Short and Sweet on This and That

Short and Sweet on This and That

by Diane Christin Zenchenko Esser ADHD


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This book is a collection of short stories, essays and prose and poetry by Diane Christin Zenchenko Esser of her published and unpublished work. Short and Sweet on This and That is a vehicle to bring awareness to the ADHD population, and her own personal journey in awareness. "It was a television commercial, and a child saying "Mom you never listen to me", that first caught my attention to the ADHD population, and the strides in managing it.

I realized I go through life making lists and taking notes for everything. I did great in school and college but I was the one taking the most notes and studying longer and harder.

After the commercial, I went to my family doctor and I explained how I managed my life, and that I was aware I missed parts of conversations unless I was taking "mental notes".

I was sent for testing. Two days worth actually, including an IQ test. I know I will never be an accountant.

One test was clicking every time a saw a lilp on a computer screen. I remember feeling pretty good about that one. I knew I passed that test with flying colors. However, I was wrong. There were many a blipping blips that blipped by my brain.

Those blips can be compared to us listening to a conversation. Somehow, at the end of one...we missed some important pieces.

So, I encourage you, if you feel you might be among the ADHD population of the world, the right doctor, the right testing, and your world will open up like a Helen Keller epiphany.

I am sure everyone has a different story, but, I am here to encourage you. If you are going down a road at 500 mph you are going to miss the scenery. That is an analogy of an ADHD brain.

At the back of the book there is a section of references. If you think you are ADHD, there is testing, and there is hope.

This book is a collection of twenty years of my published work. You see, those of us that have gone through life with ADHD are capable of great things. We are even capable of writing great page at a time.

Even if you are not someone who has ADHD, I guarantee you a journey through the wonderful world of words and what they can create to make us laugh and make us cry.

The body of this book is a collection, more or less, of memoir. It will let you know I have a room where monsters live, and a passion for the environment that we live and how to preserve and sustain it.

It is a journey, much like yours. A life of experiences based on the people we love and our surroundings that have created stories. Stories that are short and sweet on this and that. " Diane Christin Zenchenko Esser

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About the Author

Diane Christin Zenchenko Esser is an author, and Founder of the environmental advocacy non profit Butterflies for Kids - I Am A Planet Kid Program.

Her first book "Look to the Light" is a family and friendship, prose and poetry book. Subsequent books include A to Z Nature and Me Activity book that was inspired by children who sit in chemo therapy chairs for three hours. This book is delivered to children in hospitals each Christmas in a Holiday Hospital book tour.

She is a member of the Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Educators.

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