The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella

by Stephenie Meyer


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The Twilight Saga has sold 160 million copies worldwide. Satisfy your *thirst* for more books with this novella, a companion to Eclipse.

Bree Tanner, a self-described "vampire nerd" first introduced in Eclipse, lives in terror in a coven of newborn vampires. She is a member of Victoria's vampire army, and as that army closes in on Bella Swan and the Cullens, she finds her first friend and discovers a truth about daylight.

While fans may know how it ends, they don't yet have the full story: Bree's tale of danger, mystery, and romance is one for the books.

"People do not want to just read Meyer's books; they want to climb inside them and live there."-Time

"A literary phenomenon."-The New York Times

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ISBN-13: 9780316228527
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Publication date: 09/25/2012
Series: Twilight Saga Series
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 41,178
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.25(h) x 0.75(d)
Age Range: 12 - 18 Years

About the Author

Stephenie Meyer is the author of the #1 bestselling Twilight Saga and The Host. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in English literature, and she lives with her husband and three young sons in Arizona.


Phoenix, Arizona

Date of Birth:

December 24, 1973

Place of Birth:

Hartford, Connecticut


Brigham Young University, Bachelor's in English.

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The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

An Eclipse Novella
By Meyer, Stephenie

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Copyright © 2010 Meyer, Stephenie
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9780316125581

THE NEWSPAPER HEADLINE GLARED AT ME FROM a little metal vending machine: SEATTLE UNDER SIEGE—DEATH TOLL RISES AGAIN. I hadn’t seen this one yet. Some paperboy must have just restocked the machine. Lucky for him, he was nowhere around now.

Great. Riley was going to blow a gasket. I would make sure I wasn’t within reach when he saw this paper. Let him rip somebody else’s arm off.

I stood in the shadow behind the corner of a shabby three-story building, trying to be inconspicuous while I waited for someone to make a decision. Not wanting to meet anyone’s eyes, I stared at the wall beside me instead. The ground floor of the building housed a record shop that had long since closed; the windows, lost to weather or street violence, were filled in with plywood. Over the top were apartments—empty, I guessed, since the normal sounds of sleeping humans were absent. I wasn’t surprised—the place looked like it would collapse in a stiff wind. The buildings on the other side of the dark, narrow street were just as wrecked.

The normal scene for a night out on the town.

I didn’t want to speak up and draw attention, but I wished somebody would decide something. I was really thirsty, and I didn’t care much whether we went right or left or over the roof. I just wanted to find some unlucky people who wouldn’t even have enough time to think wrong place, wrong time.

Unfortunately tonight Riley’d sent me out with two of the most useless vampires in existence. Riley never seemed to care who he sent out in hunting groups. Or particularly bugged when sending out the wrong people together meant fewer people coming home. Tonight I was stuck with Kevin and some blond kid whose name I didn’t know. They both belonged to Raoul’s gang, so it went without saying that they were stupid. And dangerous. But right now, mostly stupid.

Instead of picking a direction for our hunt, suddenly they were in the middle of an argument over whose favorite superhero would be a better hunter. The nameless blond was demonstrating his case for Spider-Man now, skittering up the brick wall of the alley while humming the cartoon theme song. I sighed in frustration. Were we ever going to hunt?

A little flicker of movement to my left caught my eye. It was the other one Riley had sent out in this hunting group, Diego. I didn’t know much about him, just that he was older than most of the others. Riley’s right-hand man was the word. That didn’t make me like him any more than the other morons.

Diego was looking at me. He must have heard the sigh. I looked away.

Keep your head down and your mouth shut—that was the way to stay alive in Riley’s crowd.

“Spider-Man is such a whiny loser,” Kevin called up to the blond kid. “I’ll show you how a real superhero hunts.” He grinned wide. His teeth flashed in the glare of a streetlight.

Kevin jumped into the middle of the street just as the lights from a car swung around to illuminate the cracked pavement with a blue-white gleam. He flexed his arms back, then pulled them slowly together like a pro wrestler showing off. The car came on, probably expecting him to get the hell out of the way like a normal person would. Like he should.

“Hulk mad!” Kevin bellowed. “Hulk… SMASH!”

He leaped forward to meet the car before it could brake, grabbed its front bumper, and flipped it over his head so that it struck the pavement upside down with a squeal of bending metal and shattering glass. Inside, a woman started screaming.

