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I never forgot her. Not for one minute. Not from the last time I saw her, at seventeen, to today. I measured all women against her and all women came up short.

But being with her was unfeasible in high school, and it's taboo now.

I see her sometimes, but I've never spoken to her. She runs, or I run. We're in the same town, on the same block, in the same building, and the gulf between us is just too wide to cross.

Until tonight.


He was my high school crush, back when I lived in a world that didn't want me. He was the perfect boy, and I was the outcast kid from the other side of town. And when he held my hand I thought I could fit in, just a little. I thought I could be his and he could be mine.

Then he left, and my life fell apart.

Now we are the king and queen of opposite sides of Hollywood. And we haven't spoken a word to each other.

Until tonight.


"A confident, badass heroine and a swoon worthy, good guy find each other in CD Reiss's latest contemporary romance. It's a Hollywood affair with more colors of reality than fairytale, depicting an honest and endearing paparazzi meets movie star relationship that captures all the swoon and flutters of the best love stories. With strikingly beautiful prose and the contrasting gritty, vivid Los Angeles setting, SHUTTERGIRL is Reiss's finest work yet." --Laurelin Paige, author of the NY Times bestselling Fixed Trilogy

"Engaging, sexy, and noteworthy, SHUTTERGIRL is just another example of why CD Reiss is one of my go to authors. Her clean writing style, flawed but relatable characters, and well-crafted story make this book one that's hard to put down even after you read the last page." --Kristy Bromberg, NY Times bestselling author of the Driven Trilogy

"I went into SHUTTERGIRL not knowing what magic CD Reiss had created. Instantly, I was swept away with perfect prose, incredible imagery, and a character connection I loved. In my mind, it was a perfect modern day fairy-tale where the loved and hated try to bridge the chasm of society's unwritten laws and listen to what they want, rather than what Hollywood tells them. It's the shit. Buy it." --Pepper Winters, NY Times bestelling author of the Monsters in the Dark series

"Forbidden yet sweet. SHUTTERGIRL will make you believe that love has the power to break down all barriers. CD Reiss shows us her sweet side, but still manages to keep things sexy as hell." --Claire Conteras, NY Times author of KALEIDOSCOPE HEARTS

"Tender romance, smart writing. A total winner. Smart and romantic with characters you will root for until the end. I'm already looking forward to reading this book again. A story rich with tenderness and romance, written with the intelligence and wit that is all CD Reiss. I loved everything about SHUTTERGIRL!" --Mia Sheridan, NY Times bestselling author of the Sign of Love series

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Publisher: Flip City Media Inc
Publication date: 05/18/2015
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Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 365
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About the Author

CD Reiss is a New York Times bestseller. She still has to chop wood and carry water, which was buried in the fine print. Her lawyer is working it out with God but in the meantime, if you call and she doesn't pick up, she's at the well, hauling buckets.

Born in New York City, she moved to Hollywood, California to get her master's degree in screenwriting from USC. In case you want to know, that went nowhere, but it gave her a big enough ego to try her hand at novels. She’ll tell you all about it in the back, where a cord of wood awaits.

If you meet her in person, you should call her Christine.

