She Waits

She Waits

by Kate Sweeney




Kate Ryan is a middle-aged, accident prone, ex-private investigator. Emphasis on 'ex' as she and her partner gave up their profession after their last case nearly cost both of them, their lives. They wisely decided to limp away with whatever dignity and body parts they had left. Unfortunately, Kate will forever carry the scar to remind her of her folly that nearly took her life and plagues her heart and soul. Vowing never again to let her emotions rule her reason, Kate decides to go back to her first love, free-lance photography. For the next few years, she exists alone in - "My emotionally detached loop," as Kate proudly calls it. Then all hell breaks loose and Kate drops a loop.

Enter young Dr. Maggie Winfield and her adorable Aunt Martha. Kate literally stumbles into their lives one autumn morning and becomes an unwitting participant in their tangled web. Clues unravel in their small little hamlet and old secrets are sadly revealed. Kate's long forgotten instincts now compel her to untangle this web of deceit. In the midst of all this murder and mayhem, the detached photographer finds herself in a position she never thought she would be in again. It seems the feisty Dr. Winfield is having an unexpected, yet pleasant effect on her. The elusive Kate combines forces with the sarcastic Maggie, as they become the nucleus for this ongoing series.

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ISBN-13: 9781933113401
Publisher: Intaglio Publications
Publication date: 06/28/2006
Pages: 254
Product dimensions: 5.58(w) x 8.51(h) x 0.61(d)

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Free-lance photographer, Kate Ryan is asked by friends to investigate a series of ¿incidents¿ at the home of their friend, Dr. Margaret ¿Maggie¿ Winfield. An investigation that Kate hesitates to undertake for reasons that still wound her soul. Nevertheless, she agrees to help only to find that Maggie doesn¿t want it. Why? Kate knows the town of Cedar Lake holds a mystery. What that mystery is remains to be discovered. However it most assuredly is a mystery that Maggie¿s aunt Hannah is determined to see unraveled. Her determination to do whatever it takes soon sets all three women on a path of which there may be no return. As luck would have it and just when all seems at a standstill, help arrives in the forms of Kate¿s sister Teri, who possesses a certain ¿skill¿that may just be the key, and brother-in-law, Mac who join forces with the others. However it soon becomes apparent to all, that despite their best efforts to uncover who is behind everything, the cuplrit is able to remain one-step ahead of them. How? Who would have motive enough to want to cause harm to Maggie and the people she holds dear? And just exactly who is it that is trying to lead Kate to clues, clues which could uncover their identity? Could this same person also be causing the strange behavior of her dog Chance? As the investigation unfolds, Kate and Maggie find they have gone from antagonists to reluctant friends¿will love ever follow? If Time, Fate or Mother Earth knows, they certainly don¿t seem to be telling either of the women. However, there is someone who is definitely interested in the answer to that question - a woman who once had Maggie¿s love and lost it. New author Kate Sweeney, in her first book of a planned series, certainly captures the reader¿s interest as she skillfully takes each of her characters on a journey laden with drama, mystery and intrigue. Her second book due out in the coming months, tentatively titled A Nice Clean Murder, is sure to be another dynamic offering to an appreciative audience.