Shot to Pieces: A Novel

Shot to Pieces: A Novel

by Michael O'Keefe


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ISBN-13: 9781483453279
Publisher: Lulu Publishing Services
Publication date: 07/12/2016
Pages: 412
Sales rank: 681,763
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.92(d)

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Shot to Pieces: A Novel 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Jamztoma 11 months ago
Violent and Intimidating But True Love and Heroism Wait at the End Detective Padraig (Paddy for short) Joseph Durr is a true crime-fighter. He works for the New York Police Department and he does not shy away from all the blood and guts that constitute someone who started out as a policeman and later got promoted to detective. The main plot of the book involves Latin gangs there in New York City who shoot each other when one crosses the line of another and of course Paddy and the rest of NYPD who work hard to decrease crime rates in the city. Mixed in with this storyline are Paddy’s memories of his beginnings and what he endured throughout his life to get to where he is now. He has a family whose members are his wife Mairead and his two daughters and son (who is the eldest). One would conclude that Paddy and Mairead have done a great job of raising their children. They also have done well in their lives considering their success with their careers which I must observe are well-respected by society. There are moments of bloodshed caused by gunfire, there is also a glimpse into Paddy’s weakness, and then there are the previews of the normal everyday goings-on in New York’s law enforcement world that I have concluded I will never be a part of. Haha. True! I rewarded myself for finishing this incredibly masculine book in just four days (could have been more but I fought on) while having to suppress my nausea and my squeamish reactions to the violence that the NYPD experience on a daily basis. I got stomach cramps when the book mentioned the shooting down of a police friend of Paddy’s who died later on at the hospital. But straying away from that stuff, I do have to say that I felt compassion towards Paddy whose own weaknesses are those that men are often portrayed in the media as having. He cheats on his wife but he owns up to this mistake. He fears divorcing his wife and wants to patch things up with her. He adores his children so very much who the book describes as college-aged and very active in sports. He is respected by his mother in law because she understands his shortcomings. I felt like crying when he was brought to the test by the devil in the form of his daughter’s soccer coach. I began this novel with a fearful and squeamish stance but in the end I felt for this character as he has his flaws and therefore it makes him human. I recommend this book to all those with a preference for the law enforcement field and for mysteries too. I think those who were in the military and/or in the police departments in their areas across the world will endear this book and applaud this main character because they would understand his issues and his actions. I also think this book will ease up the tension and anxiety some people will have regarding policemen and women because this book provides a softened image of them towards the end. And I truly enjoyed this book for the following reasons: 1) I finished it even though I am someone who is easily intimidated by guns and blood and foul language; and 2) the ending just makes it worth my while. So w
Grymm 11 months ago
I can’t help but assume that O’Keefe pulled a lot of inspiration from real-life events he (or his colleagues) have gone through while working in the police force. These situations, sometime a bit grisly, are very realistic and the author does a great job of painting Durr (our main character) in such a way that I might as well have met the guy myself. The turmoil, not just the plot but the character’s transformation throughout the story, really makes the character real. Durr really goes through a gauntlet of emotion as he fights himself as well as the stress of the job. The writing itself is solid, and I’d gladly read another story by this author. The plot moves quickly, it certainly didn’t seem like a 400+ page book going through it. This book is definitely worth the read, as many other reviews have mentioned: O’Keefe did a great job with this book.
ReadersFavorite2 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers' Favorite Shot to Pieces by Michael O’Keefe is a fictional crime story with a basis in fact. Padraig Joseph Durr, a 1st Grade NYPD detective, is falling apart. A childhood of sexual exploitation and abuse has followed Durr through life, bringing him to the edge of a meltdown. He feels as if he is an unimportant person, he has no place in life and nobody wants him around. When he gets the call to attend a gang-related murder, he throws himself into it but he can't shake off his past. This could be the case that pushes him completely over the edge or it could be the one that brings him back together with his family. Which will it be? Salvation or self-destruct? Shot to Pieces by Michael O’Keefe may be a fictional story but there