Silent Sentry

Silent Sentry

by Theresa Rizzo


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ISBN-13: 9780989045070
Publisher: Theresa Rizzo
Publication date: 03/24/2016
Pages: 410
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.84(d)

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Silent Sentry 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Reader_Views More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (12/16) “Silent Sentry” by Theresa Rizzo is an intense romantic mystery thriller. Gianna Donnatelli is about to realize her dreams as her company is set to go public with a revolutionary medical product that will also help revitalize her beloved city, Detroit. When she is attacked and lands in the hospital, Dr. Joe Scarfili, an old family friend, vows to keep her safe regardless of the stakes. The forces after Gianna’s company are more powerful than either Joe or Gianna could imagine however, and they may just be in over their heads. Rizzo is masterful at crafting a complex riveting tale of action and drama with twists that keep the reader guessing to the very end. I thought I had things figured out, but found myself heading down the wrong trail so many times that I finally had to stop speculating! The characters are well defined, multi-dimensional, and realistic. I felt like I was actually inside their heads at times, even when I didn’t want to be there. What I appreciate most regarding the characters, is there weren’t any “extras” just taking up space in the plot. Every character had a purpose, there were no fillers, and I found that to be quite refreshing. This was the perfect book for me to curl up with on this cold and rainy December day and, once all wrapped up in my comfy blanket, I did not move until I finished the very last page. I highly recommend this book to fans of romance and thrillers alike. “Silent Sentry” left me wondering how it is I have not read any of the other books by Theresa Rizzo, but I can guarantee I will not be able to make that statement for very long.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This story is action-packed and full of surprises from the opening to the very last page! Gianna is a modern day heroine with a nursing degree that she uses to help the disadvantaged in an inner city clinic and as a entrepreneur with a medical technology company that promises to be a game changer with regards to medical records. Joe is a trauma surgeon with ties to Gianna's family and a widower with a painful past. Both have secrets that as they unravel connect and define them in ways that they cannot quite imagine. I loved both the hero and heroine in this story, whose romance progressed authentically with a few bumps in the road. Gianna was consistently strong, wise, courageous (without being ridiculous), and demanding of Joe in ways that made her the consummate modern day heroine. Joe was moody and somewhat of an alpha male, who also knew when to confront and when to back down. The plot was great at combining constant suspense that kept you guessing who exactly the bad guys were and delivering thrilling moments at unexpected moments (the gang scene and car bombs). Secondary characters were well-developed including the man with the twitch to both further the suspense and romantic plots. Romantic suspense novels often favor the romance or the suspense, but I felt that Ms. Rizzo did an excellent job of devoting attention to both equally well. While I knew who the villain was before the end, there were still surprises and twists that kept the suspense alive. I also loved that this was a complete romantic story that explored an earlier crush without making our heroine seem swept away in the romance and did not abruptly end the romance once the suspense seemed to end. Silent Sentry is long, but it is a great story that is well worth the extra pages!
sportochick More than 1 year ago
Silent Sentry is a fast paced read that will keep the reader mesmerized till the last page. Though I do not normally read many Romantic Suspense I am glad that I read this book for it's diverse plot and completely unexpected ending. The author does a superb job of developing her characters to be multi dimensional having both Gianna and Joe as strong primary characters. Gianna is a strong determined and highly educated woman who tries to help others while Joe saves lives as a doctor but won't get involved personally in aiding others less fortunate. One thing that bothered me about these two is that being such close family friends they had not seen each other in 10 years. A part of me felt that wasn't realistic especially since she was so close to his mother and they lived so close together. Though there are several secondary characters with my favorite being Detective Pat, Joe's close friend. Pat could have his own story and I can only imagine how good that would be. The reader will enjoy how the author expands his character showing how he and Joe got so close thus adding another layer to the already intriguing story. Another favorite that I'd like to read his story is Gianna's brother, Paul. He comes across the pages as someone so hot he would burn the pages with his story. My least favorite secondary character is Gianna's business partner, Faye, she just annoyed me and I really wanted to know what was her problem. For some reason I kept expecting her to be a bad guy but you will have to read the book to see if she is. “Family takes care of family” is a critical saying for this story and you will see it play out time and time again. What I liked about this book was that it adds a twist to what could be an average story leading to an ending that will surprise the readers. I give it 4 STARS.
