She Whom The Gods Feared

She Whom The Gods Feared

by Prince Lcharls Degreat


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ISBN-13: 9781448927067
Publisher: Publish America
Publication date: 11/13/2009
Pages: 94
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.23(d)

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She Whom The Gods Feared 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Janiah More than 1 year ago
I have to say that this book was never put down from the minute i purchased. It's a book that one should really only read if you have done everything you need to because it's very very addictive. The only problem i had with it was that it was a bit short, i read everything in one day but aside from that it leaves you wanting more. The book is about the story of a beautiful foreign girl (Assini) who comes to the Sayo village after her parents are killed during a war in their village. She is the only survivor and is cared for by her new mother in the Sayo village (Kizu). Assini grows up to be the most beautiful girl in the village and marries the most desired man; sadly she is unable to bare children and the jealous souls of her village blame her for their problems and call her out as a witch, a damned woman by the Gods. She is persecuted and almost killed until she is rescued by a demonic force that transforms her into a supernatural being. After that she goes on a hunt for more power within demons using her seductive looks and charms to lure the demons into her trap. The Gods become fearful of what this may do to their village so they garner an army which includes Kizu, her adoptive mother to face her after she returns. The final stand includes Assini standing against the forces of the Gods and the demonic forces she has betrayed; but even then, she isn't the one in danger. I hope that was a nice enough resume. I really enjoyed the book. One thing i loved was the fighting sequences, the author gives you the ability to really be part of book, its like watching a movie. I also love it because the book reminded me of The Queen of the Damned book. I thought it was very fantastic because strong women are what society needs sometimes and this woman was strong and determined. The book also talks about revenge and the fact that people that we consider mean, weren't exactly born that way, but instead it's people that make other people evil. When the book starts off, Assini is your best friend, you feel for her, you agree with what she is doing and you want her to have her revenge. But then things change and when you realize of the things she will do just to get her revenge and what she plans on doing to those who have hurt her, she becomes your worst enemy, your biggest fear. I thought that was really interesting! Anyway, get the book you will love it and there seems to be a sequel in the works, at least that's what the end of the book leads you to believe.