenanigans to payback Noah had me cracking up! My lands, talk about an addictive read! I read the story in one sitting! I was flipping pages in anticipation of what would happen next! The prequel to the series gave me a couple of answers and I hope to see more questions answered as the series continues. The pacing was good, the suspense is light, and the romance was smokin' hot! The book ends with a cliffhanger and while I wasn't surprised by it, I can't believe the Malones ended it on that note! Man, they did their job well and good, because I'm hooked and can't wait to see what in the world happens next!!
NHenderson1518 More than 1 year ago
Lucia knows she can get on somebody's nerves. Just let it go. You will find out when you find out. Seems like she should be satisfied that someone is trying to protect her. I love, love, love, love Noah and all of his wonderful team. They are protectors and will lay their life on the line for Lucia. This book includes some interesting surprises and will make readers want the next book to come sooner than later. I am on pins and needles waiting for the next installment. These authors definitely know how to draw readers in a keep them until the end. I have to know what is going on and though this book answered some questions, it added more. Enjoy mystery and suspense with a dab of sexiness, this is the book for you. Maybe a little more than a dab.
shobeteener More than 1 year ago
Lucia is digging into her brother, Rafe's, death. She was with Rafe when he was killed and has recurring dreams. Rafe was mentor and best friend to Noah. Noah is running his own security firm and is doing everything is his power to keep Lucia safe. The attraction between these two is intense. Noah fights his feelings as long as he can because of Rafe being his best friend and because of the secrets of his path. He doesn't feel he's good enough for her. The build up of intrigue in this book had me glued to the book until the end. The end....a cliffhanger that has me saying "noooooo". I think there is more to what Lucia is remembering. I don't think I've been so excited to get to the next book in a series in a long time. I can't wait!
froggy29532DC More than 1 year ago
Shameless is the first book in The Shameless Trilogy and ends in a cliffhanger, so if you are one of the people who hates that, maybe you need to wait until all the books are all out before reading this one. The cliffhanger in this book did not take away from it all, instead it only made me crave more. This is the story of Noah Blake and Lucia DeMarco, they have known each other for years, Noah was the best friend of Rafe, Lucia's brother, and after his death Noah became determined to protect Lucia and her grandmother, Nonna, with his life if need be. But Lucia feels like Noah is smothering her at times, with all his rules and over protectiveness, she wants him to see her as a woman, not his friend's little sister. Noah actually does see Lucia as a woman but he doesn't feel like he deserves her and has to fight hard against his attraction to her. This book is a page turner, hot, loaded with suspense and danger but at the same time it will have you laughing out loud, parts of it are hilarious. I cannot wait to read more in this trilogy and find out all the secrets that Noah is harboring. I want to find out more about Lucia, her friend JJ, Nonna, and the guys who work for Noah, all of these characters are very interesting. I know that the story has to go deeper than what we are allowed in this book. I voluntarily received an Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.
DanieReads More than 1 year ago
I liked this story. I liked Lucia. I liked Noah too. I kind of hate when the hero chases men off of the heroine while they sleep with whoever they want so that turned me off from Noah a little. I was not a fan of the over protectiveness but it took me to almost the end of the book to realize why he was like that and all I can say is WOW. I knew there was a secret but I never imagined this was it. I thought Noah and Lucia had a good chemisty and their times together where very steamy. Im suprised he didnt know about her situation when it should have been so obvious to him. I am very interested in seeing how this story plays out after the little bombshells dropped in this book. Looking forward to book 2. 3.5 stars
ToshyBell2010 More than 1 year ago
Shameless but so very good at it!!! Under normal circumstances, I would be screaming at the authors because I am wanting the rest of the story... But... Who am I kidding... I need more NOAH BLAKE NOW!!! Noah Blake is everything your momma warned you against and he is full of secrets! He is the epitome of the ALPHA male and he is determined to get his way! And who doesn't love a man who can make you laugh, cry, and is extremely protective! Maybe even a bit too protective... Well, Lucia DeMarco is not always Noah's biggest fan but he is determined to keep her safe. Since the age of 15, Lucia has been obsessed with Noah, but what is do you expect when he is there every time you turn around. Lucia doesn't know why Noah is so intense & what his secrets have to do with their relationship, but it is keeping him at a distance. I started off this book and was immediately drawn in! Besides Lucia & Noah, you fall in love with all the people surrounding them. Noah doesn't protect Lucia, but he also protects his team and they help protect Lucia. And there is JJ. Lucia's best friend and the one who pushes Lucia to stand up for herself (and pisses off Noah!) While the series is being released in parts (so cliffhanger is there...) You don't have to wait too long between parts and if gives you time to get a grasp on all the events going on. I definitely want more and can't wait to see where Part 2 (Shameful) takes me! Like I said before, who doesn't need a Noah Blake in their life!!! He definitely has more tricks up his sleeve and the secrets are about to come pouring out!!! I can't wait!!!
