Silent Rage

Silent Rage

by Michael Newton


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—Inside the mind of one of the nation’s most feared thrill killers—

“Silent Rage” is the shocking true history of serial killer Carroll Edward “Eddie” Cole. Raised by an abusive mother and weak father, Cole accomplished his first murder before he was ten years old. He went on to murder at least 14 women. Sexual attacks, necrophilia, and cannibalization peppered his wanderings.

Backed by 32 weeks of exclusive interviews with Cole and years of exhaustive research, Michael Newton paints one of the most chilling true portraits of the development of a sociopathic personality ever made available to the public. Newton traces Cole’s gruesome career across four decades, until Cole’s execution by the state of Nevada.


They are law enforcement’s most elusive prey. More dangerous than hitmen, gang assassins, and crowd snipers, the “recreational killer” is almost impossible to capture. Choosing their victims at random, drifting from town to town, their brutal crimes leave a smoking trail of bloodshed across the nation—and many of them are never apprehended until they decide to turn themselves in. This year, 3,500 “thrill killings” will go unsolved. Cole’s story is a searing lesson in the horror of crimes like this—and the terrifying inability of our society to prevent them.

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