“Oh man,” Diego said, shaking his head. He was pretty, with dark, dense, curly hair, big, wide eyes, and really full lips, but then, who wasn’t pretty? Even Kevin and the rest of Raoul’s morons were pretty. “Kevin, we’re supposed to be laying low. Riley said—”

“Riley said!” Kevin mimicked in a harsh soprano. “Get a spine, Diego. Riley’s not here.”

Kevin sprang over the upside-down Honda and punched out the driver’s side window, which had somehow stayed intact up to that point. He fished through the shattered glass and the deflating air bag for the driver.

I turned my back and held my breath, trying my hardest to hold on to the ability to think.

I couldn’t watch Kevin feed. I was too thirsty for that, and I really didn’t want to pick a fight with him. I so did not need to be on Raoul’s hit list.

The blond kid didn’t have the same issues. He pushed off from the bricks overhead and landed lightly behind me. I heard him and Kevin snarling at each other, and then a wet tearing sound as the woman’s screams cut off. Probably them ripping her in half.

I tried not to think about it. But I could feel the heat and hear the dripping behind me, and it made my throat burn so bad even though I wasn’t breathing.

“I’m outta here,” I heard Diego mutter.

He ducked into a crevice between the dark buildings, and I followed right on his heels. If I didn’t get away from here fast, I’d be squabbling with Raoul’s goons over a body that couldn’t have had much blood left in it by now anyway. And then maybe I’d be the one who didn’t come home.

Ugh, but my throat burned! I clamped my teeth together to keep from screaming in pain.

Diego darted through a trash-filled side alley, and then—when he hit the dead end—up the wall. I dug my fingers into the crevices between the bricks and hauled myself up after him.

On the rooftop, Diego took off, leaping lightly across the other roofs toward the lights shimmering off the sound. I stayed close. I was younger than he was, and therefore stronger—it was a good thing we younger ones were strongest, or we wouldn’t have lived through our first week in Riley’s house. I could have passed him easy, but I wanted to see where he was going, and I didn’t want to have him behind me.

Diego didn’t stop for miles; we were almost to the industrial docks. I could hear him muttering under his breath.

“Idiots! Like Riley wouldn’t give us instructions for a good reason. Self-preservation, for example. Is an ounce of common sense so much to ask for?”

“Hey,” I called. “Are we going to hunt anytime soon? My throat’s on fire here.”

Diego landed on the edge of a wide factory roof and spun around. I jumped back a few yards, on my guard, but he didn’t make an aggressive move toward me.

“Yeah,” he said. “I just wanted some distance between me and the lunatics.”

He smiled, all friendly, and I stared at him.

This Diego guy wasn’t like the others. He was kind of… calm, I guess was the word. Normal. Not normal now, but normal before. His eyes were a darker red than mine. He must have been around for a while, like I’d heard.

From the street below came the sounds of nighttime in a slummier part of Seattle. A few cars, music with heavy bass, a couple of people walking with nervous, fast steps, some drunk bum singing off-key in the distance.

“You’re Bree, right?” Diego asked. “One of the newbies.”

I didn’t like that. Newbie. Whatever. “Yeah, I’m Bree. But I didn’t come in with the last group. I’m almost three months old.”

“Pretty slick for a three-monther,” he said. “Not many would have been able to leave the scene of the accident like that.” He said it like a compliment, like he was really impressed.

“Didn’t want to mix it up with Raoul’s freaks.”

He nodded. “Amen, sister. Their kind ain’t nothing but bad news.”

Weird. Diego was weird. How he sounded like a person having a regular old conversation. No hostility, no suspicion. Like he wasn’t thinking about how easy or hard it might be to kill me right now. He was just talking to me.

“How long have you been with Riley?” I asked curiously.

“Going on eleven months now.”

“Wow! That’s older than Raoul.”

Diego rolled his eyes and spit venom over the edge of the building. “Yeah, I remember when Riley brought that trash in. Things just kept getting worse after that.”

I was quiet for a moment, wondering if he thought everyone younger than himself was trash. Not that I cared. I didn’t care what anybody thought anymore. Didn’t have to. Like Riley said, I was a god now. Stronger, faster, better. Nobody else counted.

Then Diego whistled low under his breath.

“There we go. Just takes a little brains and patience.” He pointed down and across the street.

Half-hidden around the edge of a purple-black alley, a man was cussing at a woman and slapping her while another woman watched silently. From their clothes, I guessed that it was a pimp and two of his employees.

