Silent Order

Silent Order

by Melanie Dobson


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Rural America - 1928. After the murder of his partner, Detective Rollin Wells hides away in an Amish home near Sugarcreek, Ohio, to find out who in the police force is collaborating with Cleveland’s notorious mob. While Rollin searches for answers to his partner’s death, he befriends an elusive young Amish woman named Katie and her young son. As Rollin learns about Katie’s past, he’s shocked at the secret Katie is hiding - a secret that has haunted Rollin for eight years.

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ISBN-13: 9781609360191
Publisher: Summerside Press
Publication date: 11/01/2010
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Melanie Dobson is the author of four novels and has a background in publicity and journalism. She grew up in a small Ohio town but now lives with her husband and two daughters in Oregon. Read more at

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Silent Order 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Tinasbookreviews on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Could any two worlds be different¿the Mafia and the Amish? In Silent Order worlds collide and the quiet folk of Sugarcreek will soon see the corrupt world visit their doorstep. Rollin a tough detective during the Prohibition Era is out to take down the Cardino family, a powerful mafia gang who makes and deals illegal alcohol. Katie lives a quiet life with her son Henry in Amish country, she¿s hiding a past though and when Rollin turns up in a community barn shot, she winds up being the one to bring him back to health. With the gangsters still searching for Rollin and Katie terrified what Rollins presence will do for her future, the two live in a state of fear. Desperate to shield her son from the world and the past Katie will have to come to terms with her past, even if it means losing the man and the boy she loves. Dobson certainly created likable characters and gave a very different feel to most Amish story¿s out there. Overall a well written, interesting mystery.
wirtley on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Best Inspirational book I ever read. Suspense, mystery, touch of romance and the mafia. Amish girl lives with her Aunt & Uncle in amish country. There are secrets she has kept to herself. Two detectives comes and begins following the mafia into Amish country. Shots are fired. One detective is killed and one severely injured. He is brought to the Amish girl's house to recover. During his recovery he still tries to investigate crimes in Amish country. These crimes lead to the Amish girl revealing secrets about her past. WONDERFUL!
ReviewsbyMolly on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed reading this book. The instant pull into the story is absolutely amazing. The plot line is different, though. Very different. Melanie Dobson is a seasonly talented author who truly knows what her fans will love. She took two extremely different worlds and blended them in a way that would seem unthinkably impossible. But, she did it and it was WONDERFUL!Rollin Wells, a 1920's detective, was the depth of the story. Dobson chiseled his character into one that instantly grabs you and pulls you by his side to solve the case. The mysterious air around him really makes the story one that it's hard to put down (literally! I did NOT want to put the book down!).From page one, Wells is working to expose and bring down a Sicilian Mafia, a crime family. In an Amish novel. I told ya it was different. Wells' true-to-life character really pulled me back in to time, to the 20s and into action with him. It felt like something you would see on a big screen, like The Godfather, or some other Little Italy crime family movie. WOW! But, what happens when Wells meets Katie Lehman? THAT'S where the mystery and secrets REALLY come in!Katie Lehman's intriguing Amish character if full of secrets. She's unsure who to trust with them, when she knows that she really must. She hasn't been baptized yet, but she's still uncertain....who can she tell? What will happen when she does tell? She is a beautiful character full of love and she wants only whats best for her son. When she meets Rollin Wells, her past comes back to haunt her. She's finding it hard to hold onto that secret.... And she learns a powerful message from God, and Rollin, about forgiveness, grace and mercy.This not-so-ordinary, awesomely unique novel is high on my recommendation list. It deserves the highest of 5 stars for it's ability to take the reader on twists and turns of an incredibly, two-worlds-collide, roller coaster ride. If you've never read an Amish novel before, but you LOVE suspenseful twists in a novel, then this is the PERFECT place to start....and it's sure to hook you on the love and grace of a wonderful Amish novel! Melanie Dobson gets 2 thumbs up for her fantabulous research and detail on Sicilian crime families in the 1920's and blending it with the simplicity and love of Amish. Don't miss out on this incredible novel!*This book was provided for review by WynnWynn Media*
wfnren More than 1 year ago
Another great book by Melanie Dobson  --   I have read several of Melanie's books and always enjoyed them as I did this one. It was really good and kept me on the edge of my seat at times. What a different story line for an Amish book, it kept me captivated throughout. If you like a good mystery and/or Amish stories I think you will enjoy this book. Good job Melanie.
JodiStilp More than 1 year ago
