Signs of a Happy Baby: The Baby Sign Language Book

Signs of a Happy Baby: The Baby Sign Language Book

by William Paul White, Kathleen Ann Harper


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ISBN-13: 9781683502098
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 05/23/2017
Pages: 182
Sales rank: 837,119
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Co-authors and co-parents, Kathleen Ann Harper and William Paul White are the couple behind Signs of a Happy Baby and an integrated online learning center for parents.

Since 2004, William and his network of instructors have taught fun, interactive, and educational sign language classes and playgroups to more than 13,000 parents. William’s brick-and-mortar programs are offered at locations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, including Kaiser Permanente, Dignity Health, Sutter Health, Blossom Birth, Families@1st at Cisco Systems, and many others. Always fascinated by how people learn, William earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California, Santa Cruz, in psychobiology, the study of behavior from a biological perspective.

Kathleen is a certified life coach and the author of the Amazon bestseller The Well-Crafted Mom. In her groups and one-on-one coaching practice, Kathleen integrates coaching support with creative activities to help moms manage the transitions and challenges of motherhood. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from San Francisco State University in integrative healing, a specialized major incorporating studies in psychology, philosophy, religion, holistic health, and kinesiology. Kathleen and William live in the San Francisco Bay Area with their two sons (who both still sign).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Why Sign? The Benefits of Baby Sign Language 1

Signing Story: Signing Helps Your Child Tell You When Something is Wrong 1

Why Sign With Your Baby? 2

Potential Benefits of Baby Sign Language 4

Chapter One Quick Tip: Practice, Practice, Practice! 5

Kathleen's Coaching Comer: Imperfectly Perfect Parenting 7

Chapter 2 When to Begin to Sign 9

Signing Story: Sign Language Opens a Window into Your Child's World 9

When to Start Signing 9

How Speech is Processed in Your Baby's Brain 11

Stages of Speech Development 12

What to Do about the Naysayers 14

Chapter Two Quick Tip: Time it Right 15

Kathleen's Coaching Corner: Making Magic in Your Family 16

Chapter 3 Pay Attention 19

Signing Story: Signing Helps You to Develop a Stronger Connection 19

Paying Attention Pays Off 19

Chapter Three Quick Tip: Make Eye Contact 23

Kathleen's Coaching Corner: You Can't Spoil a Baby 24

Chapter 4 Use Your Words 27

Signing Story: Signing Creates Conversations with Your Child 27

Conversations Matter 28

Chapter Four Quick Tip: Be Consistent 31

Kathleen's Coaching Corner: Sleeping Like a Baby 33

Chapter 5 Go Play 36

Signing Story: Playing Around with Baby Sign Language 36

Signing and Play 37

Chapter Five Quick Tip: Put on a Happy Face, Sad Face, or Silly Face 41

Kathleen's Coaching Corner; Playful Parenting 42

Chapter 6 Watch This-Teachable Moments 44

Signing Story: Signing to Build a Tremendous Vocabulary 44

Take Advantage of the Teachable Moments 44

Bridging the Gap in a Bilingual Family 47

Chapter Six Quick Tip: Dominant and Non-Dominant Hands 48

Kathleen's Coaching Corner: Learning the Hard Way (for You) 50

Chapter 7 You're Okay-Patience and Positivity 53

Signing Story: Signing Provides Relief from Whining 53

Signing Helps Ease Everybody's Frustration 53

Chapter Seven Quick Tip: Hand-on-Hand Learning 57

Kathleen's Coaching Corner: Finding Patience for Yourself 59

Chapter 8 Signing in Special Circumstances 62

Signing Story: Sign Language is Invaluable 62

When Signing is Necessary and Needed 63

Chapter Eight Quick Tip: Home Signs 66

Kathleen's Coaching Corner: What to Expect 67

Chapter 9 Happily Ever After 70

Signing Story: When You Can't Quite Understand What Your Child is Saying 70

What the Dickens Are You Trying to Say? 71

Chapter Nine Quick Tip: Go All in 74

Kathleen's Coaching Corner: Shortcuts to Happiness 75

Endnotes 79

Babay Signing Dictionary 91

ASL Alphabet 92

ASL Numbers 93

ASL Handshapes 93

ASL Signs 95

Acknowledgments 149

About the Authors 153

Thank You 155

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