This was what Riley had told us to do. Hunt the dregs. Take the humans that no one was going to miss, the ones who weren’t headed home to a waiting family, the ones who wouldn’t be reported missing.

It was the same way he chose us. Meals and gods, both coming from the dregs.

Unlike some of the others, I still did what Riley told me to do. Not because I liked him. That feeling was long gone. It was because what he told us sounded right. How did it make sense to call attention to the fact that a bunch of new vampires were claiming Seattle as their hunting ground? How was that going to help us?

I didn’t even believe in vampires before I was one. So if the rest of the world didn’t believe in vampires, then the rest of the vampires must be hunting smart, the way Riley said to do it. They probably had a good reason.

And like Diego’d said, hunting smart just took a little brains and patience.

Of course, we all slipped up a lot, and Riley would read the papers and groan and yell at us and break stuff—like Raoul’s favorite video-game system. Then Raoul would get mad and take somebody else apart and burn him up. Then Riley would be pissed off and he’d do another search to confiscate all the lighters and matches. A few rounds of this, and then Riley would bring home another handful of vampirized dregs kids to replace the ones he’d lost. It was an endless cycle.

Diego inhaled through his nose—a big, long pull—and I watched his body change. He crouched on the roof, one hand gripping the edge. All that strange friendliness disappeared, and he was a hunter.

That was something I recognized, something I was comfortable with because I understood it.

I turned off my brain. It was time to hunt. I took a deep breath, drawing in the scent of the blood inside the humans below. They weren’t the only humans around, but they were the closest. Who you were going to hunt was the kind of decision you had to make before you scented your prey. It was too late now to choose anything.

Diego dropped from the roof edge, out of sight. The sound of his landing was too low to catch the attention of the crying prostitute, the zoned-out prostitute, or the angry pimp.

A low growl ripped from between my teeth. Mine. The blood was mine. The fire in my throat flared and I couldn’t think of anything else.

I flipped myself off the roof, spinning across the street so that I landed right next to the crying blonde. I could feel Diego close behind me, so I growled a warning at him while I caught the surprised girl by the hair. I yanked her to the alley wall, putting my back against it. Defensive, just in case.

Then I forgot all about Diego, because I could feel the heat under her skin, hear the sound of her pulse thudding close to the surface.

She opened her mouth to scream, but my teeth crushed her windpipe before a sound could come out. There was just the gurgle of air and blood in her lungs, and the low moans I could not control.

The blood was warm and sweet. It quenched the fire in my throat, calmed the nagging, itching emptiness in my stomach. I sucked and gulped, only vaguely aware of anything else.

I heard the same noise from Diego—he had the man. The other woman was unconscious on the ground. Neither had made any noise. Diego was good.

The problem with humans was that they just never had enough blood in them. It seemed like only seconds later the girl ran dry. I rattled her limp body in frustration. Already my throat was beginning to burn again.

I threw the spent body to the ground and crouched against the wall, wondering if I could grab the unconscious girl and make off with her before Diego could catch up to me.

Diego was already finished with the man. He looked at me with an expression that I could only describe as… sympathetic. But I could have been dead wrong. I couldn’t remember anyone ever giving me sympathy before, so I wasn’t positive what it looked like.

“Go for it,” he told me, nodding to the limp girl on the ground.

“Are you kidding me?”

“Naw, I’m good for now. We’ve got time to hunt some more tonight.”

Watching him carefully for some sign of a trick, I darted forward and snagged the girl. Diego made no move to stop me. He turned away slightly and looked up at the black sky.

I sank my teeth into her neck, keeping my eyes on him. This one was even better than the last. Her blood was entirely clean. The blonde girl’s blood had the bitter aftertaste that came with drugs—I was so used to that, I’d barely noticed. It was rare for me to get really clean blood, because I followed the dregs rule. Diego seemed to follow the rules, too. He must have smelled what he was giving up.

Why had he done it?

When the second body was empty, my throat felt better. There was a lot of blood in my system. I probably wouldn’t really burn for a few days.

Diego was still waiting, whistling quietly through his teeth. When I let the body fall to the ground with a thud, he turned back to me and smiled.

“Um, thanks,” I said.

He nodded. “You looked like you needed it more than me. I remember how hard it is in the beginning.”

“Does it get easier?”

He shrugged. “In some ways.”

We looked at each other for a second.

“Why don’t we dump these bodies in the sound?” he suggested.

I bent down, grabbed the dead blonde, and slung her limp body over my shoulder. I was about to get the other one, but Diego was there before me, the pimp already on his back.

