by Kathi Baron


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ISBN-13: 9781934813249
Publisher: Westside Books
Publication date: 04/01/2011

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Shattered 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
RoxyKade More than 1 year ago
Firstly, I have to say how much I love this cover. It is a perfect reflection of what can be found between the pages of this book. The first half of the story seemed to rush by and I never got a real sense of who the characters were. It was only after Cassie's return that I actually settled into the story. I was happy that she was able to find some kind of normalcy in her life after all the chaos and I think Nick played a big part in her healing process. Their time spent at the batting cages was fun and for the first time I got to see a happy, carefree Cassie. I was also glad that Cassie and her Mom were able to reconnect again. It gave me hope that even in the darkness there is light. The mystery of why Frank was so on edge about her violin playing was constantly on my mind. I was as eager as Cassie was to find out the truth once she reached her grandfather's place, but then he flipped out and the weird mystery deepened. My heart went out the the entire family when the truth was finally revealed. I didn't care too much for Frank but when he poured his heart out to his family, I actually felt a twinge on guilt for disliking him so much. Cassie has more to worry about than whether her broken family will stay that way or not. As a soloist for the Chicago Youth Symphony, she has to face the possibility of her dream fading away, because without a violin, how can she possibly play? There is hope of a benefactor who can keep her dreams alive but Cassie cannot lie about what happened to he violin and that kind of dashes any hopes of her getting another violin. This book had so much potential. A story of one girl's journey through fear, heart ache, loss, love and forgiveness, I only wish I had been able to connect on a deeper, emotional level with the characters.
JBronder More than 1 year ago
Cassie is a teenage violin prodigy. But even though her life is going well with her solo, things at home are not going that well. Her father has a violent temper. He looses control and ends up breaking things like her mother’s vase, his computer, and Cassie’s violin. Having had enough, Cassie runs away from home. She figures she will go to her grandfather house, since he is the one that gave her the violin. But when she gets there, she doesn’t get the reaction she hoped she would. She decides to return home and learns that her mother is making her father work out his problems, away from the family. Cassie is now on the hunt for a new violin before she looses her place as a soloist, which is not going to be easy with the history of her last violin. She also has a budding relationship with a guy she meets the first night she ran away. Then the revelation of her father’s past changes everything. I really liked this book. I fell for Cassie loosing her violin. I love how the relationship with Nick progresses, just enough without over powering the book. I really liked how being a run away opened her eyes to the grittier side of our world. I cheered, I cried, and I felt sick when I learned about her fathers past. This is a great book that shows how you can grow if you just believe in your dreams. This is one book that I think anyone would like to read. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.
Booklover59db More than 1 year ago
Baron's lyrically written first novel tells Cassie's roller coaster story of triumph, heartbreak, and redemption. Just after debuting as soloist with the Chicago Youth Symphony, her life as a violin prodigy is shattered when her father destroys her violin. Fearing she'll never recover, angry and bewildered, she runs away to seek her grandfather, the musical patriarch of the family. On her journey she falls further and further from the life she's been living, only to find that the answers she seeks aren't where she thinks they are. "Shattered" is hard to put down. You'll be rooting for Cassie even when her choices don't seem the wisest. The characters are engaging, the story compelling, and the writing musical, as befits the subject. Highly recommended!