Signs of Freedom

Signs of Freedom

by German Martinez
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Paulist Press
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Signs of Freedom

Christian identity and mission are built on a sacramental bedrock. But modern secular culture has severely eroded the religious foundations on which traditional sacramental practice was based. German Martinez looks at this challenge comprehensively from the perspective of freedom, and sees in the Christian conception of freedom an opportunity to develop a sacramental worldview relevant to the new millennium. He applies a series of up-to-date methodologies and fresh pastoral approaches to the highly complex sacramental reality and to each individual sacrament. Intended for both scholarly research and pastoral ministry -- and perfect for a course on the sacraments -- Signs of Freedom presents the key issues of a renewed sacramentality that is rooted in ordinary life and celebrated in the liturgical mystery. This theology is grounded in a biblical, patristic, historical, and theological background. Martinez especially focuses on the christological, ecclesial, individual, and social aspects of the celebration of the sacraments as a dynamic and organic whole, emphasizing above all their spirituality.

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ISBN-13: 9780809141609
Publisher: Paulist Press
Publication date: 01/01/2004
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 978,478
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1The Sacramental Way of Life
1.A Sacramental Universe3
Interpretative Elements of Christian Sacramentality3
Symbols, Sacraments, and Mystery11
2.The Development of Christian Sacramentality24
Signs of Christ for the Journey24
Sacraments of Christian Freedom28
The Seven Sacraments of Christendom34
The Reformation and Sacramental Practice38
Vatican II and Beyond39
3.Basic Dimensions of Christian Sacramentality45
The Origin of the Sacraments45
Sacramental Principles46
Significance and Symbolic Meaning of Sacrament49
Seven Sacraments: An Organic View51
Sacramental Structures of Life51
An Organic World View54
Sacraments as Encounters of Freedom and Grace59
Signs of Faith60
Signs of Salvation63
Signs of Eternal Life67
4.Sacramental Mystery and Christian Spirituality70
The Sacramental Dimension of All Life70
Sacraments and Spirituality73
The Essential Characteristics of Sacramental Spirituality75
Part 2The Initiation and Foundational Church
5.Baptism: Rebirth in the Christ-Event85
The Foundational Charter86
Biblical Foundations86
Theological and Spiritual Foundations93
Christian Initiation: Revitalizing the Tradition101
Origins (Until the Third Century)102
Patristic Splendor (Third through Fifth Centuries)103
Medieval Fragmentation (Fifth Century to Modern Times)106
Sacramental Initiation: Current Interpretation and Retrieval109
Baptismal Core Beliefs109
Principles and Structures of Initiation113
6.Confirmation: Communion in the Holy Spirit122
A Mystagogical Vision122
Biblical and Historical Origins127
The Theology of Confirmation: Reform and Its Future132
7.Eucharist: Center of Christian Existence137
The Sacrament of the Reign of God138
Christological Origins: Pasch, Reign, and Praxis138
Christocentric Spirituality: From Baptism to Eucharist145
The Sacrament of the Life of the Church153
Key Foundational Images: From the New Testament to the Hellenistic World155
Patristic Mystery: The Greco-Roman and Byzantine Church162
The Roman Catholic Sacrament: Medieval and Modern164
The Sacrament of the Transformation of the World168
Sacramentality: Baptismal Foundations170
Eschatology: The Risen Christ and the Eucharistic Universe174
Real Presence: Theological Shifts175
The "Cosmic Christ": Body of Christ and Cosmic Transformation184
Part 3The Healing Church
8.Reconciliation: The Sign of Conversion195
The Mystery of Reconciliation196
Jesus, the Compassion of God196
The Church, Servant of Reconciliation198
Conversion, the Cutting Edge of Reconciliation200
The Lessons of History202
The Shift to Public Ecclesial Reconciliation: The Canonical Penance (Third to Seventh Centuries)203
The Shift to Repeatable and Individualized Confession: The Tariff Penance (Seventh to Thirteenth Centuries)205
The Emphasis on Confession of Sins and Priestly Absolution (Trent to Vatican II)206
The Reform and Its Future208
Sin and Reconciliation209
Celebrating Reconciliation212
Perspectives for Renewal216
9.Anointing: Christian Wholeness222
The Healing Ministry of Christ223
The Tradition of Anointing and Healing225
Illness and Christian Healing229
Anointing for Divine Glory235
Part 4The Church at the Service of Communion
10.Orders and Ministries: The Priest as Servant-Leader241
Models of Ministry: Historical Shifts242
The Fundamental Priesthood of the Church253
The Sacramental Foundations of Ministry258
Ministry: Building Up the Church260
11.Marriage: The Call to the Gift of Self267
Revitalizing the Tradition268
First Millennium: Secular Marriage and Sacramental Mystery268
Second Millennium: Ecclesiastical Marriage and Sacramental Contract270
A New Theological Interpretation: Five Models274
Worship: A Clue to the Theology of Marriage275
Models of Marriage276
Sacrament of Love and Marital Breakdown286
A Grand Feast of Life and Love287
Reconsidering Divorce and Remarriage289
Conclusion: The Signs of Christian Freedom299
Signs of the Prophetic Mission of the Church300
Signs That Speak of Christian Freedom303
Signs of the Liberating Presence of the Risen Lord307

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