Shangri-La or Shamb(h)ala(h) - Myths of Pure Land Translating Angelic Acts: Mythology Volume 29

Shangri-La or Shamb(h)ala(h) - Myths of Pure Land Translating Angelic Acts: Mythology Volume 29

by Christopher Alan Byrne


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Shangri-La or Shamb(h)ala(h) - Myths of Pure Land Translating Angelic Acts: Mythology Volume 29 by Christopher Alan Byrne

Shangri - La is volume detailing myths of a Paradise, Utopia or region said inhabited by Monks or person; who work to better humanity. World events are then shadows of their work. You derive impossible translation at literal event, and to perceive Shambalah into principles. The book reviews the centuries of a Shambhalah; which claims to trace from North of Tibet or Mongolia. The Utopian references include Thomas More from Henry VIII England, and describe wealth to purchase wars, world action-reaction and their life at peace. Utopia is said to be Island Kingdom in the MidAtlantic. Buddhist reference interpret Shambala to 'mountain place or pass'. The sites number seven, and specific name are given; including notes from Pakistan, Chinese valleys and realm across the seas. Western tradition traces Shambalah to 1930's literature and cinema 'Lost Horizon'. The volume interprets Shambhalah to be read a world spirit, and translates the paradise of angelic works into vanity as primary them. It is countered of allegation the game ball from God to be a sham. It details difference from faith or peity, and offers theory to discover ordeal/illnesses at cost of the sin. The language and word defying images are also topic. Archangel themes are translated into principles. Art and miracle of the named five Archangel are found. The denial or refusals at otherwise impossible to comprehend story create one's spirit from an anvil at vain decision. The theology writings allow description of the word of God to be known from Greek times as the logos. They portray and assemble songs to not literal realities, or to guide human action and responses. The text is advanced to known works, and include reports of story of reincarnation to named Saints. You discover polar bear to jump into a life of action as guardian; although is seen contextual report from the ancient myth. Comparison of Bible, Koran and Buddhist document present 'these' to be ancient language form. The existence of Shangri - La or Shambalah shares many such symbol, and theory of one God is compared/contrast. The topic of angelic intrusion of Shambala to guide events are detailed. Shangri - La is format of more than 150 art and photo. They are set to series of conceptual art; so allow reflection to the story also of visual form. Paradox of Roman - Christian name collide of Christian Bishop Titus from Island of Crete and Roman Emperor Titus. The Jerusalem Temple is conquered, and Titus then made Roman Emperor; which has Vesuvius volcano to destory Pompeii and Heculaneum. Paradise is said to arise from extremes of lies and sin. The Volume is cross cultural portrayal of a world spirit, and is set of story to construct Shangri - La. The volume is intended to defy literal word and offer complex images of the myth.

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