Shore Leave

Shore Leave

by Anastasia McKellan


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ISBN-13: 9780988230248
Publisher: Chances Press LLC
Publication date: 03/20/2013
Pages: 158
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.34(d)

About the Author

Anastasia McKellan has always loved losing herself between the pages of a book, and she enjoys writing stories about redemption and love that lasts forever. Her hobbies include taking long walks, studying film history, and hanging out with her two dogs. She currently resides in Washington, D.C. Wherever she is, she'd rather be by the sea.

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Shore Leave 3.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
jojoNE More than 1 year ago
Shore Leave is a novella that has a hefty dose of character guilt permeating the story, along with numerous sexy and steamy scenes. It's a story of redemption, going for your dreams, and forgiveness and is therefore intensely emotional at times. Greg Marsters has returned home to spend time helping an old friend for a few weeks before being shipped out. As the man who broke the hearts of the town's golden girl and her sister he's not met with open arms. People still hold him responsible for the end of his marriage and he has a few run-ins, which result in a few bruises to himself, to prove it. It's no more than he thinks he deserves though as he heaps a lot of guilt upon himself. He takes all the blame actually and his self-loathing gets a bit overwhelming at times. He thinks he doesn't deserve happiness after his lone indiscretion all those years ago and has kept himself away from forming a relationship or anything having to do with sex. At least that's his plan until he's reunited with Melanie, who he recalls only slightly from high school. Upon seeing her he feels the first stirrings of happiness that he's been denying himself since the divorce. He fights those positive feelings as they war with his unrelenting guilt and self-loathing. He tries to push her away even as she gets closer, all the while telling her how unworthy he is. His feelings put a damper on their burgeoning relationship and left me constantly frustrated. His unrelenting guilt made him sound like a whiner and put a damper on all their scenes together. Melanie has loved Greg since high school but didn't run in the same circles as him, so her affections were from afar. There were many instances that made her love him even more though and therefore she doesn't want to waste the chance she now has to be with him. She too has had a divorce and is left with constant doubts too. She knows love exists and throws herself wholeheartedly into every relationship, which leads to her being alone again and again. As much as she knows she should go slow with Greg she still jumps him the first chance she gets. She knows that he's leaving soon but can't help falling even further in love and expecting more from him too. Melanie was a kindhearted person who was always going to get hurt because she throws herself out there so completely. Whereas Greg keeps his heart guarded, she wears hers on her sleeve. She longs for adventure but her husband beat her soul down so she's been holding herself back from making a future beyond the city limits. No matter what comes of her time with Greg it definitely changes her. She's a different woman by the end of the story, a stronger woman who goes after the future she wants. Their time together shows two people hurt by their pasts finding redemption through each other. Their relationship is full of numerous hot and heavy sexual encounters as well as moments of protectiveness. Greg's constant self-hatred got a bit old after awhile, along with feeling a bit heavy-handed, but his final act of redemption towards Melanie made for an immensely satisfying HEA. This was an enjoyable story that I wish had had a stronger hero but still has me wanting to read more of Ms. McKellan's works. 3.5 STARS
MsRomanticReads More than 1 year ago
Shore Leave was a sizzling, six chapter read about second chances. Greg Marsters is back home on his two week shore leave, but it's not a warm welcome home. The scandal that ruined his marriage and turned the town against him eighteen months ago is still alive and well in the coastal town of Wyndham Shores. Greg comes with a lot of baggage, so when Melanie Grantham shows him the kindness he's been denied for so long, he can't help but cave to the desires she so freely offers him. Melanie has had a crush on Greg for years, ever since they were in school. But she never stood a chance of being noticed by the town's golden boy. She was out of his league, from the opposite end of the spectrum, trailer trash. Besides, he only has eyes for the town's princess who he ended up marrying. But now he's back, he's single and she doesn't want to wonder "what if". Eventually he will move on again, but for now, a no strings attached arrangement seems like a good idea. I liked the plot and where it led our unlikely couple. Melanie's long-standing crush on Greg made it easier to believe that she would be the one to fall first. There were times I liked the heroine for being just about the only person willing to listen to Greg's