Short Stories of Our Shy Neighbors

Short Stories of Our Shy Neighbors

by Mrs. M. A. B. Kelly



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Short Stories of Our Shy Neighbors by Mrs. M. A. B. Kelly

From the PREFACE.

It has been my aim in arranging the lessons for this volume to select chiefly such subjects, in the study of zoology, as treat of the most familiar objects to be met with in everyday life.

I have endeavored, also, to give so clear a description of the form, color, and habits of each type under consideration, that neither teachers nor pupils can be left at all in doubt as to the identity of a specimen when they have it in hand.

No one but a teacher can fully realize the joy and the satisfaction of a child who brings to her a moth, a caterpillar, or some other form of insect life, and proudly places it in the rank to which it belongs.

This assured success leads on to farther and farther investigation, and awakens an enthusiasm and a desire to become still better acquainted with the wonder world of nature.

A few short blackboard exercises every day will soon enable the child to master all the necessary technical names and terms involved in the study of these lower forms of life; and it is far better to learn the right names of things at the outset.

As far as it is practicable, each subject should be carried on in the way of an object lesson; and with a little encouragement on the part of the teacher, every pupil in the classroom will gladly take part in adding to the zoological treasures of the school cabinet.

Inasmuch as insect life is supported almost entirely by the products of vegetation (there being only a very few insects that prey upon one another), I have thought it best to give that subject a liberal space in this volume.

It is now an accepted truth that there are at least ten insects to every plant, and that a large majority of them are harmful to vegetation.

This being the case, it seems highly important that a careful study be made both of the habits and of the habitats of these swift destroyers of plant life.

For valuable suggestions, as well as for aid in points ot reference to the highest authorities, I am greatly indebted to many leading investigators in this line of work. Prominent among them are: Dr. L. O. Howard, United States Entomologist; Dr. J. A. Lintner, New York State Entomologist; Dr. A. S. Packard, Brown University, Rhode Island; Dr. Charles E. Beecher, Yale University, New Haven, Conn.; and Dr. D. S. Kellicott, Ohio State University.

Finally, that this volume may prove to be a helpful guide both to the teacher and to the pupil in their study of the more common types of animal life, is the sincere desire of

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