BooksAndSpoons More than 1 year ago
When family means more than just the blood line in between you, and can be your greatest asset, or worst enemy... I read a lot of romantic suspense, and I love fast paced action on them. This story has lots of crimes committed, drive by shootings, car bombs, breaking ins, assaults, you name it. But the way the story is built, it is more about solving a riddle, or finding the correct pieces of the puzzle, instead of action. The Russian mafia, the Italian mafia, the gangs and dangerous of Detroit, it is all involved. And since both Gianna and Joe come from money, or from families with a comfortable lifestyle, and Gianna about to make it big with her invention in the medical world, there are lots of potential suspects, when the attacks come close to home, and their lives, and the lives of their family members, are in danger. I liked the story, I think the plot was greatly thought out, with surprises, and unexpected twists, and turns. The story had a nice flow, and it was well written. I think it could have moved on a bit faster, the slow tempo of the story ate a lot of the intensity of the action and crime, leaving the suspense only lukewarm for me. The story could have been compressed a bit, at least in the beginning, in my opinion. Joe and Gianna were well built characters, they had their strengths, and weaknesses, they had clear temperament, and both were likeable. Gianna's attraction towards Joe came loud and clear from the beginning, and had a humorous side to it, as well as the desperation she had felt since a young girl. Joe's attraction came later on, but with palpable force, even though he made a good effort to fight it. I liked them together, there was something very much like 'home' in their interactions with each other. The relationship they had to work on, to hold it together, and the love that grew from the passion, friendship, and years of knowing each other, with a strong side of protectiveness, was something special. Some of the secondary characters I wasn't a fan of, but they gave a great deal of spice into the tale. Interesting mystery, with a clustered mix of the mafia, gangs of Detroit, medical and technology world, well thought out and researched plot, and passionate forever kind of love ~ Three Spoons with a teaspoon on the side
jbarr5 More than 1 year ago
Listened to this book as an audiobook so some of the characters names will be as I listened to them being spoken. Story starts out with Giana and she's come back to her fathers house that she's housesitting to find an intruder, on her computer. She ends up waking up in the hospital and Joe, a doctor comes to her aid-he will take her to his house, his parents are due home the next day and he's got time off. He's an old family friend and he knows many dectectives who can figure out what's going on. We learn a lot about their prior relationship over the years-she was infatuated with him. Story also follows a group of others who want her knowledge, what's on her computer. If it goes public it will revoluntize the health care system. Giana had grown up and specializes in nursing and to keep on her father's good side she works at the less traumaized center where she'd not see many gang shootings. She changes career choices and gets a degree in computers also and combines her knowledge to create Promethus, the health program she hopes will sell. Fast paced action, never a dull moment. Love the detailed descriptions of the area as I've only seen scenes on the TV. Love how the neighborhood watch out for one another and their younger children on their way home from school every day. Sad, the day he lost his wife Maggie. Some assaults appear to be targeting her, others target him so Pat Sullivan the dectective has a lot of different leads and suspects. Joe attempts to help sometimes putting him in harms way as he bodily tries to shield her. With the aassault she's left deaf in one ear and he is pretty sure with the damage she incurred she will never hear from that ear again. Steamy hot sex scenes enhance this book and that leads to other inhabitences. So many intertwining parts to this but easy to keep track of it all, Few characters-easy to keep track of everyone. Love all the charity work for the area. Love all the extra details about the writing of the book.