“I got it,” he said.

I followed him up the alley wall, and then we swung across the girders under the freeway. The lights from the cars below didn’t touch us. I thought how stupid people were, how oblivious, and I was glad I wasn’t one of the clueless.

Hidden in the darkness, we made our way to an empty dock, closed for the night. Diego didn’t hesitate at the end of the concrete, he just jumped right over the edge with his bulky burden and disappeared into the water. I slid in after him.

He swam as sleek and quick as a shark, shooting deeper and farther out into the black sound. He stopped suddenly when he found what he was looking for—a huge, slime-covered boulder on the ocean floor, sea stars and garbage clinging to its sides. We had to be more than a hundred feet deep—to a human, it would have seemed pitch-black here. Diego let go of his bodies. They swayed slowly in the current beside him while he shoved his hand into the mucky sand at the base of the rock. After a second he found a hold and ripped the boulder up from its resting spot. The weight of it drove him waist-deep into the dark seafloor.

He looked up and nodded to me.

I swam down to him, hooking his bodies with one hand on my way. I shoved the blonde into the black hole under the rock, then pushed the second girl and the pimp in after her. I kicked them lightly to make sure they were in, and then got out of the way. Diego let the boulder fall. It wobbled a little, adjusting to the newly uneven foundation. He kicked his way out of the muck, swam to the top of the boulder, and then pushed it down, grinding the obstructions flat underneath.

He swam back a few yards to view his work.

Perfect, I mouthed. These three bodies would never resurface. Riley would never hear a story about them on the news.

He grinned and held up his hand.

It took me a minute to understand that he was looking for a high five. Hesitantly, I swam forward, tapped my palm to his, then kicked away, putting some distance between us.

Diego got a weird expression on his face, and then he shot to the surface like a bullet.

I darted up after him, confused. When I broke through to the air, he was almost choking on his laughter.


He couldn’t answer me for a minute. Finally he blurted out, “Worst high five ever.”

I sniffed, irritated. “Couldn’t be sure you weren’t just going to rip my arm off or something.”

Diego snorted. “I wouldn’t do that.”

“Anyone else would,” I countered.

“True, that,” he agreed, suddenly not as amused. “You up for a little more hunting?”

“Do you have to ask?”

We came out of the water under a bridge and lucked right into two homeless guys sleeping in ancient, filthy sleeping bags on top of a shared mattress of old newspapers. Neither one of them woke up. Their blood was soured by alcohol, but still better than nothing. We buried them in the sound, too, under a different rock.

“Well, I’m good for a few weeks,” Diego said when we were out of the water again, dripping on the end of another empty dock.

I sighed. “I guess that’s the easier part, right? I’ll be burning again in a couple of days. And then Riley will probably send me out with more of Raoul’s mutants again.”

“I can come with you, if you want. Riley pretty much lets me do what I want.”

I thought about the offer, suspicious for a second. But Diego really didn’t seem like any of the others. I felt different with him. Like I didn’t need to watch my back so much.

“I’d like that,” I admitted. It felt off to say this. Too vulnerable or something.

But Diego just said “cool” and smiled at me.

“So how come Riley gives you such a long leash?” I asked, wondering about the relationship there. The more time I spent with Diego, the less I could picture him being in tight with Riley. Diego was so… friendly. Nothing like Riley. But maybe it was an opposites-attract thing.

“Riley knows he can trust me to clean up my messes. Speaking of which, do you mind running a quick errand?”

I was starting to be entertained by this strange boy. Curious about him. I wanted to see what he would do.

“Sure,” I said.

He bounded across the dock toward the road that ran along the waterfront. I followed after. I caught the scent of a few humans, but I knew it was too dark and we were too fast for them to see us.

He chose to travel across rooftops again. After a few jumps, I recognized both our scents. He was retracing our earlier path.

And then we were back to that first alley, where Kevin and the other guy had gotten stupid with the car.

“Unbelievable,” Diego growled.

Kevin and Co. had just left, it appeared. Two other cars were stacked on top of the first, and a handful of bystanders had been added to the body count. The cops weren’t here yet—because anyone who might have reported the mayhem was already dead.

“Help me sort this out?” Diego asked.


We dropped down, and Diego quickly threw the cars into a new arrangement, so that it sort of looked like they’d hit each other rather than been piled up by a giant tantrum-throwing baby. I grabbed the two dry, lifeless bodies abandoned on the pavement and stuffed them under the apparent site of impact.

