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Short Term/Working Memory: Second Quebec Conference on Short-Term/Working: A Special Issue of Memory

Short Term/Working Memory: Second Quebec Conference on Short-Term/Working: A Special Issue of Memory


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ISBN-13: 9781138883321
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 04/20/2019
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

Table of Contents

1 MS 004. M. Duncan, S. Lewandowsky, The Time Course of a Response Suppression: No Evidence for a Gradual Release from Inhibition. 2 MS 015. G.J. Hitch, M.C. Fastame, B. Flude, How Is the Serial Order of a Verbal Sequence Coded? Some Comparisons Between Models. 3 MS 008. B. Murdock, Storage and Retrieval of Serial-order Information. 4 MS 026. A.M. Suprenant, M.R. Kelley, L.A. Farley, I. Neath, Fill-in and Infill Errors in Order Memory. 5 MS 012. K. Haberlandt, J.G. Thomas, H. Lawrence, T. Krohn, Transposition Asymmetry in Immediate Serial Recall. 6 MS 006. S. Lewandowsky, G.D.A. Brown, Serial Recall and Presentation Schedule: A Micro-analysis of Local Distinctiveness. 7 MS 001. N. Cowan, T.D. Johnson, J.S. Saults, Capacity Limits in List Item Recognition: Evidence from Proactive Interference. 8 MS 005. D.J.K. Mewhort, E. E. Johns, Sharpening the Echo: An Iterative-resonance Model for Short-term Recognition Memory. 9 MS 009. G. Ward, S.E. Avons, L. Melling, Serial Position Curves in Short-term Memory: Functional Equivalence Across Modalities. 10 MS 020. P. Gupta, Primacy and Recency in Nonword Repetition. 11 MS 022. J. Saint-Aubin, M. Poirer, Word Frequency Effects in Immediate Serial Recall: Item Familiarity and Item Co-occurrence Have the Same Effect. 12 MS 023. E.B. Lange, K. Oberauer, Overwriting of Phonemic Features in Serial Recall. 13 MS 028. E. Service, S. Maury, E. Luotoniemi, Forgetting and Redintegration of Consonants and Vowels in Pseudoword Lists. 14 MS 002. A.B. Fallon, E. Mak G. Tehan, Lexicality and Phonological Similarity: A Challenge for the Retrieval-based Account of Serial Recall? 15 MS 030. S. Tremblay, A.P. Nicholls, F.B.R. Parmentier, D.M. Jones, Visual Distraction and Visuo-spatial Memory: A Sandwich Effect. 16 MS 018. L. Hendry, An Item/order Tradeoff Explanation of Word Length and Generation Effects. 17 MS 014. G.A. Tolan, G. Tehan, Is Spoken Duration a Sufficient Explanation of the Word Length Effect? 18 MS 034. M. Poirier, R. Schweickert, Silent Reading Rate and Memory Span. 19 MS 003. J.A. Kole, A.F. Healy, C.J. Buck-Gengler, Does Number Data Entry Rely on the Phonological Loop? 20 MS 011. I. Neath, C. Fordin, Is the Interference Between Memory Processing and Timing Specific to the Use of Verbal Material. 21 MS 033. G. Waters, D. Caplan, The Relationship Between Age, Processing Speed, Working Memory Capacity, and Language Comprehension. 22 MS 017. D.M. Bayliss, C. Jarrold, A.D. Baddeley, D.M. Gunn. The Relationship Between Short-term Memory and Working Memory: Complex Span Made Simple? 23 MS 016. E.V. Masoura, S.E. Gathercole, Contrasting Contributions of Phonological Short-term Memory and Long-term Knowledge to Vocabulary Learning in a Foreign Language. 24 MS 032. R.H. Logie, S. Della Sala, N. Beschin, M. Denis, Dissociating Mental Transformations and Visuo-spatial Storage in Working Memory: Evidence from Representational Neglect. 25 MS 024. S. Della Sala, N. Cowan, N. Beschin, M. Perini, Just Lying There, Remembering: Improving Recall of Prose in Amnesic Patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment by Minimizing Interference. 26 MS 027. C. Lustig, M.S. Matell, W.H. Meck, Not "Just" a Coincidence: Frontal-striatal Interactions in Working Memory and Interval Timing.