are elements of truth, of fact in it. This is a gripping, gritty tale of one man’s bid to put his life back on track. From page one, you can't help but be drawn into the story, a story that is written from the heart, harrowing and vividly laid out in all its grisly glory. We can't possibly understand what our police face on a day to day basis. Based on real happenings in Brooklyn in 1992 and written from the point of view of someone who was there, in the middle of it, this story is told with open honesty and very real detail. The story might appear to be somewhat random, flitting through Durr’s life, but it all makes sense and there is nothing here that doesn’t impact on the story. The characters are real, identifiable and developed thoroughly, and the plot is thrilling from start to finish. This is powerful stuff, highly recommended for those who want a really gripping story to get their teeth into.
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite Shot to Pieces is a thrilling work of crime fiction by author Michael O’Keefe. In a story set in the dangerous contemporary world of the NYPD, we follow Detective Padraig Joseph Durr into the not so secret gang world of Brooklyn to investigate a potential homicide. But although the world of the gangs of New York is a perilous one, Durr’s real problems are deep in his own mind. Struggling with the lifelong hardship of being an abused and exploited child, Durr has horrific inner demons which have already cost him his family and his only love. It’s make or break during this case for the detective, ending either in resolution or total destruction. I absolutely loved this book. The crime plot with the gangs was very well done and interesting to follow; however, the real star of the whole novel is Detective Durr’s inner psyche. I felt so terribly sorry for him and the life he had as a young boy, but it’s also difficult not to pass judgement on the wrongs he’s committed as an adult in terms of his own self destruction. The plot follows a compelling journey of a man on the road to ruin, and as the reader I constantly wanted to pull him back from the brink myself. Michael O’Keefe has created an emotional sensation that keeps readers with their hearts in their throats at every decision Durr makes. Overall, Shot to Pieces will not only please crime fans, but fans of powerfully emotive fiction in general.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Renee Guill for Readers' Favorite Shot to Pieces by Michael O’Keefe is a novel about Detective Padraig (Paddy) Durr. Detective Durr works for the NYPD in the 83rd precinct. Shot to Pieces tells the story of Detective Durr’s life while the detective is working on a case. It kind of reminds you of the show NYPD Blue (yes, I’m old). Michael O’Keefe goes behind the scenes and goes into great detail. In fact, I should give readers a trigger warning. There are swear words and lots of detailed bloody scenes, even a detailed autopsy. Michael O’Keefe shows how it takes a lot of cops and different sections to crack a case, especially a big one like this one was. I thought Shot to Pieces by Michael O’Keefe was fascinating. I love detective shows and novels like this. You get the behind the scenes look at how the police force really works. The fact that Durr was a detective makes it even better. I also loved how he explained things in great detail, maybe too much sometimes. Also, he gave definitions when needed. Michael O’Keefe did a great job in giving details about each character, and talked about how they all worked as a team. The world building was also well done. I could picture myself in NYC, and I have never been there. I actually hope this gets turned into a movie or a television show. There was a lot of action and high end drama in a feel good story, and hopefully there are more stories like this to come.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just finished a thoroughly well written and entertaining novel called SHOT TO PIECES by Michael O'keefe. Mr. O’keefe is a retired first grade detective with the N.Y.P.D. Believe me, Det. O'keefe knows of what he writes. I could help becoming thoroughly engrossed in the lives of the of the detectives and the officers of which he writes so eloquently. Mr. O’keefe is a tremendous writer who has a brilliant talent for retelling of what no doubt are true stories. He leaves the reader feeling like he has just finished a 4 to 1 o’clock tour. Simply put, I loved this book. As soon as I finish this review I'm going to send an email to Mr. O'Keefe requesting that I be one of his early readers for the sequel that I am sure is to come. The arrival of the sequel will be a day that I will relish with the intensity that he wrote when he composed this brilliant police procedural. I have read and reviewed countless police procedurals. SHOT TO PIECES compares favorably with the likes of Michael Connelly, Peter Blauner and Don Winslow. If you say has Mr. O'Keefe placed himself in the same class as those tremendous authors, I would say no, not yet. I would also say that Mr. O’Keefe’s time will come when he is considered a truly outstanding writer of commercial fiction specializing in police procedurals. Buy this book forthwith.