“Bad accident,” I commented.

Diego grinned. He took a lighter out of a ziplock from his pocket and started igniting the clothes of the victims. I grabbed my own lighter—Riley reissued these when we went hunting; Kevin should have used his—and got to work on the upholstery. The bodies, dried out and laced with flammable venom, blazed up quickly.

“Get back,” Diego warned, and I saw that he had the first car’s gas hatch open and the lid screwed off the tank. I jumped up the closest wall, perching a story above to watch. He took a few steps back and lit a match. With perfect aim, he tossed it into the small hole. In the same second, he leaped up beside me.

The boom of the explosion shook the whole street. Lights started going on around the corner.

“Well done,” I said.

“Thanks for your help. Back to Riley’s?”

I frowned. Riley’s house was the last place I wanted to spend the rest of my night. I didn’t want to see Raoul’s stupid face or listen to the constant shrieking and fighting. I didn’t want to have to grit my teeth and hide out behind Freaky Fred so that people would leave me alone. And I was out of books.

“We’ve got some time,” Diego said, reading my expression. “We don’t have to go right away.”

“I could use some reading material.”

“And I could use some new music.” He grinned. “Let’s go shopping.”

We moved quickly through town—over rooftops again and then darting through shadowy streets when the buildings got farther apart—to a friendlier neighborhood. It didn’t take long to find a strip mall with one of the big chain bookstores. I snapped the lock on the roof access hatch and let us in. The store was empty, the only alarms on the windows and doors. I went straight to the H’s, while Diego headed to the music section in the back. I’d just finished with Hale. I took the next dozen books in line; that would keep me a couple of days.

I looked around for Diego and found him sitting at one of the café tables, studying the backs of his new CDs. I paused, then joined him.

This felt strange because it was familiar in a haunting, uncomfortable way. I had sat like this before—across a table from someone. I’d chatted casually with that person, thinking about things that were not life and death or thirst and blood. But that had been in a different, blurry lifetime.

The last time I’d sat at a table with someone, that someone had been Riley. It was hard to remember that night for a lot of reasons.

“So how come I never notice you around the house?” Diego asked abruptly. “Where do you hide?”

I laughed and grimaced at the same time. “I usually kick it behind wherever Freaky Fred is hanging out.”

His nose wrinkled. “Seriously? How do you stand that?”

“You get used to it. It’s not so bad behind him as it is in front. Anyway, it’s the best hiding place I’ve found. Nobody gets close to Fred.”

Diego nodded, still looking kind of grossed out. “That’s true. It’s a way to stay alive.”

I shrugged.

“Did you know that Fred is one of Riley’s favorites?” Diego asked.

“Really? How?” No one could stand Freaky Fred. I was the only one who tried, and that was solely out of self-preservation.

Diego leaned toward me conspiratorially. I was already so used to his strange way that I didn’t even flinch.

“I heard him on the phone with her.

I shuddered.

“I know,” he said, sounding sympathetic again. Of course, it wasn’t weird that we could sympathize with each other when it came to her. “This was a few months back. Anyway, Riley was talking about Fred, all excited. From what they were saying, I guess that some vampires can do things. More than what normal vampires can do, I mean. And that’s good—something she’s looking for. Vampires with skillzzz.”

He pulled the Z sound out, so I could hear how he was spelling it in his head.

“What kinds of skills?”

“All kinds of stuff, it sounds like. Mind reading and tracking and even seeing the future.”

“Get out.”

“I’m not kidding. I guess Fred can sort of repel people on purpose. It’s all in our heads, though. He makes us repulsed at the thought of being near him.”

I frowned. “How is that a good thing?”

“Keeps him alive, doesn’t it? Guess it keeps you alive, too.”

I nodded. “Guess so. Did he say anything about anyone else?” I tried to think of anything strange I’d seen or felt, but Fred was one of a kind. The clowns in the alley tonight pretending to be superheroes hadn’t been doing anything the rest of us couldn’t do.


