Shoot Like a Pro!: Digital Photography Techniques

Shoot Like a Pro!: Digital Photography Techniques

by Julie Adair King



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ISBN-13: 9780072229493
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Publication date: 07/15/2003
Series: Digital Photography Ser.
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.12(h) x 0.68(d)

About the Author

Julie Adair King (Indianapolis, IN) is the best-selling author of numerous popular books about digital photography and image-editing, including Digital Photography For Dummies, John Wiley and Sons, first published in 1997; (the fourth edition published September 2002), Adobe PhotoDeluxe For Dummies, IDG Books Worldwide, 1998, and Adobe PhotoDeluxe 4 For Dummies, 2000. King has been a guest on many nationally syndicated and local radio and televisions shows, including The Vicki Lawrence Show, Computer America, and ZDTV’s nightly news report. In addition, she has been interviewed by local newspapers as well as national publications such as Home Office Computing, Cosmopolitan, and Mademoiselle.

Table of Contents

IGearing Up for Great Pictures
1Getting the Right Gear3
How Much Camera Do You Need?4
Manual Exposure Controls4
Focal Length: With Digital, It's Different5
Manual Focusing Mechanisms7
Control Accessibility8
Traditional vs. Electronic Viewfinder8
Filter and Converter Compatibility9
Tripod Mount11
Lighting Solutions11
Built-in Flash11
Auxiliary Flash Units13
"Hot" Lights15
Setting Up the Digital Darkroom17
Computer Central: Is Your System Fit for Duty?18
2Exploring Creative Controls25
Image Resolution26
Creative Impact26
Recommended Setting28
Creative Impact31
Recommended Setting33
Image File Format33
Creative Impact34
Recommended Setting34
Exposure Modes35
Creative Impact35
Recommended Setting36
Creative Impact39
Recommended Setting39
Flash Modes39
Focus Modes40
Creative Impact40
White Balance41
Creative Impact41
Recommended Setting41
Features to Ignore (or Turn Off)42
Creative Scene Modes42
Correction and Color Filters42
Digital Zoom43
IIDiscovering the Secrets of the Pros
3Taking Memorable Portraits47
Basics of Digital Portrait Photography48
Composing for Traditional Frame Sizes48
Choosing Aperture and Shutter Speed49
Taking Advantage of Portrait Mode50
Finding a Flattering Camera Angle51
Avoiding Focal Length and Distance Distortions52
Casual Indoor Portraits54
Using Flash55
Boosting Exposure Through EV Compensation56
Adding Reflected Light57
Quick-Snap Portraits59
Professional Head Shots63
Outdoor Portraits68
4Exploring Product Photography and Other Still-Life Adventures71
Creating a Still-Life Staging Area72
Choosing a Backdrop73
Avoiding Moire Patterns74
Taming Reflections76
Using a Polarizer to Reduce Reflections79
Photographing Glass82
Shooting Framed Art Under Glass82
Photographing Art Glass83
Shooting Architectural Subjects84
5Capturing Close-ups89
Zooming vs. Moving90
Snubbing Digital Zoom92
Tweaking Camera Settings for Close-up Work93
Choosing Resolution and Compression93
Focusing at Close Distances93
Previewing Your Shots95
Sharpening Without Sandpaper95
Lighting at Close Range99
Exploring Macro Photography101
6Getting the Tough Shot: Low-Light and Action Photography105
Helping Your Camera Cut Through Darkness106
Adjusting Light Sensitivity (ISO)106
Shooting Long Exposures112
Using Slow-Sync Flash115
Capturing Motion117
Using Blur to Emphasize Motion117
Freezing Action with a Fast Shutter119
Speeding Up Your Camera's Response Time120
7Creating Panoramic Images123
Setting Up for Panoramic Photography124
Rotating Around the Nodal Point125
Shooting the Pieces of Your Panorama129
Stitching Your Panorama134
Stitching Software134
Preparing Your Images (and Computer)136
Stitching the Seams137
Choosing a Panorama Format138
8Manipulating Color139
Tweaking Colors with White Balance140
Warming Image Colors142
Making Gray Skies Blue: Using a Polarizing Filter144
Strengthening Saturation149
Converting from Color to Black-and-White151
Creating Color Effects156
IIIPrinting and Sharing Your Photos
9Becoming a Master Printer161
Buying Your Next Photo Printer162
Picking a Printer Type: Inkjet, Dye-Sub, or Laser?162
Sorting Through Printer Specs165
Inkjet Printing for the Long Haul: Archival Solutions168
Preparing Your Picture for Printing169
Balancing Output Resolution, Print Size, and Photo Quality170
Adjusting Output Resolution by Resampling171
Choosing Printer Properties and Other Printing Tips174
Solving Color-Matching Problems174
Understanding the Limits of Color Matching175
Calibrating and Profiling Your Monitor175
Fine-Tuning Printer and Monitor Colors178
Diving into Color Management179
Printing Black-and-White Inkjet Photos182
Working with a Lab183
10Putting Pictures on the Screen185
Setting the Image Display Size186
Screen Pictures and ppi186
How Screen Resolution Affects Display Size187
Establishing the Image Display Size189
Saving Your Image in a Screen File Format193
Using JPEG Wisely194
Creating a JPEG Copy of Your Photo195
256-Color Grayscales: GIF or JPEG?200
Exploring New Ways to Share Photos201
Online Photo Albums201
Web-Based Image Galleries201
Multimedia Slide Shows202
Camera to TV Displays204
BOnline Resources for Digital Photographers219
Additional Resources221

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