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Shepherd of My Soul: Downloading Divine Mysteries from the Realms of the Spirit for the Now.

Shepherd of My Soul: Downloading Divine Mysteries from the Realms of the Spirit for the Now.

by Francis Egbhatse


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Who is in Charge of your Life & Destiny? It’s either God, You, The Devil or Someone else is.

In Shepherd Of My Soul, the author by the revelation of the Holy Spirit reveals certain truths behind the 23rd Psalm; connecting it with victorious Christian living through the recognition of our responsibility as the New Creations in Christ Jesus.

He further expounds on our superiority over the devil and all his works, and the certainty of our victory in the discussion of the subject of fear. Issues on the attitude and action of faith. It is an encompassing work. He talks about the shepherd-hood of God; revealing various insights from scriptures. With the 23rd psalm as a prelude, in this title “Shepherd of My Soul” you will find an exposé on topics like

I Shall Not Want. The Lord ensures our Supply, Stability & Rest. Leading us in the path of His Righteousness. I will Fear No Evil. Blessings Overflow. Dwelling in the Presence of the Lord. Goodness and Mercy Follow me. Some important acts in the life of David. And much more.

Discover Secrets on How to Walk in Financial Prosperity, Divine Favour, Divine Health, Divine Protection, Marriage Success, Good Success, Joy Unspeakable, and much more under God’s Shepherding. Encounter Powerful Insights that will Challenge, Equip & Enhance your Christian Life and Ministry

You will find this piece greatly enlightening and illuminating to your spirit.

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ISBN-13: 9781449790004
Publisher: Nelson, Thomas, Inc.
Publication date: 05/28/2013
Pages: 172
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