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The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3961 reviews.
rach35marie More than 1 year ago
don't buy this book if you have a nook -- Myer is putting a pdf version up for free on her website just save the pdf to your docs and you can read it on your nook
TJ-Light More than 1 year ago
Honestly I'm excited for this book, I loved the Twilight Series & this just adds to the story. FYI, for those of you that don't know this book will be available to read online for free as stated by Stephenie Meyer from June 5, 2010 (realease date) to July 5, 2010, but if you do buy the book $1.00 will be donated to the American Red Cross! The book will be available to read online for free at and you may read Stephenie Meyer's excerpt about the book at
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I'm sorry to have to agree with the masses (not my thing), but Ms. Meyer should really, really finish Midnight Sun. I'm currently re-reading Twilight (for the millionth time) and subsequently re-reading Midnight Sun for about the same number of times because they are so inseperable and intertwined. I'm on page 234 of Midnight Sun and the dread of knowing it will soon end before we get to the meadow saddens me, AGAIN. We know how Bella feels and what she thinks in each scene and Midnight Sun tells us how Edward feels and what he thinks up to that meadow scene. I enjoy the little the knowing smiles and odd looks each has when in the others' company. This is just wrong on so many levels to cheat us out of that and give us...Bree? Why? I'll agree with someone else here who posted that this was a slap in the face. It really feels like that. As if Ms. Meyer said to herself 'they'll take any crap I dish out, so here take this and leave me alone'. Wow.
sjl15 More than 1 year ago
Can someone tell me why the e book is more expensive than the hardcover version. This is starting to make me doubt that I should have bought the NOOK. I guess if I want to read it I will just have to wait until the price is lowered. Shouldn't cost more to download than purchase a hardcover book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Now that the Twilight Saga has been published, will Meyers continue to rewrite the story over and over? Apparently so. In this short story, we get to see the world of Twilight from Bree's POV. You remember Bree don't you? She was a "blip" of a character in the newborn army that was saved for last only to be ripped apart and burned. Maybe we can look forward to "her" description of Edward's milky white skin as she's torn asunder. The one thing that has always bothered me about the Twilight series is the lack of character background. Meyer's has a great storyline, but spends far too much time on trivial matters and then glosses over the more interesting aspects of her storyline. It would be much more rewarding to see a series on the Volturi, the Nomads and the Vampire Wars. I would like to know how "her" vampires came to exist from the very first vampire's point of view.
GoState05 More than 1 year ago
I loved the Twilight series so I was excited about The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner & experiencing some of the events of Twilight from a different perspective. I read the first 20 pages or so for free on Stephenie Meyer's website, and I was reeled in enough to purchase the ebook for my nook. However, the story quickly goes downhill. It becomes mostly a chronology of events, there is no character development or intrigue. Instead of letting the reader infer what happens at certain points, Stephenie spells out exactly what happens for the reader with no fanare. For example, (Spoiler-ish! alert) one of the newborns disappears and Bree is left to wonder what happened. A few pages later, she simply states, and I knew that [the newborn who disappeared] was dead. How did she know this? As the reader, I was beginning to suspect it but the story did not allow that mini-plot line to develop. That's just one example of how frustrating and unfulfilling the story was.
GemRem More than 1 year ago
To everyone complaining about the price(I completely agree!!!), the book will be available for free download on starting at noon on the June 7th through the July 5th. So you can pay to have it on the 5th or wait 2 days to get it free. For everyone complaining about this being a short story and not a continuation of the Twilight series, go to to read a letter from Stephenie that explains all that. This book was never meant to be published, it was something she wrote to help her keep track of the story that evolved into its own publication. She also says that because this was a bonus for her, she wanted it to be a bonus for fans, hence the free download. All hard copies purchased through, however, will include a donation to the red cross. I personally cannot wait to read this!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this more indepth look at the newborn vampires. At first I thought this was just another way for Stephenie Meyer to cash in on the Twilight craze but I am glad she released this short story. I hope that she continues to write more books in the twilight series. I wouldn't mind seeing additional short stories that examined other characters closely. It might be nice to have a story on Carlisle and another on Jasper. If you love the twilight series than it is a no brainer that you have to buy this book.
darleneplay76 More than 1 year ago