YvonneD26 More than 1 year ago
Phenomenal read that I absolutely adored reading. OMG! I'm absolutely adored reading this! I have fallen in love with Nana Malone writing, if you have ever read any of her books you know that her books are phenomenal, they pull at your heart and pull you right in her stories. Each book just gets better and better then one before it. Shameless is a Trilogy and this is the first book it's absolutely amazing, it's well written and I can't wait to read the next book in this trilogy. This story features Lucia and Noah. Lucia is a young woman who brother Rafe is shot down in front of her. Noah Blake is Lucia's self proclaimed protector, they met when her older brother Rafe was Noah's mentor and best friend. Even through this story ends with a cliffhanger. I still really enjoyed Shameless it's a quick and emotional read with characters that are beautiful, convincing, intense and captivating. It's a emotional roller coaster ride. I couldn't put it down the entire time. There is lots of drama and action that had me turning the pages as fast I could. I have read several books written by Nana Malone and I enjoyed them all and this book is no different. If you haven't picked up this jewel of a book yet you need to. I can't wait to read the next book in the trilogy. Grab this book and buckle up! The ride is more than worth it!!
KarinElj More than 1 year ago
Lost-N-Love-N-Hopeless More than 1 year ago
Intensity overload (not but just right) . . . deep, dark, suspenseful, thoughtful, and complex. . . The Malone’s have taking this one and set a high standard of excellence. Lucia haves to know who killed her brother and why. She has begun to dig into things she has no place being in. She has a partial guardian that does what he can to keep her safe. But there is only so much that Noah can do before things get too sticky for even him. I past my very much come back and take more from him than he would be willing to part with. I just could not put this read down. It was just that good. It had me turning page after page. I am highly anticipating the next chapter in this series.
KnottyGirlReviews More than 1 year ago
First off, be aware that this ends on a cliffy as I call them. That’s because this juicy goodness from M. Malone and Nana Malone is told in a trilogy of books. I’m not always crazy about that format, and I usually wait until all of the books are out first, but Noah sounded like such a hottie I couldn’t resist. This falls under the ‘Best Friend’s Sister’ trope, and it’s a good one. Lucia is still mourning the loss of her brother, who was killed 6 years earlier. She’s determined to get to the answer of who killed him. Noah is her brother’s best friend. He owns a security company, and is doing his level best to keep Lucia from digging into her brother’s death, because the more she digs, the more danger she is in. He also wants her, but is determined to keep away. You know, the old ‘I want her, can’t have her, she’s too good for me” and so on. The sparks fly and oooh wait for it….big cliffy at the end! Despite that? Loved it!! And so will you!
charlligirl More than 1 year ago
Holy freakin moley. I realize this is a cliffhanger but dang is it the best kind. I loved the big reveal at the end of this book. I thought we would have to wait until book 3 to know the big secret. I loved the scene with the sex toy. I have never laughed so hard but I could totally see this happening in real life. So where is book 2 going to take us? Noah revealed a number of secrets at the end. Will we find out what's really going on with Nonna ? Will we find out what Matthias' issue is and if it's related to what happened that day six years ago? How much does Jonas know? Who put the hit out on Lucia and what is the real reason why? How much of the truth does Nonna know? Why was it necessary to keep Lucia in the dark? My goodness. I was sucked in and now I feel like an addict waiting for their next fix.
kimschubert22 More than 1 year ago
A new author for me, can't wait for more!
Adin419 More than 1 year ago
After her brother, Rafe, is killed before her eyes in a hard to understand event, Lucia only wants to find the truth of what really happened that fateful day. But after many years of looking for answers, she might be close to finally found what happened. Noah shares her pain of loosing the only guy that took care of him, loved him like a little brother, & gave him the family that he never had. Tall, dark, & handsome is the perfect description for this gorgeous & perfect man, full of secrets that could destroy the only thing that he really care for, Lucia. This over protective man will do everything in his power to protect the woman she loves no matter what. Love this wonderful story filled with secrets, suspense, love, lots of passion, and lots of unexpected twists. Great work by Malone squared, can't wait to see what happens with this steamy couple of Noah & Lucia.
