Shootin' Fire

Shootin' Fire

by Lightnin' HopkinsLightnin' Hopkins


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This rare studio date from Texas blues legend Lightnin' Hopkins was recorded on April 11, 1969 at the ACA Recording Studio in Houston. Of the dozen or so songs recorded during this session, a handful were brand-new originals like "Born in the Bottom," "Stinking Foot," and the unusual Pearl Harbor ode "December 7, 1941." Well-established Hopkins tracks like "Shinin' Moon" and "Shake That Thing" also got another run-through on this casual, intimate set that features Lawrence Evans on bass, Cedric Hayward on piano, and Ben Turner on drums. While various mixes from this session have leaked out on compilations over the years, the entire session in its original four-track mix has remained unreleased up to this point. Padding out this nice collection are a few other hard-to-find Hopkins gems like "Mistrust My Baby and She Mistrust Me," "Moving on Out When the Saints March In," and "Old House Torn Down."

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