Shu'ara al Arab Adonis

Shu'ara al Arab Adonis

by Hasan Yahya


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Adonis, pen name of Ali Ahmad Said, 1930-, a well known Syrian poet and essayist, generally considered as the greatest living poet of the Arab world. He began writing poetry in the 1950s. After being jailed (1955) for antigovernment activities, he moved (1956) to Beirut, where he cofounded (1957) the journal Shi'r [poetry] and founded (1968) the avant-garde cultural magazine Mawaqif [positions]. He has lived in Paris since the early 1980s and has taught at several universities, and has been regularly nominated for the Noble Prize award since 1988.

Adonis is a key figure in Arab modernism. His authored more than 20 books include the poetry of Aghani Mihyar ad-Dimashqi [song of Mihyar the Damascene] (1961). Adonis has frequently provoked controversy as a critic of Arab society, an exponent of secular democracy, and a foe of both materialism and organized religion. This is a good read book.

The selection of this book for publication in the process of Ihyaa al Turath al Arabi fil Mahjar (revival of Arab Heritage in Diaspora) project. Both are originated by the author.

The author is an Arab-Palestinian-American theorist, sociologist, philosopher, writer and historian. He's a former professor of Comparative Sociology . He is the Board Editing member at International Humanities Studies (IHS) Journal (Jerusalem-Spain) and several other USA, journals. His (260 plus) publication may be observed on Amazon and Kindle. Dr. Yahya resides in Michigan, has four children and ten grandchildren.

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