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Cambridge University Press
Shaping Primate Evolution: Form, Function, and Behavior

Shaping Primate Evolution: Form, Function, and Behavior


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ISBN-13: 9780521143417
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 06/10/2010
Series: Cambridge Studies in Biological and Evolutionary Anthropology Series , #40
Pages: 444
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

List of contributors; Preface: shaping primate evolution Fred Anapol, Rebecca Z. German and Nina G. Jablonski; 1. Charles Oxnard: an appreciation Matt Cartmill; Part I. Craniofacial Form and Variation: 2. The ontogeny of sexual dimorphism: the implications of longitudinal vs. cross-sectional data for studying heterochrony in mammals Rebecca Z. German; 3. Advances in the analysis of form and pattern: facial growth in African colobines Paul O'Higgins and Ruilang L. Pan; 4. Cranial variation among the Asian colobines Ruilang L. Pan and Colin P. Groves; 5. Craniometric variation in early Homo compared to modern gorillas: a population-thinking approach Joseph M. A. Miller, Gene H. Albrecht and Bruce Gelvin; Part II. Organ Structure, Function, and Behavior: 6. Fiber architecture, muscle function, and behavior: gluteal and hamstring muscles of semiterrestrial and arboreal guenons Fred Anapol, Nazima Shahnoor and J. Patrick Gray; 7. Comparative fiber-type composition and size in the antigravity muscles of primate limbs Françoise K. Jouffroy and Monique F. Médina; 8. On the nature of morphology: selected canonical variates analyses of the hominoid hindtarsus and their interpretation Robert S. Kidd; 9. Plant mechanics and primate dental adaptations: an overview Peter W. Lucas; 10. Convergent evolution in brain 'shape' and locomotion in primates Willem de Winter; Part III. In Vivo Organismal Verification of Functional Models: 11. Jaw adductor force and symphyseal fusion William L. Hylander, Christopher J. Vinyard, Matthew J. Ravosa, Callum F. Ross, Christine E. Wall and Kirk R. Johnson; 12. Hind limb drive, hind limb steering? Functional differences between fore and hind limbs in chimpanzee quadrupedalism Yu Li, Robin Huw Crompton, Weijie Wang, Russell Savage and Michael M. Günther; Part IV. Theoretical Models in Evolutionary Morphology: 13. Becoming bipedal: how do theories of bipedalization stand up to anatomical scrutiny? Nina G. Jablonski and George Chaplin; 14. Modeling human walking as an inverted pendulum of varying length Jack T. Stern Jr, Brigitte Demes and D. Casey Kerrigan; 15. Estimating the line of action of posteriorly inclined resultant jaw muscle forces in mammals using a model that minimizes functionally important distances in the skull Walter Stalker Greaves; Part V. Primate Diversity and Evolution: 16. The evolution of primate ecology: patterns of geography and phylogeny John G. Fleagle and Kaye E. Reed; 17. Charles Oxnard and the aye-aye: morphometrics, cladistics, and two very special primates Colin P. Groves; 18. From 'mathematical dissection of anatomies' to morphometrics: a twenty-first-century appreciation of Charles Oxnard Fred L. Bookstein and F. James Rohlf; 19. Design, level, interface, and complexity: morphometric interpretation revisited Charles E. Oxnard; 20. Postscript and acknowledgements Charles E. Oxnard; Index.

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