If u go to and click on Twilight Saga tab at the top of her official site then look of the left side and tap on Bree Tanner she tells u y the book was written, it was meant to ne just fun for herself and it turned out to be a short story, a novella, not a book and she got the idea to write the Twilight Saga: Official Guide and was planning on putting it in there but her publishers said no the it would make the guide heavier then the Oxford Dictionary lol that it would be better as a stand alone book. On the same site on June 7th as another reviewer said, Stephenie is having the entire book available to read for free to everyone as a gift to us all for supporting her. She clearly states on her website that if u want to buy the book to add to ur collection then u can and that $1 from each book sold in the US from the first printing is going to the American Red Cross. She provides a direct link on her website to read the book for free on June 7th. She also states that the book came in handy for the screenwriter of the movie Eclipse who had a ton of questions about the newborns and what was going on in Seattle, hint to the Eclipse movie!! Well I've rambled enough for this review lol. I can't wait till I get my copy and add it to my steadily growing Twilight Saga Collection!! Happy Reading Everyone!!! Also I think a lot of reviewers need to stop complaint about the prices on here, B&N has the lowest prices out the esspecially on new products. If u font like their prices then just look elsewhere but u can't beat the quality that B&N offers to all their customers!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Come on b&n! How can an eBook cost more than a hardcover when it takes no materials to make the eBook? Create one file and sell, baby, sell. That is all you do with an eBook. Shame on you.
MindyP123 More than 1 year ago
I can read and re-read the Twilight series over and over again without getting bored, so I was sooooo happy that I could add another book to my Twi-hard addiction. I thought this was a great read. It's fun to go back and look at the stories through a different character's eyes. It's a character that you know little about when reading the series, but there is so much to learn about her. Stephanie Meyer really dives deep when she writes her books. I hope that she continues to expand the series. Her attention to detail (the way she adds little bits of info, like a private conversation between Bree and Edward) really keeps you interested and makes you think. I absolutely loved LOVED this book. Please Stephanie, DONT STOP!
Pamthedreamer More than 1 year ago
I'm writing a non-review. Why? I read a couple of these reviews that give little star ratings and are quick to critique a book that isn't even available yet to the public! If you haven't read the book; how on earth can you critique it honestly? Me? I've loved all the books Stephanie Meyers has released; including the Host. I don't anticipate myself not enjoying this one as well. However, I will refrain from commenting on this new addition until I'VE ACTUALLY READ IT. Sheesh.
SK-fan More than 1 year ago
This one fell short for me...the writing was not nearly as good as other meyer books. At the same time...I wouldn't consider the writing the biggest draw for her novels...she is good storyteller and this one just wasn't a great story. I wasn't invested in the main character...I was mildly entertained and I do enjoy reading so I finished it. I think she can do better...not ready to give up on her yet.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The ebook price is much more than kindle or BN harcover even. I bought the nook to get deals on new books too.
JustmyOpinionUT More than 1 year ago
Why O Why must some people write a review on a book that has not been released yet? Please wait, read the book, then post an actual review of the book. This is not a blog arena.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
OK...To Anonymous..the one that thinks Stephenie Meyers owes us and not the other way around...Seriously? I understand your frustration about Midnight Sun, Truly I do..I too would love nothing more than for her to come out with the rest of that Book...and she will when she feels up too it...Do not forget Authors are can't FORCE them to feel comes naturally and as far as her owing us..Im sorry and I hate to disagree but she doesn't owe us ANYTHING nor do we her..I am a huge fan of her books as well as you and your family are but you really should take a step back beyond the hurt and frustration you're feeling because she is a person too..shes not a writing machine put on this earth to serve us, her fans...Yes I do agree that, with out the fans, her books would be nothing but they ARE something because they are honestly just AMAZING WORKS of fiction and that is her craft...give her some time..Im sure she'll finish Midnight Sun but for now..Buy her newest book, because deep down you know you want to, at least thats my opinion I think you want to read this book because you enjoy Stephenies craft.. don't punish yourself by not reading it. And please, I mean no disrespect because you are completely entitled to your opinion and thanks for sharing it..I guess this was just mine.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Go see Steph's site. She states that she wrote this while writing Eclipse before Twilight was even published. As much as I would love to have Midnight Sun in my hands, I'll settle for this little Vampire adventure that coincides with Eclipse.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It wasn't nearly as bad as it's so obviously being deemed by so many reviewers. It wasn't at all boring. I am a total bookworm, ranging anywhere from stuff like this to the classics like mansfield park, east of eden, sherlock holms, war and peace... etc. So, having had the pleasure of reading such an immense selection of genres, I think I can tell when a book is so utterly boring that you can't even bring yourself to finish it. I'm not saying this is an outstanding literary work of art, but it certainly isn't dull either. Reasons to read this book include: 1. It gives you insight on the Twilight world that you can't see through Bella's eyes. 2. Like the Twilight series, it's a short and easy read. I know a lot of the twilight book are 700+ pages, but regardless of how "long" Breaking Dawn was, it's such an easy read, you can finish it in a flash. If you really want to see a long book, read something like Atlas Shrugged, then you'll know. (my apologies for getting off-topic) Anyway, this book is a short and easy read, BUT I did notice that it was written better than any of the Twilight books. 