JerseyGirlBookReviews More than 1 year ago
If you are a fan of romantic suspense novels that provide enough thrills and chills that will keep you on your toes, guessing, and sitting on the edge of your seat, then look no further, Silent Sentry by author Theresa Rizzo is the book for you! Set in Detroit, Michigan and told in the third person narrative, the author weaves a riveting tale that follows Nurse / medical technology entrepreneur Gianna Donnatelli and Dr. Joe Scarfili as they try to outwit a psychotic hacker before he destroys Gianna's business and possibly their lives. Gianna and Joe are longtime childhood friends, their families have always lived by the code “Family takes care of family.” Gianna has developed a program that could revolutionize medical care. Once the patent is issued, the program will go on the market, but someone wants the program for themselves. There are break-ins and numerous attempts on Gianna's life that lands her in the hospital, where she runs into Joe, who is a prominent surgeon. Gianna had a crush on Joe when she was a teen, but they had gone their separate ways when they became adults, and Joe met and married his now dead wife Meggie. Joe wants to protect Gianna from further harm, but as their relationship blossoms, past issues with emotional pain keep rising to the surface and he fights the urge to run. But as the violence against Gianna mounts, it will take both of them to try to figure out who's behind the violence and the attempts at ruining her business. I really enjoyed reading this compelling and complex romantic suspense story. It had a good balance of suspense and romance that easily kept me engaged and turning the pages as I followed Gianna and Joe's journey to put the puzzle together and solve the mystery. This is definitely one of those stories that is very hard to put down. Silent Sentry is a fast paced and riveting tale that has an intriguing mixture of drama, romance, family secrets, betrayal, suspense, and enough thrilling twists and turns that will keep the reader guessing to the surprising conclusion. Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest review.
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
Gianna Donatelli’s father had been murdered on his front steps. He had been a good and honorable man and had many people at his funeral. Gianna’s heart was broken. 2 months earlier Gianna went to her father’s home as she was house sitting. She thought the housekeeper was on her computer but it was a stranger. Gianna fought the stranger fell hit her head and woke up in the hospital. Among a concussion she also had lost hearing in one ear Gianna did not know if it was permanent yet. Joe was the doctor on call in the emergency room he was just finishing his shift. He recognizes Gianna and offered to take her to his home to watch over her while she recuperated from the attack. She originally would have stayed with his parents as they were like her second family but they were away from home right now. Gianna and Joe had known each other since they were kids. This was an excellent story and I loved it. But who wouldn’t love this story it had: intrigue, hits on people’s lives, Russian Mafia, Italian Mafia, computers being hacked, cars blowing up, gang members attacking, a woman with a dream, a new important business, murder, secrets, romance and love, fear, and so much more. I loved the characters especially Gianna and all the twists and turns she and Joe went through.I highly recommend. I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars As far as Romantic Suspense goes, Silent Sentry had a lot of moving parts. At times, it was difficult to truly tie all of the relationships together. There’s a lot of family history that gets thrown your way and gets all the more complicated with the allusion to the Russian and Italian mafia. The major theme being that family takes care of family. The families in question are the Donnatelli and Scarfili families. They have been intertwined for decades. This most recent connection comes courtesy of Gianna Donnatelli and Dr. Joseph “Joe” Scarfili. While housesitting for her father Sal, Gianna walks in on a man going through her computer. Their encounter sends Gianna to the hospital where she runs into long time family friend Dr. Joseph Scarfili. Since she has a concussion, Gianna ends up staying with Joe for a few days. Gianna has always had a crush on Joe but Joe is a little older and is now a widower. Although there is some friction, they definitely have an attraction to each other. With help from the police, Gianna is concerned that her assault is related to the launch of her company’s new software called Promotheus. However, it may also be related to her father’s company and the mafia. Several threats to her life and others around her, lead Gianna and company to believe that there are greater forces at play. This is where the book gets the most interesting because the mystery behind the crimes is hard to figure out. More and more suspects get involved and there is a growing suspicion that the mafia is closer than you think. I enjoyed trying to put all of the puzzle pieces together but it was a little confusing. In hindsight, it all makes sense and Theresa Rizzo wove a good tale. Unfortunately, the details would give everything away so I suggest you just strap in and enjoy the ride. You may need a flowchart to understand all of the familial connections. **Received a copy from Rizzo Publishing in exchange for an honest unbiased opinion.**
Nicolerko More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars This was one excellent book. The suspense in this one kept me on the edge of my seat. There were twists and turns that I didn't see coming. There was one part in the book that I knew was going to happen, but I'm glad that way it turned out because it almost ruined the book for me. I can handle most anything in romance books, but one unforgivable thing for involves animals. Luckily the outcome was okay. Everything happening to Gianna all you can do if feel for her. Loyalty is tested and what you thought you knew about family will blow your mind. It's action packed with romance and passion. Over all great read that I recommend.