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Shuttergirl 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 22 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Unfortunately this book was not for me. I just couldn't love the characters, no matter how hard I tried. The story was ho hum. I hate giving 2 stars. But I love this author so one book won't bring me down.
Xkoqueen More than 1 year ago
Adorable and Engaging Contemporary Romance I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Shuttergirl by C.D. Reiss is a contemporary romance, and with its publication, Ms. Reiss continues to expand her repertoire of genres in which she dazzles her readers. Who doesn’t adore a second-chance-at-love story? Shuttergirl does not disappoint in this department. It is filled with emotions and sensations that grip the reader from page one and continue to tug at you through the entire book.  Laine Cartwright appears to be a highly successful, apparently hardboiled paparazza who gets the shot no matter the consequences. Par for the course, Ms. Reiss’ characters are never that one dimensional. Laine is not really all that hardboiled. She’s developed a hard shell to protect herself from all of life’s unmet desires and expectations. Inside that shell is a vulnerable woman. Her past makes her vulnerable—her past circumstances and her past choices. Michael Greydon is a god—deliciously good looking, a natural athlete, graceful and poised in all social and public settings. He is a Hollywood legacy despite his family’s wishes and his head for numbers. Michael has been raised to respect that legacy and to behave above reproach at all times . The paparazzi annoy him as much as any other celeb, but he doesn’t show it. He plays to the camera like he is Mr. Cool with no cares in the world. When people from such different worlds find each other, do their lives merge into one charming, babbling brook or do they collide and form angry, class-5 rapids? The secondary characters are fun and sometimes quirky; collectively they are the perfect foils to Laine and Michael. The litany of extras provide rich conversation and interesting plot points. Even Ms. Reiss’ secondary characters are multifaceted.  Laine and Michael are like a crisp black and white photo: dark shadows juxtapose to bright-white light. Together their black and white edges are crisp, and they highlight every crack in their respective facades. The interesting conflicts in the story are quintessentially LA and Hollywood. I loved that the conflicts are not far-fetched or overdone. I adored that there was a natural flow to the ending instead of a quick rescue to an unrealistic HEA. The story wraps up perfectly with both characters’ inner strength restored and their hearts filled with hope.  C.D. Reiss’ Shuttergirl is well written; it has a well-paced plot and engaging characters. The evocative descriptions give readers’ five senses a workout. No matter where the reader resides, s/he will feel like s/he knows LA by the end of this delightful romance.  *The review was done in conjunction with Nerd Girl Official.
Rhondaz More than 1 year ago
5 STARS TO SHUTTERGIRL!! Click, Click, Click this story is a picture in my memory, I will never forget this book. This story flows beautifully with all the Hollywood stars, paparazzi, glamour and glitter. I loved the story between Michael the sexy actor and Laine the paparazzi, these two have a story to tell you. This was my first book by CD Reid's and she has gained a new reader.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Kind of a silly book. Easy to read as can skim most of it.
ReadingFrenzyBookBlog More than 1 year ago
While ShutterGirl is a bit of a departure from CD Reiss’s more sensual writings, her foray into the contemporary romance genre has all the hallmarks I’ve come to expect from CD’s work: superb writing woven with complex characters and a captivating plot. This is an alluring second-chance love story about two completely opposite people who dare to fall in love. Michael Greydon was born into a life of privilege as the son of Hollywood royalty. Laine Cartwright grew up a foster child, bouncing from one foster family to another. Their paths crossed for a time in high school before circumstances separated them. Fast-forward ten years. Laine (aka ShutterGirl) has conquered adversity to become a confident, successful paparazzi. Michael is now a superstar – Hollywood’s golden boy with an Oscar-worthy film premiering. When they meet again, Michael is on one side of the velvet rope; Laine is on the other. Although it’s career suicide for them both, they are inescapably drawn to each other. They begin a passionate affair but does a paparazzi from the wrong side of the tracks really have a future with America’s Boyfriend? Are they willing to fight expectations and risk their careers for a chance at happiness? I fell in love with Laine. She is fearless and resilient, loyal and so deserving of love. Michael is just an all-around decent guy – sweet, faithful, a problem fixer, and fiercely protective. There were a couple times I found myself confused by the recollections of the past and I needed to re-read passages for clarification. Nonetheless, I was impressed by CD’s effortless writing style and enthralled with the sumptuous poetry of her words. This book left me with a huge smile on my face. It has a swoon-worthy ending that reminded me of some of my favorite chic flicks. The only thing that would have made it better would have been an epilogue. Another winner for CD Reiss!
khulseman More than 1 year ago