I'll be honest, when I think of a great read I don't think "Inspirational Fiction," but I have never been disappointed by any of Melanie Dobson's work. I am not at all interested in studying history or reading another mindless love story but Dobson has a way of working magic with her words. She cleverly disguises her history lessons in suspenseful plots with believable characters and while she's at it, she sneaks in questions we all ask but are too afraid to voice out loud. In The Silent Order she tackles finding God in times of pain and suffering and brilliantly compares and contrasts two sisters who chose opposite paths to deal with their pain. My mother's heart resonated with the heroine, Katie Lehman, and her desire to protect her son at all costs in spite of living in a society that promoted peace at all costs. My heart ached with Rollin Wells, the hero, as he wrestled with guilt, shame and grief. Could God really forgive his deepest, darkest secrets and sin? Dobson drew me into this suspenseful story within the first handful of pages and I literally read the book cover to cover in a matter of hours. I found myself continually flipping back to the first couple of chapters, amazed at how Dobson connected the dots of her plot in unexpected ways. Without trying, I learned about the Amish culture, the Mafia of the 1920's, and God's redemptive power to heal, forgive, and make all things new. This is one story I did not want to end.
Janna6 More than 1 year ago
Melanie Dobson has taken something that I'm not overly fond of right now (Amish themed books) and given it such a fascinating twist that I couldn't help but love this book. When you mix the Amish with mystery, mayhem and the Mafia, how could it not be great. There are many twists and turns in this book that really kept me guessing. Melanie has a way of presenting all kinds of questions and then slowly but surely pulling the threads together one at a time. Giving just enough info to help you figure things out but not enough info to spoon feed it to you - I love that! I'm an intelligent reader, don't patronize me... and Melanie doesn't. She continues to write books that are making me a life long fan of her books!
harstan More than 1 year ago
In 1928 in Sugarcreek, Ohio, Amish Katie Lehman hides her son Henry from her own past and from the English detectives who are looking for him. Kate will do anything to keep Henry safe. At the same time Rollin Wells struggles with learning who is dirty on the police force abetting the Cleveland-based Cardanos mob. Rollin knows his only chance to find out who that person he must go undercover amidst the Amish. His hosts are unhappy with his presence, but agree not to interfere with his investigation as long as follows their rules. However, though intentions are honorable, his feelings for Kate place her and her son at risk while he also tries to learn what she hides. The key to this exciting Prohibition Era police procedural is that the romantic subplot does not intrude on the suspense, but instead enhances the undercover cop's efforts to end the bootlegging murderous activity of the Cleveland mob starting with their mole. Fast-paced and loaded with action and a slight nod to Ford's movie Witness, readers will be hooked as the world of cops and robbers crash and clash with that of the Amish. Harriet Klausner
ChristysBookBlog More than 1 year ago
The Silent Order by Melanie Dobson is proof that bonnet lit is branching out into other genres. Rollin Wells is a detective working to bring down the gangster family the Cardanos in 1928 Ohio. When his partner is killed while they investigate a lead out in Amish country, Rollin is forced to seek help from Katie Lehman, a local girl with a secret. He has to try and bring down the Cardano family before they destroy him, and Katie, who is beginning to claim his heart. Dobson's writing is always very smart with three-dimensional characters and complicated and intelligent plots. There is a sense of darkness around Rollin's quest to bring down the Cardanos, as well as Katie's secret. The chemistry between Rollin and Katie is both immediate and very real. This is not a book for your average bonnet lit reader with sweet romance, and neat endings. The Silent Order is far more literate and thought-provoking. As the tension grows, the pages fly by until the reader finally remembers to breathe again.
Prolificreader More than 1 year ago
What does a quiet Amish community and the Mafia have in common? A great deal more than one would think in this great work of suspense, THE SILENT ORDER. Two worlds are covered in this novel in a masterful way. On one hand you have a corrupt family who is making illegal liquor during Prohibition involving murder and evil in the basest of human beings. And when they encroach on the Amish lifestyle, more than one secret is unearthed. I thought the suspense was well done, drawing my attention deeper into the plot. The tension was ratcheted at the right moments. I thought it had a good equation between romance, suspense and the secrets that were suffocating beneath it all. Towards the end the stakes were raised and the growth of the characters pushed beyond the comfort zone. What I loved so much about this book is it took two worlds you would never think would touch and brought them together in a great story. From beginning to end I really enjoyed this book. Great characters, great suspense and while I had a good idea of where the secrets were leading, they were cloaked in a way that still kept me wondering if I was right. I love the Prohibition era in novels and enjoyed the settings. I thought it was well captured from beginning to end and brought me into the middle of it all. This review is my honest opinion. Thanks to the author for my copy to review.