Short Tales of Horror Part II

Short Tales of Horror Part II

by Regina Puckett


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ISBN-13: 9781501043123
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/03/2014
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.23(d)

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Short Tales of Horror Part II 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Samantha Gregory for Readers' Favorite Short Tales of Horror Part II by Regina Puckett is a collection of short horror stories with a twist in the tale. Each story is well constructed with solid characters and each story hooks you in. From a haunted asylum to a creepy cat lady who has her own unique way of dealing with would be burglars, I enjoyed each tale. The opening story, set in an asylum, follows a Sheriff working with a group of paranormal researchers as they try to contact the dead. They get more than they bargained for. Silent Baby Screams had a double twist which I did not see coming as a woman tries to look after her baby, despite her husband's cold behaviour towards her. A young boy decides to pay back all the people in his life that have upset him - with murderous consequences. A slimming pill has some unforeseen side effects for a couple when the woman can't stop eating. A young family moves to a new home with a bad history that is about to impact on their present.  Regina Puckett knows how to draw you in with Short Tales of Horror Part II. The characters were well developed in such a short space of time. I feel this book will do well. The story themes are familiar, but in short stories this will help the reader set the scene quicker so they can enjoy the story. Definitely not for younger readers, the stories are very dark with disturbing outcomes. A must-read for horror fans.
donniedarkogirl More than 1 year ago
These six stories found in Regina Puckett's Short Tales of Horror Part II chilled my very bones and had twisted endings that kept me guessing. There's all kinds of paranormal mischief going on here! I thought about which story is my favorite and quickly realized I can't choose - they're each frightening in their own way. It would be impossible to choose just one. I'll review each tale for you, and I promise there are absolutely no spoilers! :)  Ours I love horror flicks where a group investigates haunted sites. "Ours" reminded me of one of my favorite horror movies, Grave Encounters, (which if you haven't seen, you really should and make sure you're watching it in complete darkness) but stands on its own and has an amazing ending.    Silent Baby Screams I was a bit nervous to read this one - horror involving babies and small children can be difficult for me ever since I became a parent. I remember feeling reluctant to see Paranormal Activity 2 because I knew a baby boy was heavily focused on in the story, and my own son was about that same age at the time. This story was nothing like I thought it was going to be. The twist is pure genius.  Lucky Thirteen This story was so surprising and full of dark humor, which I really appreciate. And don't we all have a cat lady living near us? After reading this, you may think differently about the cat lady living on your street.     Pay Back I really enjoyed this story. You don't know what's going on at first, and when you begin putting the pieces together, you'll still be surprised. An excellent and well told story.  Slimmer  I hated the boyfriend in this story. He was a total douche. The ending was fantastic, and I read it a couple of times to savor it.   Sam I Am A story also involving a young child, this one reminded me of Poltergeist. Regina, you had me at 18th century house - how could a house that old with that much history NOT be haunted??   I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
lauralovesreviewingLT More than 1 year ago
I love anthologies and collections and the author has some good ones here. Lets start from the beginning. First up is Ours. Sheriff Wilson remembers the last time paranormal investigators wanted to explore the abandoned mental hospital. A dozen people died and they still haven’t solved the case. Now a new bunch of investigators want to turn their investigation into a haunted house tour. When will people learn? This was very atmospheric. Lots of strange things occurring. And the worst of the action took place in room 666. Spooky room number. Wouldn’t catch me entering it. But people do and it gets bad. Room 666 housed Wallace Webster. A serial killer convicted of killing over 100 children and claiming to have killed many more. No matter how many times I read stories with a similar plot or watch the movies, I’m always intrigued. I have to know how the author will spin it. Regina did great with Ours. Next up is Silent Baby Screams. A mother returns home to find her baby missing. Her husband was supposed to drop off Toby at the daycare center, but when she called to check up on her baby, he hadn’t been dropped off. When she gets home she discovers the baby room is empty. Nothing in it. It’s like little Toby was never born. She calls the police and her husband arrives home at the same time they arrive. What’s strange is he doesn’t get out of the car. Just watches his hysterical wife as she screams for them to find her baby. It wasn’t long before I figured out where this was going. That didn’t stop me from feeling the suspense, and the husbands odd behavior did have me baffled for a bit. The third story is Lucky Thirteen The number thirteen is supposed be lucky. But some people think it’s bad luck. Granny lives alone except for her cats. You guessed it, thirteen of them. Her daughter and granddaughter want her to move in with them. It’s getting hard for her to move around and the crime rate has risen in her neighborhood. They don’t like the idea of her being there alone. What if she’s falls? What if someone breaks in? Someone does break in. But I don’t think we have to worry about Granny. This was a wicked, fun one. Then there’s Pay Back. This one had me going for a while. I couldn’t put my finger on just what was happening. Jeremy stumbles out of bed, late again. His parents were going to kill him. But maybe that would be better than having to face the relentless bullies at school. His parents don’t get how serious it is. They expect him to suck it up, be a man, and deal with it. Jeremy finds a way to deal with it. You know what they say about pay back… Now for Slimmer. Donald and his partner have created a new diet pill. Eat all you want and lose weight. We’ve heard that one before. Now wanting to wait for approval for human trials, Donald gets his girlfriend to try them. She figures, why not? He’s always on her about her weight. Nagging her. And at first they work great. She can eat anything she wants and never gain a pound. But then she can’t stop eating. She’s always starving for more. There’s no such thing as a miracle cure. And when the test rats start going crazy, you have to wonder what Donald’s girlfriend will do. And last but not least is Sam I Am. There’s someone living in her closet. He’s Sam I Am and he wants little Kippie out. When Paige and Nathan bought their dream home, they didn’t know it was supposed to be haunted. When Kippie tries to tell them about Sam I Am, they play it off as her imagination. But now Kippie has disappeared. Police are called and the hunt begins. Kippie warned them. She told them – “He said his mommy hurt him once, but that was okay because he fixed her wagon.” What happened to Kippie? Does Sam I Am have her? Does he exist? The ending is not what you expect. So there you have it. Six scary tales to make you keep the lights on, listen when someone tells you there’s a boogeyman, and never mess with little old ladies. I enjoyed all of these, and just finished reading Regina’s first collection of Scary Tales of Horror. You may want to check them out too.