side of the story. Then there were times I felt she was trying to will a romantic connection in the hopes it would lead her out of the small town life. Even though the sex was hot, I didn't really buy into their chemistry. Greg wasn't a jerk about sleeping with her or taking what she offered, but he was just too guilt ridden to pick up on the cues that things were changing. The story was good, but unfortunately the lack of editing made it difficult to focus on just reading and enjoying it. I got pulled out of the flow so many times that I lost count. The beginning started off with just a few mistakes which increased in number as the story progressed. I am not pointing this out to hurt the author, but I would hope that she might take another look at her manuscript or hire an editor to polish it up. There were missing words, general spelling mistakes, tenses mistakes, and missing commas where they were required, as well as commas where they weren't required. Repetitive words/phrases like "easier said than done" (used three times in the first two chapters) and referring to their arrangement as "sexual healing" (used six times in chapter four alone) had me doing double takes. Then there were inconsistencies in the story that I suppose could be explained away if the hero or heroine simply wasn't listening or paying attention, but that would be a big coincidence for three different situations. Good plot but needs serious editing. Disclaimer: I received a review copy from the author via CBLS Promotions for the purpose of a book review tour.
coziecorner More than 1 year ago
Anastasia pens "Shore Leave" an erotic romance in a plot that will heat up your blood. With an seductive story line and interesting characters with great chemistry, this book will keep your interest from beginning to end and leave you "wanting" more. A nice quick read for all erotic romance fans. This review is based on a complimentary copy from the author which was provided for an honest review.
JerseyGirlBookReviews More than 1 year ago
Shore Leave is a short contemporary erotic romance novella that has just the right amount of passion and sizzle that makes it a quick and enjoyable read. After spending the last eighteen months on sea duty, Navy Pilot Greg Marsters comes home to Wyndham Shores, Massachusetts on a two week shore leave. But Greg doesn't exactly get a hero's welcome because of one stupid mistake that he had made which had cost him his wife and friends. While on leave he is hired by Emmett Culligan to help restore the Lady Luck, a 48 foot wooden schooner. Melanie Granthan is a divorced woman who helps keep the books for Emmett Culligan's boat restoration business. Melanie's marriage ended six years ago, and while she has dated in the past few years, her hasn't found the right guy, but she hasn't given up on finding someone that will love her as much as she would love him. Greg and Melanie had attended the same high school, but they ran in different social circles. Greg came from a respectable military family, his father had been an Admiral in the Navy, and Greg was following in his footsteps. Melanie and her dad had been viewed as trailer trash by the wealthier Wyndham Shores townspeople.  Melanie has harbored a secret crush on Greg since high school, even though he was out of her league and never had looked twice at her. Running into Greg at the boat restoration business renews Melanie's secret crush, but will he be interested in her now? Author Anastasia McKellan weaves an engaging story written in the third person narrative that follows Greg and Melanie as they get reacquainted when he comes home on a two week shore leave. The author provides the reader with a nice amount of backstory into both Greg and Melanie's past that is interwoven within the storyline. Both Greg and Melanie had failed marriages that have left them broken and weary of finding love again. I loved how their relationship gradually develops into one that has them leaving their troubled pasts behind so that they could find true love and sizzling passion in each other's arms. Shore Leave is an entertaining erotic romantic story that quickly builds upon romance and sizzling passion, it's a enjoyable quick read that will leave you wanting more.
LynelleClark More than 1 year ago
My 3.5 Star review An erotic contemporary story that would sizzle your blood. With heated pages the story line was at times rushed as if the author was in a hurry to get to the good parts and it left the story lacking.  Two young people both hurt because of failed marriages get to know each other when Greg Masters came to the little town of Wyndlam Shores. With dreams of a certain future he helped an old friend restoring an old boat. But at the end  restoration took place not only to the boat but to them as well. Both characters Greg and Melanie learned to trust their feelings again and allow each other to work their healing balm on each other. Being the black sheep of the town Greg faced his share of turmoil and learned to accept his past for what it was, his past. A quick read for a relaxing afternoon when you are looking for something quick to read, not to heavy on the plot with enough heat to warm you up and romance to believe in happy endings.