Siddur Farhi: Daily Prayers - Hebrew with Arabic Translation

Siddur Farhi: Daily Prayers - Hebrew with Arabic Translation

by Dr. Hillel Yaacob Farhi


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ISBN-13: 9781506108452
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 02/18/2015
Pages: 574
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.16(d)

About the Author

Dr. Hillel Yaacob Farhi was born in 1868 in Damascus and died in 1940 in Cairo. He first attended a local yeshiva where he studied Hebrew, the Torah and the Talmud. He went on to finish his education in non-sectarian schools where he mastered Arabic, Turkish, French, English & Italian. At the age of 21, he began Medical School at the American University in Beirut and graduated in 1901 from the London Hospital Medical School. In Egypt, Dr. Farhi first worked in Helouan, Assouan and then in Cairo. He was a general practitioner to generations of families and for 27 years Chief Doctor at the Egyptian Rail System Administration.

Dr. Farhi would spent his evenings deepening his knowledge of languages and philosophy, studying the Bible commentaries, translating the poems of Omar Khayyam and writing articles published in Egyptian newspapers. In 1935, he co-founded the Jewish Youth Association in Cairo and the Jewish Historical Studies Association of Egypt.

The masterpieces of Dr. Farhi's literary work are his translations from Hebrew to Arabic of the prayers following the Egyptian Sephardic rites.

Dr. Farhi's published Original and Translated Books

• Siddur Farhi for Daily Prayers in Hebrew and Arabic
• Mahzor Farhi for Rosh Hashanah in Hebrew and Arabic
• Mahzor Farhi for Yom HaKipourim in Hebrew and Arabic
• Hagadah of Pessah in Hebrew and Arabic
• Agoudat Perahim Hagadah, Pirqe Abot, Azharot, Pitgamim
• El Argouzarat El Fariheiya including the 613 Mitsvots in Hebrew and Arabic
• Ma'aseh 'Abot on the Signs and Abbreviations in Hebrew
• Memories of the House of David written with Mr. N. Milloul in Hebrew
• The letter of the Calendar Calculations with the Sidour in Arabic
• Comments on a book called The Treasure in Arabic
• Divertissements & Games in 2 volumes in Arabic
• Rubaiyat of Omar El Khayam in Hebrew Poetry
• Igron Farhi in Arabic

To be Published (as of 1917) and probably lost

• Dictionary Farhi 2 volumes Hebrew, Arabic, English
• Dictionary for the Comparison of Hebrew to Arabic in Hebrew and Arabic
• Rules of Poetry in Hebrew and Arabic
• Rules of Hebrew Grammar in Arabic
• Mahzor Farhi for Shalosh Regalim in Hebrew and Arabic
• Hanokh LaNa'ar (Teach the Child) in Hebrew and Arabic
• Principles of Jewish Faith in Arabic
• Chapters of Moses by Maimonides in English
• Collection of Different Tales and Sayings in Arabic
• Commentary on Jewish Faith in Arabic
• History of the Jews in Egypt in Arabic
• Collection of General Comments
• Blood Libels

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