3. The Protagonist, Bree, is realistic, she isn't a mary sue character, she is weak, but her strong will makes up for that weakness, and she really becomes a lovable character regardless of that fact that she's made quite a few wrong choices. Bree's character is a 100% improvement on that of Bella's "Woe is me, I'm so flawed yet everyone thinks I'm gorgeous" awful characterization. She isn't a strong female role model at all. I've never read a book with a character that screams Mary Sue nearly as much. 4. You get a new outlook on the Cullens, Vultori, and the newborn army. ... All in all, this book is worth reading if you enjoyed the twilight series, but in order to enjoy it, you have to embrace a new character as the protagonist. Just because Bree isn't perfect Bella, doesn't mean she can't bring anything interesting to the table. You just have to expand your imagination into accepting her. You won't regret it.
CiciBear26 More than 1 year ago
Honestly, before I started The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, I couldn't remember who Bree Tanner was from Eclipse. I soon caught on to who she was (the vamp towards the end of the book that gets killed by Jane and Felix...ring any bells?). I really liked this book! I liked being in the head of a vampire, and I really liked how different they were from the Cullens (or the "Yellow Eyes"). I found Bree interesting and intriguing, and I read the book in one sitting (you can read it for free on --a gift from Stephenie Meyer to her fans!). I liked how Bree thought, how she acted (well, when she wasn't feeding), and I liked the mystery of the book, and how it keeps readers drawn in to the story line-even if you think you've had enough 'Twilight', I guarantee you will love this book.
annmarie017 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book. The short second life of bree tanner an eclipse novella. The romance and the suspense....(wow)!!! It's a have to read. Especially if you're familiar with the twilight saga. This book kept me interested. I could not put it down. I needed to know what was going to happen next. Stephanie Meyer did an extremely well job in writing this book; and keeping her audience interested.... Even though I already knew the ending I still wanted to know how it happened, why did it happen, and so forth. This book takes you into the life of these new born vampires. It let's you experience how they felt. Give's reasons and answers as to why they choose not to trust each other or anyone. And it also exposes the lies they have been told. So, I totally recommend this book to all the Twilight fans and anyone who loves a love story mixed with suspense.
Mupples More than 1 year ago
If people read this without first reading the twilight series, it would make little or no sense. Simply, this novella can't stand on its own without prior knowledge of the twilight universe. Even with the knowledge, this book is incrediably boring and for what i paid or it- didn't get anything out of it. Why this character anyway? There is nothing remarkable about her journey. She was literally just a blip in their world and still remained insignificant in hers. I found the idea of what a newborn is like according to the Cullens vs what Brees experience was different too.
TAZIE More than 1 year ago
When I started this book, I didn't think that It was going to be as good as the other ones (from the twilight saga). But I was very wrong!! It;s actually another love story but pretty much attached to Eclipse. Sad because of the ending, but it is worth to read.!! Thanks Stephenie!!!!
Breeana More than 1 year ago
(We both have the same name, BREE! lol) I did not expect to like this book so much. Honestly, when I first found out Bree was going to have her own book I didn't understand why. She was a minor character and other people deserve their own books, but when I read it I LOVED IT! Bree isn't so bad a character like Eclipse makes her seem. She's a good vampire too, and honestly, I think SM should have kept her around. The only thing I wish she wrote more about is DIEGO! Anyways, it is a short book, it doesn't have chapters, and it's a good read BEFORE seeing Eclipse. I'd recommend it to any Twilight Saga Fans!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am a huge Twilight Saga fan. I almost always listen to reviews of other readers before reading a book. Although Stephanie Meyers writing is a little not quite up to par with great writers, her books are very entertaining. I was hesitant on reading this but I read a review that said it has important info in this book. False! You get all you need about the life of Bree in the Twilight Saga. Not only is this book not entertaining, but it drags and drags and when Bree finally gets to the battle with the Cullens an the Volturi, it's over. Please think twice about wasting your money on this book. If you would like, do like me and read it for free on Stephanie Meyers website.
sydneysmom77 More than 1 year ago
I totally fell in love with the character Bree. I had no sympathy for her at all while reading Eclipse. This novella opened up a whole new perspective of the Twilight Saga. Loyal readers already know how Bree's story ends..oh how I wished it ended differently for her! Totally enjoyed this short story - Patiently awaiting Midnight Sun!!