Showdown With Demons

Showdown With Demons

by M. K. Theodoratus

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Once Crossings was a tranquil town nestled in the foothills of the Sierras—a place Ebe Brown thought was a paradise. His peaceful life is shattered when strangers appear to raise guard dogs.

A group of dog farmers led by a brawny trainer, Rabler, takes up residence and establishes a questionable business raising guard dogs. Sinister events begin to occur almost immediately after their arrival. Ebe Brown, a lifelong resident, suspects Rabler and his henchmen are not what they seem to be on the surface. When Ebe’s dog disappears, he confronts the outsiders and his suspicions deepen, but local law enforcement turns a blind eye on the dog-farmers’ menacing behavior and their disturbing presence. The townsfolk are alone in their fight.

Ebe reaches out to the old leader of the magic working hill folk for help. Nance, a tough as nails herb woman, is determined to set things right again, one way or another. Unfortunately, Rabler and his crew have other plans. Their threats fail when Nance refuses to back down, and all hell breaks loose. When Nance is killed, Ebe is filled with remorse for failing to save her.

This suspense-filled novella reaches a cataclysmic end when Ebe fights to save his self-respect and the people of Crossings.

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BN ID: 2940046127690
Publisher: M. K. Theodoratus
Publication date: 08/23/2014
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 122,027
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About the Author

"Fantasy is a wonderful way to run away from the mundane,” sez me. Others say, "M.K. Theodoratus is a captivating storyteller who prefers the power of short stories. Theodoratus has been in love with fantasy since first discovering the Oz books as a child. She has never stopped delving into the fantasy worlds of other writers. She became inflicted with an addiction to story and writing after creating a Nancy Drew fan fiction novel for a school assignment. Her incomplete assignment turned into her first novel the summer after the sixth grade. Now, Theodoratus has created the worlds of Andor and Far Isles Half-Elven for readers to get lost in. Andor is populated with stalking demons, always hunting for unsuspecting humans to prey on and terrorize, and magic. The Far Isle Half-Elven is a society in upheaval as genetic drift of the hybrid human-elf population changes everything from relationships to politics. Check out her short stories about Andor and the Far Isles, some of them free. M.K. Theodoratus loves connecting with fans. Check out her author hub for news and snippets of upcoming work at You can read and comment on her blog, find her on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and Google+.

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Showdown With Demons 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Susan-Keefe More than 1 year ago
Set in the fantasy world of Andor, this is the tale of Crossings, a quiet town where people go about their own business and don’t like change. Ebe, is one of the locals, an elderly widower, living quietly in his cabin, minding his own business, until the strangers arrive, and set up a dog farm across the valley on the land his grandmother once owned. Soon the tranquillity of their peaceful life is shattered as the unfriendly farmers become abusive and menacing to the locals, guarding their land with their ferocious dogs. Ebe’s property overlooks the farm, and he has his suspicions that foul play is afoot. When his dog disappears he pays the farmers a visit, but his reception and a closer look at the farm does nothing to calm his fears, something is happening there, the farmers have a strange look about them, they are hiding a secret, and all is not as it seems. The police will not help the locals, the farmers from the city have too much money, however, the hill folk are not as powerless as they seem. Nance, is the leader of the hill folk, she is as old as the hills, fearless, and with her Guardians and powers she stands against the forces of evil who have taken over their lives. When the farmers arrive at her door, Ebe watches powerless as a battle of good against evil ensues, but is it a battle Nance can win, and will the peaceful inhabitants of Crossings ever be safe from the terrible evil? This is a wonderful story, anyone who has lived in a small community which has been subject to change can immediately emphasize with this small town, not wanting to be interfered with, resenting unfriendly newcomers, and resisting change. However, this is not an ordinary community and the characters in this story are not all normal people, some of them have magical powers and the changes are not minor, they are a struggle of good versus evil. I read this book in one sitting, it has a wonderful storyline and is a really enjoyable fantasy.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is more entertaning then i thought!
ColleenLowe More than 1 year ago
‘Showdown at Crossings: A Tale of Andor’ is such a multifaceted fantasy story. Set in Andor, a kind of alternate world where demons attack the human world, the story is told from the perspective of Ebe Brown, often dipping into the inner thoughts and emotions of this underdog character as Ebe laments the changes of a beautiful community and realizes the desire to avenge an old friend named Nance. Dogs, frogtrolls, a changing community nestled in the Sierras, what’s not to love? I really related to Ebe’s desire to reconcile himself with what happened to Nance through action. Despite Ebe’s apparent lack of ability to face such enemies as a nest of frogtrolls, the character manages to maintain an “all in a day’s work” attitude to these magical intrusions and their powers. The story is pleasantly short but definitely complete, giving the reader a great look into a world I would surely like to revisit, whether or not the same characters remain. I’m very well read in the fantasy genre, and I can’t remember ever finding a story that is quite like this one. I love how the magical aspects of the story are not an overt constant-focus, instead they form the backdrop of Ebe’s motives and the problems in the Crossings community. It makes for a more realistic fantasy world, if you can even call it that. I’m not very familiar with MK Theodoratus’ work, but after reading ‘A Tale of Andor,’ it’s clear that the author has a certain skill for building a captivating plot with many moving parts in a unique but eerily relatable world that could still never exist. On top of it all, I’m a huge dog person, so any story aimed ad defeating evil dog farmers is a good one by me.