Side by Side Book 1

Side by Side Book 1

by Steven J. Molinsky, Bill Bliss

Other Format(Spiral Bound - Teachers G)


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ISBN-13: 9780130267535
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication date: 11/28/2001
Series: Side by Side Series
Edition description: Teachers G
Pages: 426
Product dimensions: 8.46(w) x 10.83(h) x 0.67(d)

Table of Contents

1. Review: Describing Past, Present and Future Actions. Birthday and Gifts. Telling about Friendships. Small Talk in the Hall. Grammar: Like to. Review of Tenses. Time Expressions. Indirect Object Pronouns.
2. Food. Buying Food. Describing Food Preferences. Being a Guest at Mealtime. Cafeteria Food. Grammar: Count/Non-Count Nouns.
3. Buying Food. Describing Food. Eating in a Restaurant. Recipes. Computers: They Keyboard. Grammar: Partitives. Count/Non-Count Nouns. Imperatives.
4. Telling about the Future. Probability. Possibility. Warnings. Seasons. Writing a Note. Computers: The Mouse and the Trackball. Grammar: Future Tense. Time Expressions. Might.
5. Making Comparisons. Advice. Parents and Children. Comparing Life in Difference Places. Expressing Opinions. Expressing Agreement and Disagreement. Computers/Ergonomics. Grammar: Comparatives. Should. Possessive Pronouns.
6. Describing Character Traits. Shopping in a Department Store. Describing Products. Telling about Your Country: People, Places and Popular Culture. Discussing Opinions. Surveys and Bar Graphs. Grammar: Superlatives.
7. Getting Around Town. Public Transportation. Following Written Directions to a Place. Drawing a Map and Writing Directions. Making Recommendations. Computers: The Macintosh Desktop. Grammar: Directions.
8. Describing People's Actions. Performance on the Job and in School. Describing Plans and Intentions. Consequences of Actions. Superstitions. Understanding Feedback. Grammar: Adverbs. Comparatives of Adverbs. AgentNouns. If-Clauses.
9. Describing Ongoing Past Activities. Reporting a Crime. Expressing Regret. Telling about an Accident. Mishaps. Conflict Resolution. Grammar: Past Continuous Tense. Reflexive Pronouns. While-Clauses.
10. Expressing Past and Future Ability. Expressing Past and Future Obligation. Making Excuses. Repair Services. Telling about Frustrations and Disappointments. Giving Explanations and Making Excuses. Grammar: Could. Be Able to. Too + Adjectives.
11. Health. Nutrition. Following Instructions. Medical Examinations. Medical Advice. Grammar: Must. Must vs. Should. Count/Non-Count Nouns. Past Tense Review.
12. Describing Future Activities. Making Plans by Telephone. Expressing Time and Duration. Holidays. Stages of Life. Planning Course Selection with the Guidance Counselor. Grammar: Future Continuous Tense. Time Expressions.
13. Offering Help. Indicating Ownership. Problems with Neighbors. Problems with Household Appliances. Securing Repair Services. Car Problems. Helping Friends. Offering and Asking or Help at School. Grammar: Some/Any. Pronoun Review. Verb Tense Review

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