She Wouldn't Go! The Haunting

She Wouldn't Go! The Haunting

by Juanita Lunderville


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She Wouldn't Go! The Haunting by Juanita Lunderville

Based upon true events, She Wouldn't Go! The Haunting is the story of Janie and her struggles with one unforgettable spirit. When Janie was young, she was taught how to read the Tarot Cards by her Grandma Vicky, who possessed special knowledge of the spirit world. Her grandmother tells her that she is teaching Janie about the cards because she is special; only later will Janie understand how important this is for her. Janie is aware there is something different about her because she has begun to have premonitions and bad dreams of things to come.

When Janie grows up, she meets and falls in love with Bobby; they marry. As most young couples do, they buy their very first home. As they move in, it's an exciting time for them; soon, they learn that they will be adding a child to their family. They are overjoyed with this news and know that theirs will be a happy home.

But once their son, Edward, is born, strange things begin to happen in their home. They soon discover there is a very persistent spirit in their home-the spirit of a young girl who wants to take the place of their son because she is enthralled by Edward's mother's love for him. She wants that love-but what might it cost Janie and her family?

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ISBN-13: 9781462049042
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 09/14/2011
Pages: 116
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.28(d)

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She Wouldn't Go!

The Haunting
By Juanita Lunderville

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2011 Juanita Lunderville
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4620-4904-2

Chapter One

As time passed on, Janie was still reading her cards. Her dreams became worse. She was having horrible nightmares causing her to wake up screaming, which would also; wake up her Mom and Dad. They would run into Janie's room to find out what was happening. Janie would say, "There was a lady dressed in white without a face, right here in my room!" "She touched me and wanted me to follow her into the dresser mirror!" Her parents saw she was alright and told her to go back to sleep. They also told her not to worry because there was no one in her room.

This continued weekly, with her Dad returning to her room telling her, "Stop yelling!" Then, reassured her everything was okay. Janie was very scared of these constant nightmares. It took prayer after prayer before she could return back to sleep.

There was one night when the lady in white returned to Janie's room. Janie actually slapped her own face to make sure she wasn't dreaming. But she wasn't, the lady was still there. Once again, the lady wanted Janie to follow her into the mirror. This time, Janie was just about to follow, as her Mom entered the room, exclaiming, "Janie, what are you doing?" Janie replied, "Mom, I am not sleep walking nor am I dreaming." Janie continued explaining that the lady just went into the mirror and wanted her to follow. This time, Janie told her Mom, the lady is wearing a lovely white dress with a hood covering her head. This time, I'm going to follow her because you and Dad don't believe me! Mom told her again, "Please go to bed!"

Now, Janie was determined she would no longer stay in her room. She told her Mom to let Daddy sleep in there. Anyway, he doesn't believe me either, so let him have my bed, because I'm going to sleep with you. They agreed; Janie's Dad slept in her room. Exactly one hour later, her Dad ran out of the room scared out of his wits. What's wrong Janie's Mom asked? Her Dad blurted out, "There is something in her room and it touched me!" "I'm not sleeping in her room anymore!"

While Janie was sleeping in her parent's bed, her parents decided to pray over her. They placed their hands over her body, and prayed repeatedly, The Lord's Prayer and The Hail Mary. Confirming out loud, "We believe in God the Father Almighty!" "Any evil spirits leave Janie's room and let our daughter be!"

Everything in the room became very quiet; it was now midnight, the room was so bright because of a full moon. Mom said, "Look up". Do you see that image of a white cross on the window screen? They all felt this was a sign from God that he was with them. The three of them made The Sign of The Cross and fell asleep together.

The following day, everything in the house was fine. Janie shared what had happened that night with her sister and brothers, but they laughed at her. Dad said sternly, "It did happen!" "Stop teasing her!"

Things seemed to be back to normal at Janie's home. But, whatever was in her room moved on ... Two days later and four houses down from Janie's house a woman was taken to the hospital. She had lots of cuts on her face and arms. The talk around town was this woman declared a beautiful lady dressed in white wanted her, to follow her through a window. She did, and the glass cut her badly. All she could do was yell repeatedly, "The lady in white wanted me to follow her!" Her husband thought she went crazy and committed her to an Insane Asylum.

Then, there was another unexplainable episode ... One week later and three houses up from Janie's house, there was an elderly woman who walked directly into her dresser mirror. But, she only suffered minor cuts on her arm. The woman recovered and never experienced another incidence. Consequently, she lived for a very long time. The lady in white never appeared in Janie's room anymore. And, Janie was able to sleep comfortably in her room once again.

Chapter Two

Janie decided to stop reading the Tarot Cards for now and put them away. As things settled down around Janie's surroundings, she was able to move forward with her life.

Janie's parents were incredibly strict with her and her sister. They would not allow them to date until they were at least seventeen years old. It was expected of them to always be buttoned up to their necks and wear dresses that were long enough to cover their knees.

