Sharing Access 2010 Databases (No Fluff Guide)

Sharing Access 2010 Databases (No Fluff Guide)

by Tim Hill
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Sharing Access 2010 Databases (No Fluff Guide) 2.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
15th res.
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Burnedshard awoke suddenly, the dream already fading from her mind. She looked at the sky; it was just before dawn. 'I wonder if anyone else is awake...'<br>She passed no empty nests as she left the den, nor did anyone else seem to be up. Deciding she should wake the others on the dawn patrol, she went back into the den and gently prodded each of them.<br>A senior warrior named Flarefang stretched, yawning. "Thanks, Burnedshard," he said as he left the den to wake his apprentice.<br>She watched him go before turning to wake her friend Rushingcloud and seeing Flywing giving her a look. "You think you're so high and mighty."<br>She glared at him. "Wrong. Guess you're not psychic after all." She woke up Rushingcloud and padded out into the camp. Flywing followed. <br>"You're not all that, you know. Some cats are better than you."<br>She heaved a sigh; the tom was sure living up to his name. "I rate myself beneath everyone, you know. Like an outsider can think themself above anyone."<br>"Well, aren't you humble. Please. I can see how condescending you are."<br>"Aw, the little hypocrite's talking about condescention!" she hissed. "Leave me alone. I don't know what you have against me, bu&mdash;"<br>"You practically worshiped Shardflight! You distance yourself from the rest of us! You&mdash;"<br>"Distance myself? I volunteered for the dawn patrol! And don't talk about Shardflight!"<br>"Why can't I?" he challenged, but she'd already left the camp and was waiting out in the forest for the rest of the patrol, holding back tears.<p>"They crossed the border again," Flarefang growled.<br>"Ugh! Why doesn't BirchClan just stay in their own territory?" complained Rushingcloud, frustrated.<br>Burnedshard scented the air. "Why don't we ask the rat hiding in the bush over there?"<br>Indeed, Smokeshade, a BirchClan warrior, came out of the bush with a half-grin on his face, and Burnedshard was reminded of Rocky. "Guess you found me."<br>A she-cat named Darklight pounced on him, claws already pressed to his jaw. "What are you doing on our side of the border?"<br>"There's a border?" he replied flippantly, tasting the air. "Huh. Whaddya know."<br>"Darklight," hissed Flarefang. Reluctantly she let Smokeshade up, keeping her claws out. "What are you really doing?"<br>"Well, it was the strangest thing," the warrior began, ready to launch into a whole story.<br>"You know what? We'll just bring you back to Hazelstar. We've no time for this, but she certainly does." Flarefang left the others to finish the patrol as he and his apprentice, Ashpaw, went back to camp.<br>"Thrushpaw," Rushingcloud addressed her apprentice sweetly, "how about we go hunt?"<br>Thrushpaw, not much for talking, nodded and followed Rushingcloud as she went off.<br>Darklight sighed. "Looks like we get to leave the scent markers."<br>Burnedshard shuffled her paws. "I'm not sure I should. I don't quite smell like OakClan, and pure scents would only help right now."<br>"Pure scents?" Darklight snorted. "You're plenty OakClan, whatever anyone says."<br>Deciding not to argue, Burnedshard nodded, and the two started putting the scent markers in place. Suddenly a cat yowled somewhere, and a few heartbeats later Thrushpaw raced from the undergrowth.<br>"BirchClan..." he said shakily. Burnedshard suddenly noticed a gash down his side, long and deep."BirchClan...ambush!"<p>So the next chapter might not be out by tomorrow, but it will be by Monday. I noticed I'm using more names in this one...