"Los Angeles is mine." Laine is the paparazza. Michael is a hot Hollywood actor. They are always on opposite sides of the velvet rope. But not always. As teens they had the chance to connect, but then opportunities got in the way. Now, they are adults, a chance meeting in a bar with a camera thrown off the balcony brings these two characters onto the same side of the rope. The past has a way of creeping out of the shadows, and in Hollywood, any bit of gossip is fair game to spin. "I own this city. I walk with its rhythms, run with its breath, speak its language. Los Angeles is my lover." I am a huge fan of CD Reiss' characters. She delves deep so you get immersed in what they are thinking and feeling. Laine is such a strong female lead. She has been dealt a huge sucky hand but made silk from a sow's ear. Michael is entitled, gifted and never had to work for opportunities. However when Laine's past comes to create massive baggage, Michael stumbles. Makes him human. This novel is more than a romance. It's a look it the world of celebrity from a different lens. As the general public, we purchase celebrity gossip mags, watch TMZ and preach what they are saying as the Gospel. We forget they are people, things are not what they seem at times. We, the public, are too quick to judge. Ms. Reiss does a beautiful job of giving the reader a deep look into these characters through alternating POVs to see the realness of them. There is a third character that I cannot overlook, Los Angeles. This is what made it a Five Star read for me. Through movies, magazines, TV reality shows, etc. they all taint Los Angeles. Make her into something she is not. CD Reiss gives you a true look at my Los Angeles. If you love CD Reiss' work, this will not disappoint. If you never read her, she concentrates on the main characters. The supporting characters give a lift o to the thoughts, feelings and actions of our Hero and Heroine. I highly recommend this book. And CD, if you read this review, we need to meet at Tierra Mia on Spring St Downtown - BEST horchata latte in the city. Need to get you out of Starbucks.
Marie_J More than 1 year ago
Fantastic read! The writing is flawless! The story is interesting, sexy, and sweet. I have never been to LA but this book made me feel as if I was experiencing it in person. I highly recommend!!
BookwormBrandee More than 1 year ago
*4.5 Hollywood Stars* I'm a fan of Reiss' writing. I know that when I open up a book from her I'm going to get beautiful prose, a well-conceived and wonderfully wrought story, intense emotions, and amazing characters. ShutterGirl is set outside the Drazen family, so it's different than any of her previous works. But Reiss delivered on all counts. Laine and Michael come from two different worlds. He's an A-list Hollywood actor. She's the bane of every celebrity - a paparazza. He was born into privilege. She was born into the system. His life was mapped out at birth - a rising star. Her life seemed destined for a downward path. They couldn't be more different. But a year spent at a prep school together - a year when Laine's foster parents were rich - left an indelible mark on each of them. A mark that sparks when they happen to meet again. Reiss does an excellent job of making sense of these characters who don't make sense - at least on the surface. That their second chance at love accompanies them each learning so much about themselves was a treat. Laine is such a survivor. She picked herself up off the ground and made a decent life for herself. But she had to learn to accept all the parts of herself and she had to forgive herself to move onto the next chapter. Michael, who's spent a large portion of his life pretending to be someone else - pretending at life - has to figure out who hs really is and own it. Being witness to it all was addicting - kinda like tabloids. I couldn't stop watching as it all played out. ShutterGirl left me in awe. It's a riveting, entertaining Hollywood story with a side of second chance love. Go ahead and grab a copy. You know your enquiring mind wants to know! ;)
SMcD More than 1 year ago
CD Reiss has done it again! Her writing style captivates from start to finish, never letting you go. I fell in love with the characters from the beginning. You feel like you are right there with them experiencing all of their emotions. And there are MANY emotions you will feel when you read this second chance love story. Every chapter will have you wanting more. The writing is simply entrancing. The characters? Michael. Hollywood good guy. Laine. Hollywood paparazzi. What could go wrong? How will this love story end? You really need to read it to find out. You will not be disappointed. A definite must read!
BookBellas More than 1 year ago
4.5 - 5 Stars!! Another unexpected and fresh story from CD Reiss. Shuttergirl is a bittersweet, second-chance love story that is at once sweet and poignant and gritty as well. The City of Los Angeles is as much of a main character here as Laine and Michael and adds a dark and gloomy undercurrent to the themes of the book. CD Reiss' City of Angels is not the shiny, glamourous world we might see on TV or in the moves or glossy magazines, but instead is a gloomy city of darkness beneath all the glitter, populated by scores of paparazzi all trying to land their next big payday off of the next big celebrity. This story fascinated me on many different levels. Our hero and heroine Michael and Laine are from different worlds, whose paths crossed for a brief time in high school. She was the scruffy foster child and he was the Golden Boy, the son of Hollywood royalty. She had known incredible pain and suffering in her short life and he was raised in the privilged world of Hollywood. Laine was a tough-as-nails street child who hid a sensitive heart. And now, years later, their paths cross again. Only this time, she is a member of the reviled pack of paparazzi who stalk the every move of Hollywood's golden elite. He looked over his shoulder at me. “Shuttergirl.” I stepped forward, putting my hands on the railing. “Is that the only name you know me by?” “It’s the name I can repeat in