MarySM More than 1 year ago
Silent Sentry by Theresa Rizzo, is an absolutely amazing read! I could not put it down. I enjoyed the way the book opens then flashes back to the past and fills in the story. The hero, Joe, and the heroine, Gianna, are both likable characters, and there’s a very interesting cast of supporting characters. It’s refreshing to have a doctor as the hero, instead of the standard cop, commando, or bored billionaire, and a nurse turned computer programmer for the heroine, instead of the typical weak damsel in distress. Gianna is a strong and independent woman, smart and sassy. There is great chemistry between Joe and Gianna and the story is brimming with sexual tension. Ms. Rizzo has great insight into human nature and the characters seem like true to life people. Joe’s humanity comes through clearly, because even as a doctor he didn’t want to work on gang bangers, which draws the reader’s curiosity into what events precipitated his prejudices. This book covers the entire landscape of emotions from heartache to joy as Gianna works her way into Joe’s hardened heart. The story is full of mystery and intrigue about Joe’s family background and the identity of the unknown villain, and Gianna’s unidentified protector. Joe and Gianna’s relationship develops naturally and over a reasonable time frame, and it’s refreshing that they didn’t jump into bed in the first chapter. I enjoyed reading Joe’s determined pursuit of Gianna, another do-gooder, even after his previous heartbreak, and the reader is drawn into his struggle to overcome his prejudices as that wars with his desire to protect her. I appreciated that the author included the character’s thoughts along with the dialogue, as it adds dimension to the story. This book has an incredibly masterful plot, and is very interesting and full of action and surprises, with suspense spread throughout the story. All in all, I really enjoyed this book, highly recommend it, and will definitely look for other books by Theresa Rizzo. I received an ARC of this title for an honest review.
HSMomof4 More than 1 year ago
How does a young woman, raised in the affluent neighborhood of Grosse Point, end up living in one of Detroit's highest crime neighborhoods? One that has a mind of her own to live among those who need a hand-up. I loved this book... from the opening paragraph to the closing scene! Theresa Rizzo has created characters so real that you feel you truly know them. Add the well-researched information regarding the Mafia and the strong bonds of Italian families, and you have an award-winning combination. Every time I thought I had the plot figured out, Theresa threw in more twists and turns in the story line which kept me guessing to the very end! Silent Sentry is one of the best books I have read in a long time! Thank you, Theresa, for pouring your creative talent into this wonderful story! I received a complimentary digital copy of Silent Sentry from author Theresa Rizzo for my honest review.
booklover- More than 1 year ago
Gianna Donnatelli is about to become a very, very rich woman. Her company is going to revolutionize medical care around the world. She and her two partners are finalizing the papers to enable their company to go public. But there are bumps in the road .... her home, her father's home, her offices are broken into and ransacked. Someone has tampered with her computers. She's getting strange phone calls and she's sure she's being stalked. Attacked in her home, she is taken to the hospital where she sees Dr. Joe Scarfili ... a man she had a huge crush on when she was a teenager. It broke her heart when he married Meggie. Unfortunately, Meggie was murdered a few years ago. He is immediately attracted to Gianna, but at the time she needs him most, he disappears out of her life. He can't handle losing anyone else that he loves. But as the violence against Gianna mounts, it takes them both to try to learn who's behind all the violence. Questions that need answered ... is any of this tied to what happened to Meggie? Italian Mafia? Russian Syndicate? And what is the big secret she is hiding from Joe? This was an enjoyable read. I really liked Gianna. She's a woman who came from a family of money, yet lives in a slum area in Detroit in order to help those who are among the poorest, the sickest. She has a big heart and cares so much for these people. I didn't like Joe at first ... he shows a bit of arrogance toward Gianna. But he changed quite a bit and I warmed up to him. The author did a great job on these characters. There are plenty of secondary characters that keep you wondering ... is one of these the one that wants Gianna to suffer? Her partners .. Peter and Faye? Her own brother, Paul? Joe's best friend and a cop ..and Meggie's brother, Pat? Someone in Joe's huge Italian family .. that may or may not have ties to the mafia? There's lot of action .. plenty to keep the reader turning the pages, a little faster as the story nears its end. Not what I had imagined! Many thanks to the author / Rizzo Publishing / Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), Members' Titles / NetGalley who provided a digital copy in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.