When Janie was in Junior High, her friends were already dating and wearing clothes that were in style. She so wanted to wear the same clothes as the others, but this was not possible.

It was tough for her family. There wasn't lots of money to buy stylish clothes for just one. There were four other siblings and Janie's Mom always wanted to treat each one equally.

Even though things were tough from time to time, the family survived. Janie's Mother was gifted with the talent of sewing. She would make most of their clothing, so this was a huge savings for the family. Janie's Father was a strong man and worked a very good job. He also kept very busy doing side jobs for other people, like yard work. It was important that the children always help out with the side jobs. Janie was rather a tomboy, so this didn't bother her much. She would rather be outside helping her Father instead of working inside the house. This is what her sister enjoyed the most. Janie's sister was more comfortable doing housework instead of yard work. And, she would be upset when Janie wouldn't do her portion of the housework.

In school, Janie participated in athletics and band. She enjoyed playing Basketball, it was her favorite sport. But, at the age of fourteen she was injured during a game. She was admitted to the hospital for a month. Her parents were upset at what happened and felt they were to blame. They believed this probably happened because they were too strict with Janie. Her parents told her when she recovered they were going to allow her to start dating. They were also going to let her hang around with friends.

Janie recovered and returned to school. She remembered what her parents told her. Now, she wanted to start dating, as all her friends were doing, but she was shy.

One day Janie's Mother asked, if she liked a boy in school? Janie replied, "Yes!" But, I'm afraid to talk with him. Next thing you know, Janie's Mother called the boy's Mother to arrange a date between her son and Janie. They went to the school dance together, but Janie didn't speak very much.

After Janie's first date experience, she definitely knew she was shy for sure. So, as she entered High School, she took it upon herself to work on her personal growth. She started talking more to people and scheduled herself for two years of Speech Class. She dated a little more but nothing serious.

Janie graduated from High School and attended college. One thing for sure, she overcame her shyness and was more confident talking to people.

Chapter Three

In 1983, Janie decided to pull out her Tarot Cards. This was the year she met and married her husband Bobby, and became pregnant.

Now, Janie began to read the Tarot Cards to People. The People were amazed with the results of their readings, because things were coming true for them. Not only did they return for more readings, they were spreading the word to others about what they had experienced. The curiosity and excitement from the Tarot Card readings, lead more People to Janie's house requesting their cards be read. The People were becoming addicted! It was evident that they couldn't start their day without knowing what was going to happen.

As time passed (it didn't matter if the cards were being read or not), Janie started feeling very unusual. She felt a strange presence around her. There was this existence in place, something that felt supernatural.

In fact, one day she received a phone call from a man stating, "I heard you know how to read Tarot Cards." "Will you come to my office and read the cards?" "I will pay for your service."

Janie decided to visit the man at his office. As the two of them sat down, Janie exclaimed, "Please do not tell me anything about you." "I want you to shuffle the cards and while doing this, ask the cards to talk to you over and over again."

Janie addressed the man, "If I confirm anything that I'm not supposed to know about you, tell me and I'll continue with your reading." The man agreed! Janie began by saying, "There is another presence in this room." The man blurted out, "I knew it!" Then he continued to say, "Every time I come to work, I find things have been moved around." He suggested she stop reading the cards, and tell him what she felt had happened in his office"

Janie put the cards in her purse. Then she started walking around the office to see if she could feel anything. As she entered the adjacent room she sensed a strong presence. Janie turned around and solemnly told the man, "There were two people that died here a long time ago!" "They are not bad spirits." "They only walk around, because their spirits have not been laid to rest." "They are unaware that they're dead." Janie told the man, "Pray for them!" "Pray that they leave this office and rest in peace!" The man said, "Well, if they are good spirits its okay for them to stay." No, Janie reaffirmed, "I suggest you pray for them!" Please help them rest in peace." The man thanked Janie for helping.

A week later, Janie received another phone call from the same man. This time he asked, "Janie, do you know how to cleanse a person from bad spirits?" She answered, "No!" "I only read Tarot Cards and I'm able to feel other presences." After that phone call they never spoke again.

Janie and Bobby were so in love. A year later, Janie gave birth; she had a baby boy, and they named him Edward. He had blond hair and brown eyes. Bobby was extremely happy about having a boy. He called everyone to announce the birth of his son. They were a very happy family. Every other day, Janie and Bobby would take Edward to the park; Edward enjoyed the swings.

When Edward turned one year old, his parents threw him a birthday party; his Dad made a large Big Bird cake. A lot of guests showed up and everyone had a great time together.

During this same year, Grandma Vicky invited Janie and her Mother to come visit at her house. Grandma Vicky had a large house with four bedrooms, two baths, and a huge living room. Janie didn't visit often, because she was afraid of the house. Even though she practically lived there most of the time while she was young, she still remembered the bad dreams she had when she was younger. Now, that she was married her dreams started back up again. This time, the dreams were about Grandma's house. They were very unusual dreams, giving her the sense that she shouldn't return.