company.” Michael has lived his life according to plan and just once, aches to break out of the public persona that has been created for him: My life had been written at birth, a list of opportunities read out loud to the world. Beginning, middle, and end. I had found security in that room to make decisions, yet the safety of limits. Laine had come and folded the paper, creasing my expectations in high school with her life story. Now, with her breath on my shoulder, she folded my life into an airplane and shot it out the window. The writing was the same, but the choices had changed, become wider and yet more limited. I’d gone from fake to real. From painting to sculpture. From acting as if I was living to actually being alive."He was wearing me down, layer by layer, like a heat gun peeling off coats of paint and toxic lead whitewash to the bare wood. I was fascinated by this tale of the darker side of Hollywood stardom and was immediately drawn in by the author's crisp, clean writing style. Shuttergirl is a refreshingly different take on a second-chance love story and I highly recommend this fast-paced, sometimes heartbreaking but always swoony story.
JustJess73 More than 1 year ago
Shuttergirl is the kind of story I love best - the sweetness and pain in between the cracks of big, bold lives. Laine and Michael are on opposite sides of the camera in L.A., and they share a past that's as much fantasy as reality. To an outsider they're all wrong for each other, but their connection can't be cast aside. And so a tough girl with a fragile heart and a golden boy who's made a career out of putting his desires last are reunited. CD Reiss's Hollywood is front and center with some cameos that Jonathan & Monica Drazen fans will recognize. But the most important element of this story is the relationship between Michael and Laine, and the way they're drawn together to save each other. In a town where everything is for sale and nothing is sacred, they find a way to find what's real and protect it like their lives depend on it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this story, but listing it as a stand alone gives you a pretty unfullfilled ending. It is not a cliffhanger, it ends...but it just ends and leaves you wanting a little more. Author says she MAY release an is definitely needed and should have been included to get 5*.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
gadgetgirl56 More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved this book!
Lisa-Lou More than 1 year ago
ShutterGirl by C.D. Reiss is a stand-alone contemporary romance set amongst the glamour and darkness that is Hollywood. Laine is a paparazzi. SHe has an uncanny instinct for where to be and of getting the perfect shot. Michael is an A-lister that never sets a foot wrong. A publicists dream. These two met years ago, briefly, and as the story starts are thrown into proximity of each otehr again without Laine's camera between them for once. A beautiful story of a Hollywood actor done with playing nice and appeasing everyone and a paparazzi who realizes she may no longer be able to do the only thing she's ever been really good at, photographing celebrities. With a few dramatic turns that you don't see coming, this is a wonderful romance sweet and tragic by turns.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So glad I read this a truly great love story. Would like a novella to see what happens.
Marianna-ALustForReading More than 1 year ago
In high school they had an undeniable connection, drawn together like magnets. Until one day he left and took it away. Years later, it is still there, throbbing and building between them. Maybe now they have a second chance. A do over. But can that really happen when they live and work on opposite ends of a camera? I always get a little nervous when an author I adore does something outside of their norm. Though when it comes to CD Reiss, I knew I had nothing to worry about. Yes this is her first venture into a softer contemporary romance. Yes it is completely different than anything I've read by her previously. And yes, it was without a doubt exceptional. Beyond exceptional. No one writes like CD Reiss does. NO. ONE. Her words don't just make you feel the story, they make you live it. I was right there on the streets of Los Angeles with Michael and Laine. I was living their excitement, their hesitation, their connection. I felt every drop of it right down to my bones. That is what her writing does to me. Her words seep into your blood and then wrap themselves around your soul. It may hurt at times, but it's worth every ounce of pain. It's simply beautiful. I loved these two characters and their story. I loved that Michael wasn't some douche bag celebrity but a pretty down to earth guy. I hope Ms. Reiss will give us more in this genre in addition to her beautifully raw erotic romance novels.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
CD rules again!
Emily-SBDR More than 1 year ago
"It's always been you." Hurting. Healing. Loving. Living. That, in a nutshell, is what this story is about. Laine Cartwright and Michael Greydon shared a blink of time years ago, a blink where lasting impressions were made, and believe it or not, love began to form. That was before the tracks their lives were on took them even further apart. To places they never asked to go, and for both places that molded them into people who are missing their spark. Missing their spark, because the only one capable of lighting it was the other.  In true CD Reiss form, this dear author has given her readers something equally unique and just as spellbinding as her previous works, yet completely different at the same time. She took the angst out, and put the realism in. All the while leaving the heart-gripping moments and emotional rollercoaster. ShutterGirl has left the dirty grit at home, but brought on full intensity, and a really memorable story that will touch your heart and cheer for Michael and Laine's conclusion.  