She Will Have Her Knight

She Will Have Her Knight

by Stephen Walter

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It was love at first sight for Lady Anna the moment she met Sir Alaric. However, the new knight of the realm rejected her advances. Undaunted, Anna seeks to make the man her own - even if it means making him her prisoner within her father's dungeon. Will she have her knight, or will Lady Anna find herself a prisoner of her own desire?


Excerpt -

"You." Alaric hissed, staring at Anna.
"Sir Alaric, you flatter me." Anna smiled deviously, placing a hand to her chest. Her dress was cut too tightly, accentuating her full chest. She moaned softly, trailing her hands down to her hips and looked to her captive. Stripped bare save for his britches. His features undamaged. He was perfect. He would be hers.
"Get it over with, and return me to my cell," Alaric closed his eyes and tensed. "Debase yourself like a common whore. I'll not enjoy it."
"Temper, temper Sir Alaric." Anna whispered lowly, trailing her fingertips up his bare chest. She smirked as she felt his muscles rise at her mere touch. "Debasement? Whore? No," her mocking tone came out thick, deadly sweet. Her hand caressed up his chest to end in a playful slap to his cheek. "is it not proper for a lady of my stature to give herself to a knight?"
"Lady? Hardly," Alaric spat, his face bright red from the insulting slap. "you are a devil, plain and simple." Her huffed and glowered up at her. She was a devil in blue silk. And here he was, a prisoner in her own erotic hell.
Anna's smile widened. "A devil? How fitting." She cooed, shifting to rest her head against his chest, teasingly kissing his taut pec. God, she wanted to give in and take him yet again. But no..he had given her too good an opening.
"Do you know, Sir Alaric, how witches pay homage to the Devil?" She eased to stand to his side, arching a brow tauntingly.
"Do I care?" Alaric snapped.
"You should," she teased, turning slightly enough to give him a view of her round backside that was hugged tightly by her gown. She slapped her rump and smirked, "why, they kiss his arse."
"I would do no such thing," Alaric roared loudly, his chains tense hard as he tries to leap up from the table. "you may as well kill me now, for I'll never do such a thing!"
"Tsk tsk tsk. Oh, you will." Anna said flatly, her fingers dancing along her dress, working free the lacing. The deep blue dress fell to pool around her ankles. No shame. No hint of a blush. Just that wicked smirk. The devilish glint in her eyes.

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BN ID: 2940015586831
Publisher: Stephen Walter
Publication date: 10/12/2012
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