Janie and Bobby moved into a two-bedroom home near Grandma's house. The kitchen window faced Grandma's bedroom. Whenever Janie washed dishes, she could see the curtains at Grandma's house open as if someone was watching her. Janie frantically called Bobby to the window, but he would never see anything.

One day, Grandma Vicky wanted Janie to read the Tarot Cards. Janie decided to visit, but she took her Mother with her once again for support. Janie's Uncle was standing outside as they approached the house. He snapped at Janie, "I hope you did not bring those Tarot Cards with you!" Janie answered, "Yes, I did!" "Grandma wants the cards read to her!"

Janie's Uncle did not believe in the Tarot Cards. But Janie had a strange feeling that her Uncle had something to hide, and was afraid Janie would find out during the reading. Janie didn't let this stop her. She looked right past her Uncle and went directly into the house with her Mother, where they joined her Grandmother at the kitchen table.

Grandma started shuffling the cards asking them to talk to her, through Janie. The cards identified that something threatening was existing. Janie had such a strong urge that something was trying to draw her toward the adjacent bedroom. Grandma asked, "Which bedroom?" Janie pointed hysterically, "It is that room Grandma, the room where your daughter used to sleep in!"

Janie's Mother coerced her to go into the room to see what was in there. But Janie said, "No! I'm afraid!" Then, Grandma asked, "Please ... I want to know what happed in there." They agreed and entered the room. All of the sudden the door slammed shut behind them. This startled Janie and she wanted to leave the room. Her Mom demanded, "No!" "Tell us want you see."

Janie started visualizing, "I see an image of an old table at the foot of the bed." "There is a large bowl and pitcher sitting on the table." Grandma confirmed, "There used to be a table there, where they would wash their face in the morning." Janie continued, "Someone is pouring water into the bowl." "Now, the water is turning into blood." "Something bad happened here a long time ago!" "I can hear a woman and a man yelling."

Suddenly, several pictures of Jesus and The Virgin Mary that were hanging on the wall, flipped upside down. But, there was one picture that remained right side up, and this picture was The Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ. Janie quickly touched the picture and made The Sign of The Cross, then stated, "This picture is good!" "Jesus is watching over us!" Now, Janie turned toward the door, and headed over to a large table that had two statues; one of The Virgin Mary and the other was Joseph.

Janie attempted to touch the statues when all of the sudden, something scratched her arm. Janie ran out of the room worriedly, her Mother and Grandmother followed asking, "What happened?" Janie said, "Look at my arm, something scratched me!" It looks like finger nail scratches."

Janie's Mother wanted to know more and said, "Let's go back into the room." But Janie said, "No!" "I will never go back in there again!" I'm afraid!" Her mother reassured her, "You have powers for good not evil." "Believe in God and always say your prayers." Janie agreed, "Mom, I know I believe in God and I know I'm special, but I am not ready to go back in there."

As of that day, Janie never returned to the bedroom. She would visit occasionally, but would never go back into that particular room. If she would ever get near that room, she would hear someone calling out to her, "Come here, Janie!" Then, she would pray and pray until that sensation goes away.

Since, Janie and Bobby were renting the house they were living in; they figured it was prudent to leave. It was time to move away and buy a place for them.

Chapter Four

Janie and Bobby purchased their first house in 1986. It was a lovely three-bedroom house on Thirteenth Street; built in the early seventies. Janie was twenty-five, Bobby thirty-four, and their son Edward, was now two years old. And, Janie was pregnant once again.

While unloading their personal belongings from the U-Haul, a young boy named Alex, walked up to them and said, "How long will you be staying in this house?" Janie said, "Excuse me?" The young boy said, "There have been three families whom have already lived in this house, and they all moved out." "The families only stayed for one to three years and then they're gone." Janie replied, "Well, we plan to stay in the house for a long time."

Edward's parents let him pick which room he wanted. He chose the bedroom at the front of the house which had a large walk-in closet. He quickly put all of his toys into the closet and played in there every chance he could.

It was now the first night in their home. Edward was put to bed. When morning arrived, Janie entered Edward's bedroom and became frighten, because she couldn't find him. She called out for him, but there was no answer. Even though she was panicking, she quickly searched throughout the house for him. She found Edward sleeping in his bathroom tub.

Janie questioned Edward, "Why are you in the bathtub?" (Edward was young, but talked very well.) He answered, "My new friend told me to sleep in the bathtub." "What friend?" his Mother asked, "The little girl that's in the closet!" answered Edward. This startled Janie, but she played it off by telling him, "There's no one in your closet, and I love you Edward." "Now, let's go make breakfast." Both Edward and his Mom started making breakfast as his Dad came home from a long night's work. Janie explained to Bobby what happened with Edward. Then, both of them talked to Edward, reassuring him no one was in his room. They were not sure he understood. So, they tried to forget about that night.


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