JigsawGirl More than 1 year ago
I seriously HATE cliffhangers, but this first book in the series has me rethinking that feeling. This is one sexy, romantic suspense, mystery with an edge of danger that leaves you hanging on the edge of your seat. There is so much going on, but the way this duo writing team have woven the pieces together is artistic. Noah's past, Rafe's past, and Nana's mystery. You know they are tied together, and you are left frustrated trying to figure out the when, where, who, what, why and how. I do have to be honest and admit that Lucia is not my favorite person. I found her to be somewhat irritating. I also have to admit that in spite of Lucia being irritating, she and Noah had great chemistry. I really liked her friend JJ. I also liked the other guys on the team. At the very end of the book, what I suspected was confirmed, but, I have no idea regarding the why or how. I am looking forward to the next book in this trilogy. That is surprising even to myself. I voluntarily read and reviewed this Advanced Reader Copy.
cherigCG More than 1 year ago
This is a series that has me absolutely glued. I read the very short prequel and knew this was going to be a deep love story with a lot of intrigue and characters that capture the reader. Lucia has made a life for herself. Her dream of being a part of the fashion business is just beginning. She's trying to get past the tragedy of her brother's murder several years ago. She gained another protector, Noah, her brother's close friend, still stays close. Not as close as she would like, yet too close as well. She has had a crush on him for years, but she's been in the little-sister zone. The problem is that he doesn't let her get close to any other guys either. Noah just wants to keep guys who aren't good enough away from her. It is the least he can do for his friend. That's what he keeps telling himself. In reality, he can't stand the idea of any other man touching her. Yet, it can't be -- the two of them are impossible. He has a past he can't share. This has a cliffhanger, but the second part is coming right behind the first and I have to read it. I'm ready. The strongest possible recommend from me. Reviewed for Words Turn Me On
MMRNY More than 1 year ago
Great beginning to this series!! Wow!! M. Malone and Nana Malone knocked me off my feet with this one. These two are a writing powerhouse duo!! What a story these two lovely ladies have crafted with Shameless. The saddest part is that when the book finished I didn't have book 2 already in my possession. I could not put this book down once I started reading it. Noah and Lucia are a force to be reckoned with. These two cracked me up. You want to talk about fighting one's attraction to the other, and not doing a very good job at it...well, meet Noah and Lucia. Noah Blake is the owner of Blake Security, and he has taken it upon himself to be the protector, or shall we say the block any all things male that comes Lucia's way, after Rafe, Lucia's big brother and Noah's friend and savior passed away. Of course, Noah's over protectiveness drives Lucia insane. I absolutely loved Noah to piece. He is pure sexy, alpha, dominant male. The man is raw sex appeal...and did I meant he is gorgeous??!! Lucia DeMarco, who is determined to get to the bottom of what happened to Rafe (for some of the backstory on Rafe and what happened, you should read Shame, the prequel to Shameless, I promise it is worth it!!), has placed herself in danger without even realizing it, which gives Noah a steady dose of angina!! Yet, above all, Lucia really wishes Noah would start to see her as more than just Rafe's little sister, and Lucia is determined for that to happen. The showdown is epic. Shameless is a well written, charming, sexy,and laugh out loud story about two people trying to hide their attraction towards each other, but with just the right amount of suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat. Oh, and let me just say that Noah isn't the only sexy male in this book. Oh no...Noah employs a whole host of them at Blake Security. And wait unit you meet Lucia's grandmother and best friend...let the good times roll. The characters in this story are very well developed and bring an extra dose of awesomeness to this story that would be remiss without them. Shameless is a great first installment in this wonderful series. Extremely well done, M. Malone and Nana Malone. I cannot wait to see what you two ladies have in store for me in Shameful.
JenniferReads More than 1 year ago
Shameless: Lucia is searching for answers ... will she get them? She may very well get her answers but at what cost? Can she accept the truth of Rafe's death. Of all of what Noah keeps hidden? Noah is conflicted ... will he figure out what he wants? Well he figures out what he wants but will he allow himself to be Happy? He is dark, his past & present are dark & he fully expects his future to be the same way. Not deserving of love, light & kindness. I sure hope he gets his head out of his arse! Oh the humanity ... trying to get into the "mood" then your surrogate "big brother" interrupts & has your sex toy out for all to see. The subsequent fight for the toy ends with it hitting your "date" in the face! Best line in the book by far, I laughed so hard I almost had a per problem, lol! I probably should have seen the twist at the end, I'm usually pretty good with foreshadowing. I admit, I missed It! good book, give it a try! [I received this book free as an ARC with hopes I would write an honest review. ]
SouthernAngel More than 1 year ago
A great start to a new series, with a suspenseful page turning read. There is danger, a mystery, secrets, sexual tension, steamy heat, alpha men, and humour, but also a cliffhanger that will leave you wanting. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.
Jennifer_e911 More than 1 year ago
In the beginning, I had mixed feelings about this story. On the one hand, I'm not a fan of cliff hangers, and I knew going in that this book had one. On the other hand, two amazing authors teaming up, howThere are twists and turns aplenty, and they had my attention from the beginning. could I not jump at the chance to read Shameless! In the end, I'm very glad I ignored my hesitancy, and jumped in! Noah and Lucia are such a sweet couple. She is such a strong, female character, and he just can't see that. He is caught up in protection mode. Suspense, romance, moments of hilarity, and male stubbornness make for an interesting read. I can't wait for the next part of the series. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.