The one word I think best describes this book is - refreshing. It could have gone down so many boring, predictable and mundane paths, but it reeled me in and trapped me in its flawless story. It brought me two characters that simply wanted to be. Be with one another, despite their livelihoods clashing neither made sacrifices based on the other's demands. And it also took all the bulls--t out of romance books. Obviously, I love romance novels, but I have my pet peeves. ShutterGirl didn't hit a single one of those pet peeves, which is a bit miraculous in and of itself. Laine and Michael are an independent/dependent couple if that makes sense. They want each other, and they become the best versions of themselves with one another, but they also have several aspects of their lives that are theirs alone. It's hard to explain and I hope I don't sound like a rambling ninny, but despite me not having one iota in common with either of them they seemed incredibly relatable and real to me. And that's that. That's what it comes down to is that I related and I enjoyed every bit of the time I spent in a world I could only imagine. Definitely earns high recommendations from me. Happy Reading! *ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*
ValleyoftheBookDoll More than 1 year ago
So different from C.D.’s usual, yet still a great read. Let me just get that out of the way.  Do not expect the usual material we see from the Erotic Romance Queen. However, don’t let it deter you from reading ShutterGirl either. While this book is a standalone and categorized as contemporary romance, there are elements of mystery and suspense, and we definitely get some really steamy scenes. There’s a lot of underlying tension that made up for the lack of sex. But instead of being endowed with a majority of sexual encounters, this story delves deeper into the storyline at hand. Laine Cartwright herself is rough around the edges. She’s never lived a cotton candy lifestyle and eventually that is what sends her life and relationship over the cliff.  Laine grew up in the foster care system. One set of parents had her living in LA and schooling amongst celebrity children and future stars. One of those fellow students being Michael Greydon. Michael just so happens to be the child prodigy of two talented actors. Taking on his first project in high school, he leaves his senior year to begin his own future as an actor.  Nine years later, Laine is the infamous “ShutterGirl” who is the notorious female known for getting the money shots of hot celebrities, especially in their less than fine moments. One of her favorite actors to shoot is Hollywood’s sweet and talented Michael Greydon. One dramatic encounter at a nightclub kickstarts their reunion and reactivates their high school relationship. Glitz, glamour, fame, and money. That’s what everyone sees on the surface, but underneath that all is something much less shiny and enviable. Both Michael and Laine’s stories brought many emotions to the surface, but Laine’s certainly gripped my heart and squeezed till I felt like exploding. I cried over what she had to endure and how strong she was despite it all. She was quite the inspiring female. I love the way this story gives you the perspective of two types of people that are generally seen as superficial, greedy, and emotionless. In this book, you get to see an actor that is insecure, lonely, and tired of the Hollywood routine. You see a paparazza that doesn’t completely love her job, but is her only real option if she wants food and shelter and continue her passion for photography. The character development shifted fluidly; from needing to please everyone to doing what they wanted for themselves.  The only itty bitty problem I had with the book overall was the pacing in some sections of the story. Certain moments seem to drag on a little, while at the end, it actually rushed a bit. The ending would have been nicer for me if that was dragged out a little more, or perhaps if a short epilogue was included.  What Reiss did fabulously in this novel was the vivid detailing of the scenes. Everything from what the room look liked to exactly where the characters were in Los Angeles. Even if I didn’t know LA like the back of my hand, I could’ve easily seen LA while I was reading. I had no idea what to expect when I first dove into this book. What I ended up getting was a spellbindingly raw story. I was intrigued by the Hollywood world presented and since I detest paparazzi as a whole, I was curious to see one’s perspective. An actor and a pap stripped down to the core and revealed. Pick up this book if you’re eager to read something new from Reiss. And for readers looking for some drama and angst, you’ll surely get addicted to this story of Hollywood’s secrets and scandals.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I couldnt put it down and read it in 1 day. I loved it!
Tj89 More than 1 year ago
Shuttergirl by C.D. Reiss 5 stars I was happy, I was sad, I wanted to cry, I did cry, I was speechless, then I cheered. This book was an up and down of emotions.  Laine is witty, very street smart, beautiful, creative, damaged yet strong. I loved everything about her, her inner dialogue was so real and raw in the best ways. Her journey towards healing and trusting, and real happiness was so good!  Michael is such a good guy with a big heart that had never really challenged himself to be anything but exactly what he'd been expected to be. I was so wrapped up in how much he really wanted to find a way to be the man he really wanted to be outside of his public persona. I couldn't believe just how he went along his journey throughout the story. I enjoyed it all, every last bit of it, and loved the end!