Sharecropping in North Louisiana

Sharecropping in North Louisiana

by Duff Niemeir Linda




A family's history lives and dies according to the dedication of its storyteller. Author Lillian Laird Duff is one such historian, and with the encouragement and help of her daughter Linda Duff Niemeir, the stories of this sharecropper's daughter will spark in readers the desire to keep their own family histories alive. Sharecropping in North Louisiana is the true story of the hardship Lillian's family faced during the Great Depression and World War II. The word-pictures Lillian paints are vivid and will bring to life for readers a time when people were forced to get by with what they had. It will also leave readers hungry for a home-cooked meal, as Lillian recalls food preparation on the farm with such richness and delight that you can almost smell the smoked pork and taste the homemade ice cream and butter. Join Linda in listening to her mother's stories once more.

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ISBN-13: 9781606049136
Publisher: Tate Publishing & Enterprises, L.L.C.
Publication date: 11/25/2008
Pages: 164
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Sharecropping in North Louisiana 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
LindaDuffNiemeir on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Mother and I wrote this book when she lived next door to me in Camden, AR. She now lives back in NE Louisiana with my sister. I had been told these stories of her growing-up years most of my life and found the Great Depression ear very fascinating. Life for my Mama was so different, very difficult but very rewarding according to her. She was one of five daughters born to sharecroppers, poor farmers who owned nothing except a few household items and a few clothes. Only three of the girls lived to adulthood. The family eeked out a living in cotton fields belonging to landowners in Caldwell and Richland parishes of North Louisiana. These farms were south of Monroe, Louisiana, near Beouff and Ouachita Rivers. In the book are the memories of Mama's life from 1926 through her marriage in 1946 told by her in the first person. Listen to these memories of her childhood and early adulthood and be inspired by the hard work and ingenuity of my grandparents and their family. But the most inspiring part is their love for the Lord Jesus Christ and their love for each other. You will also learn how to kill a hog, build a smokehouse, plant a garden and can the vegetables and fruits to feed the family. Yes, they were very poor by anyone's standards financially, but rich in ways far beyond things that money could buy. You will also be reminded how fortunate we all are today to have the many modern conveniences available to us and be grateful for each one. We have dedicated our book to Eliza Judy Laird, beloved mother and grandmother who lived that hard life but who taught her daughters how to cook, sew and cope with a hard life as children and young adults. But that helped each one be successful in their lives after they left the farm.
HErinNelsonBibletoons More than 1 year ago
I was always intrigued with stories of times during The Great Depression and how people actually survived through it all, especially living the way we do today. Sharecropping in North Louisiana depicts the true feeling of this era and captivates the reader so intensely, that one would think they were there! This story reminds me somewhat of my favorite show, the Waltons. Lillian Laird Duff and her family struggled deeply, but always made it through the tough times with her family pulling together, no matter what the circumstances. It shows love, strength and endurance, sometimes in such gentle and Godly ways. I loved when, during the winter of 1932 (the same year my parents were born!), when there was an "awful cold spell of rain, sleet and snow." They felt sorry for their cows with no shelter and didn't want them to freeze to death, so "Mama" took cotton sacks, ripped them open on one side, put them over the cows and tied them under the cow's necks. The sacks became a sheet of ice, but the cows lived! Although this book was about one of the worst financial times in our history, it is enlightened with such caring and heartwarming episodes of real family hope during intense hard work. Lillian's daughter, Co-Author Linda Duff Niemeir, did remarkable work reconstructing the memoirs of her mother. Bravo for this book, and thanks! It will reach every walk of life!
KelH More than 1 year ago
Come set down at the feet of the authors of "Sharecropping in North Louisiana" and travel back in time as they retell Ms. Lillian Laird Duff's memories of growing up. Not all memories are good ones, but it shows the strength, courage & love this family had and still has for each other. It's a great reminder of how "simple" life use to be, and how hard
Louise47 More than 1 year ago
This book is written from the point of view of the daughter of a sharecropper, a truly remarkable lady. While the stories are the life Lillian lived, her daughter, Linda Duff Neimeir, has put pen to paper to organize and type the manuscript for this remarkable piece of history, an autobiography, told by her mother, Lillian Laird Duff. The reader feels he is living in this period of history, because it is both interesting and well written. It is truly a piece of our history. The reader will be inspired, encouraged, and blessed by the reminiscing of this remarkable Christian lady. The mother and daughter team have so skillfully woven the story together, that the reader feels he is right there living in the time the story takes place-and we feel so grateful that life is better for us- as far as our conveniences, medicine, health and foods are concerned. The pictures contribute so much to the story enabling us to picture each episode which took place during the Great Depression, World War 11 and the Flood of 1927! The combination of sad times and happy times-and learning how these people made do with what they had-enabled the reader to appreciate these remarkable people as they were taught to be patient, grateful, the importance of responsibility-which enabled the author and others who lived through these times-to address their later challenges in life and their struggles made them a better people. Having taught school all of my life, I loved learning the differences in practices in education -then as compared to now-as well as the things which have not changed -such as children studying poetry and famous authors. I could visualize Lillian being taken to school in a boat! The Epilogue written by Linda Duff Niemeir, the daughter, so beautifully and effectively summarizes the book and brings the reader up to date on the family members who lived through The Great Depression, World war 11, and the Flood of 1927! I would like to see this book in every school library in Louisiana schools, because it is truly a piece of history told by a Louisiana author, who lived the experiences and became a better person for the struggles she overcame. The words were inspired by God and given to Lillian to record for history and all of us who love history and our country-these United States of America! I was so touched by reading "Sharecroppers in North Louisiana: A Family's Struggle through the Great Depression," because it gives us a deep appreciation of the times- and our ancestors who lived through these times- in the history of this great country! It is a must read! Janie Wilkins, Tate author of "Janie's Unbelievable Journey: Inspirational Letters written Along the Way"
Kodiak More than 1 year ago
When I sat down and read this book I could not put it down. I asked my grnadchildren to read it and they said they were surpized how the families back then had to struggle Then my 10 yr old granddaugter took it to school and her history teacher had the class read and my grnadaughter made a report on it With the ecomney the way it is now this is the book to read you will learn what could happen to all of us
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
PattyNTexas More than 1 year ago
I found this book to be very absorbing. So much is forgotten about the past and this book brings it all to life. Very interesting reading, it flows with a gift of storytelling from ancient times. Don't miss this opportunity to find out what life was like for your grandparents. It is interesting for me because I have been wondering lately if the farms die out, will this be the new way of life in America?