She Lied!: College Women Who Cried Rape: An Emerging Social Issue from Duke Lacrosse to Rolling Stone

She Lied!: College Women Who Cried Rape: An Emerging Social Issue from Duke Lacrosse to Rolling Stone

by Richard W. Cassalata


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Colleges are a minefield of gender politics for young men in higher education!

Men on college campuses face an ever increasing minefield of liberal-feminist politics placing their education and their very freedom in jeopardy.

Since the 2006 Duke Lacrosse Scandal, college leaders, progressive feminist and politicians have jumped on the "blame the male" bandwagon when a rape report is filed. Even when a rape report has no merit male college students are often forced off campus due to political correctness. Clearly, local and national media reports indicate college women are reporting false rape to police and campus authorities at an alarming rate.

So why do many states and our national government feels the need to strip away due process rights from the falsely accused? The answer is simple, feminism's hatred of men and applied political pressure to many weak kneed politicians.

Radical liberals and feminist have promoted and insisted on "affirmative consent laws" to unjustly strip the due process rights of men accused of rape on campus. As more states debate the need for affirmative consent laws there is growing evidence many women who claim rape on campus do so maliciously to cover up their own behavior or have mental health issues. This book will examine many malicious rape allegations and why affirmative consent laws are extremely dangerous to college men's educational success and personal freedom. As you will see there are growing numbers of woman willing to do or say anything to point blame in a young man's direction at a moment's notice. All a college woman needs is a motive and target for her female aggression!

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About the Author

After high school, Richard Cassalata worked for two law enforcement agencies with the state of Arizona. After five years of law enforcement service he attended college and pursued an academic career. He went on to earn Associate degrees in Anthropology and Biology from Central Arizona College and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology at Arizona State University with a focus on Family Issues and Domestic Violence Sociology. Shortly after graduating, he attended Northern Arizona University and earned a Masters in Educational Leadership focusing in Community College Administration and Teaching. Finally, after earning his masters' degree, he enrolled in a doctoral program in Higher and Postsecondary Education at Arizona State University with an emphasis in Institutional Research and Statistical Analysis.

During graduate school, he worked as an Investigator for Arizona Child Protective Services for four years in various roles from on-going Case Management to Intake/Investigations. In addition to his full time position, Mr. Cassalata was an Adjunct Professor of Sociology at Central Arizona College, several Maricopa Community Colleges and Mohave Community College for a combined eight years. He has also instructed a range of college level sociology courses including general sociology, family sociology, domestic violence and contemporary issues in society courses.

Currently, Mr. Cassalata is the Arizona Chapter President for the National Coalition for Men and founding Director of the Men's Rights Group of Arizona LLC. He resides in Arizona and works to document questionable domestic violence, false allegations, divorce cases and a range of other men's rights issues throughout Arizona.

Mr. Cassalata has three children Tyler, Kevin and Sarah who has made their father proud. In 2015, he married Lisa, a devout Christian woman who helped him through his own personal trials.

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